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Aug 26 to Sept 2, 2012

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SAM AND MARIA AVILA PICTURED WITH THEIR 66 LB HALIBUT.  This halibut won the largest Halibut cash prize of $1000.00 in the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

Coho stocks in the Kitimat River climbed all week producing lots of Coho for a productive weekend of Coho fishing for the participants of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Fish Derby.  The Kitimat is in excellent condition and there are big tides which help move more Coho into the Kitimat River.
August 29, 30 Gary, Corrine and Russell Marr and Michelle Hirondelle


August 30 I had the pleasure of fishing with Don and Elize Berryman.  They had not done a lot of fishing for Salmon before but they learned very quickly.  They listened, they learned, they landed three .
Well done Don and Elize.  Congratulations on your catch.  It was a pleasure fishing with you both.  It was a lot of fun. 

2012_sept-1-mike-herzberg-Walter and Joey-Alvaro, Rachael, and Michele

Walter and Joey

2012_sept-1-mike-herzberg-Walter and Joey-Alvaro, Rachael, and Michele


2012_sept-1-mike-herzberg-Walter and Joey-Alvaro, Rachael, and Michele

Mike Herzberg

2012_sept-1-mike-herzberg-Walter and Joey-Alvaro, Rachael, and Michele


2012_sept-1-mike-herzberg-Walter and Joey-Alvaro, Rachael, and Michele


Sept 1 Mike Herzberg is one of Kitimat's finest Driftboaters.  Mike used part of his holidays to drift with his friends, Walter, Joey, Alvaro, Rachael, and Michele.  I did not receive the total catch numbers
but they are usually very impressive.  Congratulations to everyone on your catch!  Well done Mike.

2012_sept-2-ron-julie-michelle-corey-devrei-mike 2012_sept-2-ron-julie-michelle-corey-devrei-mike

Sept 2  On Day two of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby, I drifted with my daughter, Michelle and her friend Devrie Lapointe on the Kitimat River.  My son Corey rowed the other Driftboat with his Uncle Mike and his sister, Julie.  After a wonderful day full of laughter, fun and trash talking boat to boat, Corey's boat out fished ours.  It was a complement to the teacher and a proud father and son moment. :)
We did not catch the Derby winner but we had a lot of fun which is the true spirit of the Derby.


The early portion of the Kitimat Coho return has shown excellent catch rates so far this year.  The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby was a huge success with largest Coho caught in the Kitimat River this year by Steven Pisiak.  (A list of All the winners is posted at the end of this report)
Many anglers fished the Kitimat River this Labour Weekend with the hopes of catching the $1000.00 Coho.  It was a fun derby with 500 participants this year.  A huge Thank You to Trish Parsons and Rosemary Brady from the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce for organizing one of the the best Derbies in the history of the this event.  Our Tackle business and I have been involved in this Derby since 1986.  The Derby had been organized by a committee in the past but this year, Trish and Rosemary took on the challenge themselves.  Due to Trish and Rosemary's exceptional organizing skills and dedication to this event, this year's Derby was a huge success.  Well done Trish and Rosemary!  Congratulations to you and the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce for an awesome event..
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Douglas Channel

Blue heron Charters, August 29, 2012; 1 halibut, 5 Grey Cod, 6 Rockfish

Aug 29 John from Blue Heron Charters reports, "My last scheduled charter this year was with Udo from Vernon. He enjoyed catching that halibut. We also caught Grey Cod and Rockfish. Our second halibut that day peeled off line faster than I have ever seen. He snapped an 80 pound leader like it was nothing. We were amazed".  In the fishing world sometimes the big one gets anyway but Congratulations on the fish that you did boat.  Well done Skipper!!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with John please contact Ron



Aug-31 Andreas Handl took his daughter Chanel Hall, Al Manton, Jordan Pacheco and Kyle Madsen on a fishing trip down the Douglas Channel.  They caught their limit of Halibut highlighted by Chanel landing her first Halibut.  Well done Chanel..You Go Girl! ..Worthy of note was Kyle's 65lb Halibut and a very impressive catch of Crab. Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas of Kingfish Adventures please contact Ron


