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July 15- July 21, 2012

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Clients of Todd Haynes of Nautical West are photoed here with their catch that they caught on July 11th and 12th
PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Brian Edwards from Calgary was fishing with Andreas Handl of Kingfish Westcoast Adventures on July 14. Brian landed this 28 lbs Lingcod on a Herring rigged with a Gibbs/Delta Spreader Bar. 

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Kitimat River

The Kitimat River dropped this week and fishing conditions were the best they have been in a month.  There is still a fair amount of snow on the mountains but it appears the worst has past.
There were a few bright Chinook caught this week but the Kitimat River Chinook continues to be a bit of a mystery.  There have been exceptional returns of 2 and 3 year old Chinook (Jack Springs),
and a pretty good return of 4 year oldd but we are hoping to see more 5 year olds.  At this point they are either going to show up late or not going to happen.  Stay tuned!
Pinks have started to show up in better numbers this week and Chum returns have exceptional this week. . 


July 16 Savanna Boudreau fishing with her mother,Karen and father, Leonard landed this nice Pink bar fishing at the Kitimat River Pump House.
Congratulations Savanna!  Well done! Pinks are an excellent fishery for the kids as demonstrated by Savanna

2012_july-16-jenn-schoeder-63cm-70cm-brent-bepple-netter=kitimat-river-chinook (

July 16 Jenn Schoeder landed a 63cm and 70cm Chinook bar fishing the Kitimat River Pump House.  Jenn was fishing with her favorite fishing partner and netter, Brent.  Congratulations Jenn!  Great Job netting, Brent!
Anglers are reminded that only the Chinook over 65cm must be recorded on your Fishing Licenses.  The head and tail of the Chinook under 65cm should be kept on while transporting.


July 18 Marc Girard of Reliable Guide and Charters guided our client Nicole Sheard.  They landed a Jack Chinook and some Pinks.  They lost a big Chum whose fault will remain undisclosed.
Nicole reports having a lot of fun of her trip.  Congratulations on your catch Nicole.  Great Job Marc.
July 19 I had the pleasure of fishing with my fishing partner, Sandra Mckay.  She landed a 24lb Chinook and a Chum that was a lot bigger.  Chum may not be the prettiest of the Salmon family but this year's run on the Kitimat are big and mean. Congratulations to Sandra for landing her first Chinook and her huge Chum.
July 20 I had the pleasure of fishing with Craig Sanderson.  Craig landed 5 Chum, a few Pinks and a Coho.  We were targeting Chinook but landed everything else but Chinook.  There are so many Chums in the Kitimat, it is difficult to hook any thing else.  It was still an excellent day on the water.

2012_july-21-ron-corey-matthew-8-chum-3-pinks 2012_july-21-ron-corey-matthew-8-chum-3-pinks

July 21 I had the pleasure of fishing with my son, Corey and his friend Matthew Billingsley.  We hooked 8 Chum and a bunch of Pinks. 
As always it is a pleasure to fish with Corey and his friends.



There were Chinook, Pinks, Chum and Coho caught in the Kitimat River this week and there will be more to come..  There were 2 Coho caught in the last 3 days. We are hoping for a late run of Chinook.  There seems to be an absence of 5 year old Chinook.  At this point they are either going to happen late or not at all.
There are so many Chum it is sometimes difficult to hook anything else.  The Kitimat River is once again living up to it's reputation of producing lots of Big Chum.  Chum stocks were in decline for a few years but due to the hard work of the Kitimat Hatchery staff, Chum stocks have rebounded in a big way.  Chum are not the most attractive Salmon but they are big, tough and an exceptional fishery especially on a fly.. 
This is an exciting time to be fishing the Kitimat River.  You could catch 4 species of Salmon on the Kitimat on the same day with an emphasis on  Chum.
Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special on half day Drift boat trips. Anyone interested anglers please contact Ron 250 632 1275.or

Douglas Channel


July 14th Andreas Handl fromKingfish Westcoast Adventure Tours Ltd reports;

"Brian Edwards from Calgary was fishing with Kingfish Westcoast Adventures on July 14. Brian landed a 28 lbs Lingcod on a Herring, first he thought there was a Halibut on but when he saw the Lingcod the surprise was as big as the fish. We also landed our limit on Red Snapper, Halibut and Crab.
Brian was so impressed with the fishing and the outstanding beauty of our untouched channels that he wants to come back next year with his family to show them what Kitimat has to offer. I look forward to meet his family and fish with them next season"

Wow! Congratulations everyone.  Well done Andreas.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas, please contact Ron.


