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Sept 15 - 25, 2012

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MIKE WAKITA (my cousin) is holding a Coho he caught fly fishing the Kitimat River with our nephew Derick and his father Rick.

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

The Kitimat River is producing Coho but the catch numbers are not what they should be for this time of year.  The lower catch numbers may be caused by the exceptionally low water levels.
The Coho that have been caught have been on Hot Shots, Gibbs lures. Jim's Jigs and Float fishing roe.  There have also been a few caught on fly.  The Cutthroat Trout fishing is starting to pick up as well.


Sept 16 I had the pleasure of drifting with my daughter Julie and her friends Devrie and Danni.  We hooked 2 Coho landing one.  The significance of the fish we landed was that it was Danni's 30th Birthday Fish.  Happy Birthday Danni!  Coho fishing was slow so we decided to go crabbing.  Once crabbing was on our brains, up came the lines and down went the traps.:)

2012_sept-16-to-21-dan-patchett-pat-durocher-lorne-slack-22-hooked-8-landed-driftring-lower-kitimat 2012_sept-16-to-21-dan-patchett-pat-durocher-lorne-slack-22-hooked-8-landed-driftring-lower-kitimat

2012_sept-16-to-21-dan-patchett-pat-durocher-lorne-slack-22-hooked-8-landed-driftring-lower-kitimat 2012_sept-16-to-21-dan-patchett-pat-durocher-lorne-slack-22-hooked-8-landed-driftring-lower-kitimat

Sept 13 to 21 Dan Patchett who was an Associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters a few years ago was fishing with his friends Pat Durousher and Lorne.

They hooked 25 Coho, landing 17 of them during their stay. Congratulations everyone!  As you can see in the photo above, they also had some company while they were fishing.  It is "Bear Aware" season on the Kitimat River.

2012_sept-22-ron-corey-drift-to look-at-hazards 2012_sept-22-ron-corey-drift-to look-at-hazards

Sept 22 My son,Corey and I did a drift from Sawmill to Cable Car to identify the problem spots in that section of river.  We were in one Driftboat and my brother, Rick and his son, Derrick were in the other. 
This section of river is for the experienced rowers only.  There are 4 problems spots.  The 2 worst are show in the photos above.  The picture on the left is a hair pin corner approx. 1/2 mile below Sawmill.  It is advisable to walk the boat through this spot.
The photo on the right is between the old Crown Z bridge and the Big Wedeene.  There is a root ball in the centre of this narrow section.   Looking down stream, you must go through the left of the root ball.
One of the other trouble spots is at old Crown Z bridge foundation.  This is driftable but all the rods must be standing up straight in the boat. 
The other spot is just above the Big Wedeene.  The boat must be walked through a small side channel.  There is no other open channel in this section and is clearly identified. 

2012_sept-23-ron-Tom -demster-son-peter-hooked-11-landed-6 2012_sept-23-ron-Tom -demster-son-peter-hooked-11-landed-6

Sept 23  I had the pleasure of fishing with Tom Demster and his son Peter,  We hooked 11 Coho and landed 6 of them. Congratulations on your catch.  Thank You for using our services.

2012_sept-24-ron-ephhirain-heidee-massey-hooked-6-landed-3 2012_sept-24-ron-ephhirain-heidee-massey-hooked-6-landed-3

Sept 24 I had the pleasure of fishing with Ephirain and Heidee Massey.  We hooked 6 Coho on Hot Shots and tackle landing 3 of them.  We fly fished for Coho as well but we were not able to hook any Coho on the fly.


Sept 25, 26 I had the pleasure of fishing with Rod Hope and Larry Klotz.  We hooked 12 Coho and landed 4 Coho.  We also landed one large Cutthroat which we had for lunch.  We had a bit of a bad run landing the Coho but had a lot of fun in the process.  Thank You for using our services.


Coho fishing on the Kitimat River will continue through October.  We have had exceptionally nice weather so far this Coho season and with any luck it will continue although we could use a little rain.

Douglas Channel

2012_sept-18-waren-nichols-kevin-millin-crab 2012_sept-18-waren-nichols-kevin-millin-crab

Sept 18 I had the pleasure of sharing my favorite pastime with Warren Nichoils (Sales Rep for Redl Sports distributors) and Kevin Millin (Sales manager for Redl Sports). We were supposed to go for breakfast but I suggested that we pull my crab traps and dine on Crab instead. We caught 18 Dungeness Crab. The crab traps I use are distributed by Redl Sports. Kevin, Warren and I discussed the pros and cons of the traps and a few possibilities of how to improve the traps.  Our brunch consisted of Crab, Sushi Rice and Salad.  The weather was great, the crab were delicious and the company was awesome.  Thanks Guys for allowing me to share my favorite pass time with you. 


Since Halibut is closed there is very little activity on the Douglas Channel.  Boaters will be out to get their last feed of crab or prawns and some will bottom fish for Cod and Snapper.

It is a bit early to be trolling for winter Chinook.  This will be the next saltwater fishery to evolve.

Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info to this Fishing report.

Anyone wishing to book a Driftboat trip on the Kitimat River or a Saltwater Trip on the Douglas Channel or a Jet boat trips please contact Ron

Good Health! and Good Fishing!

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