Sept 1 Andreas Handl fishing with our clients Joey Hambler, Wesley Stephanson, Patrick Rabbit boated their limit of halibut using a Gibbs Spreader bar and a herring.  Congratulations everyone!
Good Job Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas please contact Ron

2012_sept-1-ron-corey-julie-michelle-halibut- 2012_sept-1-ron-corey-julie-michelle-halibut-

Sept-1 I had the pleasure of fishing with my daughters, Julie and Michelle and my son, Corey in the Douglas Channel..  This was day one of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Fish Derby.  This weekend is an annual event for my family and is always very special to me no matter what ends up in the cooler.  We were going to fish for Coho in the Kitimat Harbour but current info revealed that fishing in the harbour would not be productive.  We decided at the last minute to go crabbing, jig for Halibut and then troll in the harbour on the way in.  We caught a pile of Crab and Corey caught a 20lb Halibut.  This Halibut was not the Derby winner but was big enough to make Corey very happy especially since his sisters didn't boat one..


The Kitimat Harbour fishery never really evolved this season as it has in previous years. The strong showing of early Coho in the Kitimat River verifies that most of the early Coho did not hold in the Kitimat Harbour as they normally do and migrated into the river. 
Many of the Coho Hot spots are now showing very sporadic catch rates as most of the Coho are heading to their spawning rivers.  Boaters who are finding any Coho schooled up are advised to stay on them because they are on the move.
Halibut continues to be the shining light in the Douglas Channel fishery.  The Fish Gods have been very generous with Halibut and has created some wonderful smiles and memorable moments for many Saltwater anglers.  Anglers are reminded that Halibut closes on Sept 9th midnight.  Anyone wishing to catch a Halibut before the closure, please contact Ron  Another week to catch Fish and Chips for the winter.
Worthy of note is the 66lb Halibut caught by Sam Avila which won him $1000.00 cash prize in the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby.  This was not the biggest Halibut caught by Sam this year as he boated a 120lb Halibut earlier in the season.  The most notable footnote to this Halibut was that it was caught because Sam listened to the advice of his wife, Maria who wanted to stay a little longer.  The morale of this story is that "good things can happen if you listen to your wife". :)

25th Annual Kitimat Fish Derby Results

Largest Coho - Steven Pisiak.

Largest Coho - 12lbs 10oz Steven Pisiak ($1000.00)

Largest Halibut - Sam Avila

Largest Halibut - 66lbs - Sam Avila Winning ($1000.00)

Womens Largest Coho - Kristine Moon

Women's Largest Coho - 11lbs 3oz - Kristine Moon

2012_sept-2-chamber-Junior Largest Coho - Adam Langeger

Youth Largest Coho - 11lbs 5oz - Adam Langeger (City Centre Hardware Rod & Reel Combo)

Adult Grand Prizes

Return Hawkair Trip for 2 - Jim Monk Kingfish Adventures Charter - Mitch Hobenshield SMIT Marine $500.00 Gift Certificate - Joe Boguski Minette Bay Lodge Accommodation - Val Little

Junior Grand Prizes

Malt Ventures Rod & Reel - Jake McCulley Alexa Rigoni - Bike and Helmut Brendan Gaspar - Bike and Helmut Hunter Aitkon - Bike & Helmut

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Izaak Velho (Ambassadeur Reel and Shimano Rod) Keegan Pisiak (Ambassadeur Reel and Shimano Rod) Craig McGonegal (Ambassadeur Reel and Shimano Rod)

Shuttle Bus Prize

s (Ticket given for riding the shuttle bus to FishFest) Phil Hughes (Bike with Helmut) Jake McCully (Bike with Helmut) Brendan Apps (Bike with Helmut) Joey Pike (Bike with Helmut)

Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info to this Fishing report.

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Good Health! and Good Fishing!

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