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June 30 - July 8, 2012

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Ron Hunter holding a bright female 20lb Chum caught on the Kitimat River, July 5th

Ron Hunter holding a bright female 20lb Chum caught on the Kitimat River, July 5th.


Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

The Kitimat River started the week very high and dirty but dropped and cleaned fast.  By mid week, water clarity was fishable  although the river height remains higher than normal.  Also during mid week were some of the largest tides of the year.  These big tides produced fresh Chinook, Chum and a few Pinks.  This is an excellent time to be fishing the Kitimat River.


July 1 to 4 Ed Pinette is holding a 28lb Chinook and Greg Laberge is holding a 10 lb Jack Chinook that they caught on a fly.  At the time these photos were taken, Ed had landed one of the three Chinook that he had hooked on a fly.  Greg had landed 5 of the 9 Chinook that he had hooked.  I am sure that the hooked and landed stats increased substantially but I haven't talked to either Ed or Greg prior to writing this report. 
It is very difficult to hook Chinook on a fly and even more difficult to land them.  Congratulations to Ed and Greg!  Well done! 


July 3 Dianne, our Mobile Tackle Van driver took this photo of Peter Ivanoff holding a 12lb Kitimat River Chinook caught at the Kitimat River Pump House.  Congratulations Peter! 
Our Mobile Tackle Van travels the lower Kitimat River selling fishing tackle and fishing licenses.  She also logs every fish that is caught on the lower Kitimat.  She then radios our Tackle Store with the info of where, when and how the fish were caught.  This provides our customers with the most up to date catch info.

With the use of smart phones, we could have the photos of the fish posted to our website while the fish is still wiggling.  Gotta love technology!


July 5 Our Mobile Tackle Van also took this photo of Aaron Iugnoff holding a 19lb Chinook caught at the Kitimat River Pump House.  Aaron caught this Chinook "Bar Fishing" with a pink clown #0 Spin n glo.  Congratulations Aaron.


July 5 I did a morning drift with Ron Hunter and Ken Fleming.   Ron landed this beautiful, bright female Chum.  Rarely do you see a big, bright female Chum in this condition in the Kitimat River.
Ken also lost Chinook but a good time was had by all.  We were fishing with K13X Kwik Fish.  We were doing a preclient drift or "Homework Drift" is how I refer to them. Myself and all our guides like to stay tuned to the Chinook and Chum run prior to fishing with our clients especially when the conditions are so erratic as they are this season.  The proof is in the pictures.



July 6 I drifted with Isabelle Hugrow and Patrice Derosiers on the lower Kitimat.  This drift was Isabelle's birthday present from Patrice.   We landed 2 Chinook out of 5 that we hooked.  Isabelle landed a 24lb Chinook and Patrice landed one about 16lbs.  Happy Birthday Isabelle!  I am honored to be a part of your birthday celebration!


July 7 I had the pleasure of fishing with Cindy Berek and Wayne Fulford.  Cindy landed this 28ln Chinook during our drift.
I nicknamed this Chinook `the Hot Dog Fish`.  We hooked this Chinook and 2 others while trying to cook and eat some smokies. .  The smokies were excellent when we had finally at a chance to eat them.  Cindy not only landed this Chinook but she also cooks a mean smokie. Congratulations Cindy!
You and Wayne were a lot of fun to fish and dine with
We will continue to have to deal with higher than normal river levels for the foreseeable future.  We still have a lot of snow in the mountains.  When the conditions are good the fishing has been also good.  Although the catch rates have not been as good as normal, there have been some very nice Chinook landed.
Now that the Chum and Pinks are starting to show, the fishing the Kitimat River will be very productive.  Smart money says that when the conditions are good, better to get out fishing because the condition could change quickly.
If Mother Nature co-operates...the Kitimat River will be an exciting and productive river to fish.
Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special on half day Drift boat trips. Anyone interested anglers please contact Ron 250 632 1275.or

Douglas Channel


July 4 Brad Wickman fishing with his friends from Alberta, Gord Laverne and Jamie Langlois caught 3 Coho just north of Sue Channel. Well done guys! They also caught they limit of Dungeness Crab.  Bon Apetite!


July 6 Alyson Cyr boated this 56 lb Halibut fishing down the Douglas Channel with her boyfriend, Inness Mckenzie..  This halibut was entered into our Tackle Store's Instore Derby.  Congratulations to Alyson and Inness on a very nice catch!


July 8 Rick Webber holding a 45lb Halibut he caught in the Douglas Channel fishing with his lovely wife Lori.  Rick also reports catching a bunch of other Bottomfish,  I imagine there will be fish and chips served in the Webber household for a while.. Landing Halibut in a Salt boat is always a team effort.  Congratulations to the Webber Halibut Fishing Team!



July 8  Ron and Sandy Hunter fishing with Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sportfishing boated 5 Chinook, 12 Coho and and 2 Pinks.  They kept their limit and released the rest. Ron wanted his wife Sandy to experience the wonders of Salmon fishing on the Douglas Channel.  Ron said they had a great day and Sandy had more fun than she thought she would..  Mission accomplished!  Congratulations to all.
Awesome Job Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip of a lifetime with Todd, please contact Ron,


Chinook fishing in the Douglas Channel has been a bit of a mystery especially the Kitimat Harbour fishery.  The June Chinook fishery was starting to heat up and then the Killer Whales scattered them all over the harbour. (or at least so we think).  We also think the high and some times dirty Kitimat River caused them to run the river.  Whether our theories are correct or not, the bottom line is that Chinook fishing in the Douglas Channel was far from good.
It is what it is!  I endeavor to report the fishing as it is, rather what we would like it to be.  Accordingly we switched our Charter boat efforts to either Halibut and lately to Halibut and/or Coho.  The irony is that while fishing for Coho, we are hooking some big Chinook!
Halibut continues to be the Shining Star of the Douglas Channel fishery. Halibut fishing is excellent in the inner and outer waters of the Douglas Channel.
Coho have already starting to be caught in good numbers in the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  This is an excellent time to be salmon fishing in the Douglas Channel.  When the rod goes off.  It could be a Chinook. Coho, Pink or Chum.  The only way to know for sure what it is, is to put it into the net.:)
Thank You to everyone who provided pictures and info for this Fishing Report.

Anyone wishing to book a Douglas Channel Charter for Halibut, Salmon and Crab, please contact Ron

Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special on half day Drift boat trips. Anyone interested anglers please contact Ron 250 632 1275.or
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Good Health and Good Fishing!


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