July 15th Andreas Handl of Kingfish Adventures Tours on a personal trip with Janine Hall, Tom and Diana Meier where they boated 4 Chinook, 6 Coho and 4 Pinks.  They also landed a 8lb Halibut trolling.
Andreas also reports that they lost 20 plus more salmon.  Congratulations on the salmon landed.  Bad luck on the ones lost!
July 15,16th Sam Avila of Ocean Breeze Charters limited out his clients, Gord and Jim with their 2 day limit of Halibut and 10 Coho.  Congratulations Gord and Jim.


July 16 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters scaled in a beautiful 42lb Chinook caught by his client Ed Kein.  Todd's other clients, Josh, Mathew and Rick caught 11 Coho.

Congratulations to all.  Very nice catch.  Well done Todd.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron 


July 17 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters reports our clients, Gary and Maxine Harrison boated a 35lb Halibut, 8 Coho, and a 20lb Chinook on their trip down the Douglas Channel.
Congratulations Gary and Maxine!  Once again, Well done Todd!
July 17 Andreas Handl shared the following email from his quests from Litauen.
"Betreff: The trip
Names: Arminas Macys, Marius Macys, Zygimantas Macys, Rimas Adomynas, Egle Vaitulionyte.
On July 17, Wednesday, it was the day we won't forget! We had an amazing day out fishing in a wonderful place. Our guide, Andreas Handl from Kingfish Westcoast Adventures, was great in taking care of us on his wonderful 24 foot jet boat in the Douglas channel. He shared his secrets with us and soon after that we were catching fish like we never did before. Overall it was experience of a life time!, and we look forward to go out overnight in august!" 
Andreas reports their total was 3 Chinook ,4 Coho ,7 pinks, 1 halibut weighing 55 lbs and one weighing 45 lbs.  Congratulations everyone!  Excellent job Andreas!

Anyone wishing to book a trip of a lifetime with Andreas please contact Ron

July 18 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters reports our clients Kimmo Kuappala and fishing partner boated 8 Coho, 2 Halibut and their limit of Dungeness Crab. The quota was filled thanks to the Fish Gods and Todd's expertise. Well done Todd and Congratulation everyone!

July 16 Dan Lachapelle reports his clients, Bryon and Donna Ryder from Fort Saint John boated an 82lb Halibut a few Salmon and a bunch of Crab. Congratulations to the Ryders. Great Job Dan!
Anyone wishing to book a trip with Dan, please contact Ron

July 19 Todd Haynes reports our clients Ron Link, John Ruttan and Frank Kowalski landed a 48lb Halibut, 2 Chinook, 4 Coho and a Ling Cod on their trip. When I spoke to Ron he said, "they has an excellent time". Congratulations everyone. As always, Gtrest Job Todd!

July 20 Todd Haynes reports our clients Josh, Nolan, Don, and Danny boated a Halibut, "70 ponder was their biggest with 3 smaller chickens to fill the cooler.
We started at 9:00. Limited out halibut by 11:30. We caught a few coho and crab.after the cooler was full of Halibut" Wow Congratulations everyone! The plan was to catch their limit of Halibut and then do some Trolling for Salmon and some Crabbing. Gotta love it when a plan comes together! Anyone wishing to book a trip of a lifetime with Todd, please contact Ron

July 21 Andreas Handl reports, "Richard and his family booked a trip on the ocean for salmon and halibut on my new fishing boat. The group of 6 landed 5 Chinooks, 4 cohos, 8 pinks and a 38 lbs halibut. A total of 25 salmon and 3 big halibut where lost on this outstanding trip with Kingfish Westcoast Adventures! Congratulations to Richard and his family! Great Job Andreas!

July 21,22 John from Blue Heron Charters reports our clients Kelly Svenson fishing with her brother Klaus Peterzen and her father Sturm Svenson caught two halibut and one was 60 pounds. They also caught an assortment grey cod, rockfish and crabs. On their second day out they limited out on salmon.
Kelly booked a one day Halibut trip with us and a one day of Salmon fishing trip . I am pleased to report success on both trips. Congratulations everyone! Great Job Skipper! Anyone wishing to book a trip with John, please contact Ron


This time of year is the most productive time to be fishing the Douglas Channel.  Halibut and Bottomfish are plentiful in the inner and outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  Halibut continues to be shiny star in the Douglas Channel fishery.  Coho, Pinks, Chum and Chinook are plentiful.  Most boaters especially our Charter boats are catching their limit of Halibut and Salmon.  It is an exciting and productive time to be fishing the Douglas Channel.  Early indications of the Coho run in the Douglas Channel appear to be exceptional.  August should be exceptional for Coho and Halibut!

Thank You everyone who submitted photos and info for this report.

Anyone wishing to book a Driftboat trip on the Kitimat River or a Saltwater Trip on the Douglas Channel please contact Ron

Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special for 2 and 3 day trips on the Douglas Channel. Please contact Ron for details.

Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special on half day Drift boat trips. Anyone interested anglers please contact Ron 250 632 1275.or

Good Health and Good Fishing!


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