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Sept 2 - 14, 2012

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Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters and Mike Shelton are holding a 55 lb Halibut Mike caught in the Dougals Channel Sept 6th 2012.
Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters and Mike Shelton are holding a 55 lb Halibut Mike caught in the Dougals Channel Sept 6th 2012.

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

This Fishing Report contains fishing info and photos from the last 2 weeks. Aug 29th to Sept 14th
During the past 2 weeks, the Kitimat River has gone from low to very low.  In fact, this past week she has dropped to the lowest level that it has been all year.
The most productive times to fish for Coho while the river is so low has been early mornings and late evenings with the exception of some deep holes and cut banks that
are holding fish up river.

2012_aug-30-justin-gary-corrine-russel-marr-michelle-l'-hirondelle 2012_aug-30-justin-gary-corrine-russel-marr-michelle-l'-hirondelle

August 29, 30 We had the pleasure of hosting Gary, Corrine and Russell Marr and Michelle L'Hirondelle drifting the Kitimat River.  Associate Guides, Justin Lowes and Taylor Holland both commented about how much fun they had fishing with this group.
It is always a lot of fun to play a role in a family fishing competition.  I am not sure of the exact score but there were a bunch of Coho caught and a lot of fun had by all.  Congratulations for your catch and Thank You for using our services.

2012_sept-3-mike-Charlie -Feijo- Paul-DaCosta 2012_sept-3-mike-Charlie -Feijo- Paul-DaCosta

Sept 3 Mike Herzberg drifted with his very good friends Charlie Feijo and Paul DaCosta.  They have gotten a little older and a little greyer but they all still enjoy the passion of fishing.
Good friends and good fishing always creates some awesome memories.  Congratulations to everyone!

2012_sept-3-ron-jackie-gary-mike-wakita-9-landed-4-fly 2012_sept-3-ron-jackie-gary-mike-wakita-9-landed-4-fly


Sept 3  I had the pleasure of fishing with my cousin Mike Wakita and his friends Jackie and Gary.   Mike and Gary fly fished from shore and Jackie and I fished from the boat. 
Mike hooked 3 Coho on a fly landing one of them and Gary lost another on the fly.  I landed 2 Coho fly fishing from the boat and Jackie landed one on a Hot Shot.  Jackie did a wonderful job netting my Coho but it wasn't without some funny moments.  This fishing trip with my favorite cousin and his friends was an absolute hoot.  I think Mike should have been a comedian. :)
Thank You to everyone for sharing an awesome morning of Coho fishing on the Kitimat.


Sept 8 Rico Gibaldi-reports hooking 4 Coho landing 2 on a pink and purple jig fishing under the Haisla bridge. Congratulations Rico and Thank You for sharing your photo and info for this Fishing Report. 


Sept 9 Chris Matos provided this photo of a big male coho he caught on the Kitimat River.  Congratualtions Chris!   This is one big Coho.  Thank You for sharing your photo for this Fishing Report.


Sept 10 to 13th My cousin,Mike and I had the pleasure of fishing with Kurt Anderson and Greg Laberge from Quesnel. Kurt and Greg are two very accomplished fly anglers. Greg and Kurt are not only exceptional fly fishers, they are always willing to share info. I have observed them sharing everything from fly patterns, casting techniques, theories of all the where, when, hows of fly fishing. They were also a delight to fish with. We caught a bunch of Coho on the fly and had a lot of fun and laughs.  Greg hooked 10 Coho landing 7 and Kurt hooked 10 landing 6 during their stay.  Mike, Greg and Kirk are great anglers and genuinely Good Guys unless we are eating crab. :) ( details below)

Greg (left), Kirk (right)

Sept 10 to 13th Kirk and Greg were so generous with their fly fishing knowledge, I thought I would share my favorite pass time, Crabbing 101!.   Crabbing 101 involves a Crab cleaning station, 2 crab cookers (if necessary), coolers, rice cooker, prepared greek salad, Kikoman Soy sauce, J.O Thomas Crab spice, totes, bins and a pressure washer. 
The portable assembly line is set up in minutes and from the time we pull into my driveway with Crab, the process takes 15 minutes to shuck, clean, cook the crab.  At the same time the rice is cooking and the greek salad is premade ready for plating. Once the crab are cooked, it is "Full Contact" with every man for themselves.  Please note in the photo above, that Greg and Kirk are wearing their chest waders. It took less than 3 hours to drive to the marina, pull the traps, clean, cook, consume 16 1/2 Crab and wash the pots, bins, dishes and driveway.   Mike coined my technique as Hill Billy style... especially when we cleaned the crab pot, bins, , driveway and dishes with the pressure washer.  It was truly a marvel to be a part of. :)  Thanks Guys for sharing your info and for allowing me to share a special part of my world.


We have some very nice weather in the forecast which will drop the Kitimat River to even lower levels.  There are also big tides (20') in the near future.  The big tides should bring more Coho into the lower Kitimat River but the very low water levels will make fishing difficult in the afternoon's bright sunshine. The most productive time to fish Coho is at Day break and in the evenings.
There are some deep holes and cut banks producing during the day in the upper river but the best fishing is in the early morning and late evenings.  The methods of choice are float fishing Roe, popping a jig or casting a lure.
Hope you enjoy the sunshine!  Tight Lines!

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Douglas Channel


Sept 4 Todd Haynes of Nautical West submitted this photo of his client, Ernie holding a Douglas Channel Chinook. I didn't receive the total catch numbers but Todd's catch
is usually impressive.  Congratulations Ernie.


Sept 6 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters fishing with his client, Mike Shelton who caught a 55 lb halibut, 2 Chinook and their limit of Dungeness Crab during a day trip down the Douglas Channel.
Congratualtions Mike.  Well done Todd!   Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron


The Halibut Closure on Sept.9th to Recreational Anglers imposed by the Conservative Department of Fisheries is my opinion, unfair and Uncanadian.  Halibut is a Canadian natual resourse which owned by the people of Canada.  In order to fish for Halibut now that it is closed, the people of Canada will have to lease quota from one of the 436 Commercial Quota holders.  This is so wrong.  Any revenue generated from leasing quota should go the government on behalf of the people.

The impact to our life styles, food fishing and related businesses is devastating.  The closure is only part of a larger issue but enough said for now. 

Without the ability to keep Halibut, many saltwater trips (both personal and charters) have been cancelled by the saltwater anglers.  Hence there is less acitivity to report.
Some boaters are still crabbing, Coho or Chinook fishing and bottom fishing for Cod and Snapper.  The Douglas Channel is amazingly stock abundant with unbelievable beauty that can still be enjoyed
especially with the the sun is out and the calm seas.
Especially with the forecast

Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info to this Fishing report.

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Anyone wishing to book a Driftboat trip on the Kitimat River or a Saltwater Trip on the Douglas Channel or a Jet boat trips please contact Ron

Good Health! and Good Fishing!

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