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Mar 11 to Mar 17, 2012

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Fishing Photo of the Week
PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Rory and Cole Smith fishing off the dock at MK Bay for herring March 17th 2012. Herring is an excellent fishery for kids.  Look at those smiles

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

The Kitimat River is exceptionally low and clean.  We have received some excellent spring weather which is a welcome change from the unbelievable amount of snow we received this winter.  The huge pile of snow in our front yard is a reminder of our brutal winter so it is sure nice to look up and see blue sky and sunshine.

Kitimat River fishing with ReliableKitimat River fishing with Reliable

The trout fishing has been excellent for the anglers who have been able to find the locations where they are hiding.  With the river so low most anglers are having their best luck in the deep pools.  The most popular method is float fishing with a Gibbs float and the "Kitimat Combo".  The Kitimat Combo was originally introduced by Pat Oliver who a senior member of our store staff and an associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters.  The Kitimat Combo is a 3" Bubble Gum Berkley Power Bait worm with a Bubba's Bait Dew Worm.  Variations of the Kitimat Combo include the use of 3" Pink Kermode Worms and Dew worms from Skeena Bait.
There have been the odd reports of Steelhead being caught on the Kitimat but no photos available for this report.  Anglers are reminded that Fishing Licenses expire March 31st.

Douglas Channel
Many boaters took advantage of the excellent weather on the weekend and ventured down the Douglas Channel.  The herring are spawning through out the Douglas Channel.  Usually when the herring are spawning it is productive for both feeder Chinook and halibut.
 Douglas Channel fishing with Reliable
Mar 16
Kevin Thorne reports:
"Hey Ron,  Went to Fish Trap. Myself, dad, Walter and my good friend Doug   Spend all of Friday on the water We jigged with spreader bars and herring at 200 ft. Hooked 4 Halibut landed 2 a 21lb and a 12 lb. Lost one that would have been much bigger probably 40 or 50lbs.  I'll never know. Also landed one small rock fish, not sure the species name. Loads and loads of Dungeness out there right now. Nice size ones too. Basically anywhere in front of some fresh water. Got our limit in 2 sets in about 30 mins 60 ft. No king crab. Couple huge box crabs while looking for some king crab. I personally think its a good time for halibut right now. Stay close to shore and try and find the herring that are spawning. This time of year they are finishing up spawning and heading into the shallows to feed on the massive amounts of herring that are spawning along the shore (kelp and seaweed patches)......thats just a personal theory that i have. Not sure if it is true but I have had success for halis this early closer to shore then usual.
Thanks Ron,


Fishing with Reliable Guide and Charters

Mar 18
Rory and Cole Smith are fishing with their father, Curtis were fishing off the dock at Mk Bay.  They caught a few on Sunday but they said it was a lot better the day before.
Congratulations to the Smith family.  Sometimes it is only about catching fish that is important, it is just precious to share the experience with family.
Many boaters report excellent catches of Dungeness crab.  King Crab has been slow but there has been no lack of trying.
There have been many reports of an excellent return of herring to the Douglas Channel this season.  This is an excellent indicator of things to come.  When the bait fish stocks are healthy usually the rest of the fishing season is also very good.
Time will tell.  Stay tuned!
Thank You to everyone for submitting info and photos to this Fishing Report.
Anyone wishing to book a Douglas Channel Saltwater Charter, a Jet Boat Trip or a Kitimat River Driftboat trip please contact Ron
Life is Short!  Fish Lots!
Good health and Good Fishing!
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