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August 5 - 11, 2012

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SAM AVILA and MURRAY PYRCH are holding a 120 lb Halibut Aug 3 2012.  This beauty was caught down the Douglas Channel

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

The Kitimat River is full of Chum right now and anglers are having a ball!  There were also fresh Pinks and a surprising number of Coho caught on the Kitimat this week.




Aug 5 Reliable Guide and Charters had the pleasure of hosting a Driftboat trip for the Lamarge family. I drifted with Michel and Lisa Lamarge and their son, Gabriel.
Taylor Holland (associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters) drifted with Michel's brother Alain and his fishing partner Janet and Michel's daughter,
It is always a pleasure to fish with a family because there is always some sort of competition. Accordingly there is always a little trash talking.
The Lamarge family did not disappoint and it was "game on" starting by us scooping Taylor at the launch.
Both boats landed a bunch of fish. Taylor's boat did extremely well by keeping 3 Coho and a Pink. We kept 4 Chum which Michel wanted to smoke. I believe the
consensus in our boat was that we claimed victory based on tonnage although we conceded that Taylor's boat definitely caught prettier fish.
Regardless of the official scoring, a good time was had by all!
2012_aug-7-ron-jeff-daughters-lynette-grunndvig-chum-pinks-1-coho- 2012_aug-7-ron-jeff-daughters-lynette-grunndvig-chum-pinks-1-coho
Aug 7  I had the pleasure of fishing Jeff Grunndvig and his daughters, Lynette and Sara.  We caught a bunch of Pinks, Chum and we landed a Coho
on our drift of the lower Kitimat.   It was a lot of fun fishing with you all.. It makes me smile to be to be a part of Dad and daughters fishing together. Congratulations to the Grunsvig family fishing team on your catch.
2012_aug-8-donnie-josh-mcisaac-trevor-lupick=lots=of-chum-pinks 2012_aug-8-donnie-josh-mcisaac-trevor-lupick=lots=of-chum-pinks
Aug-8  I had to pleasure of fishing with Donnie and his son Josh McIsaac and their friend Trevor Lupic.  We caught lots of Chum and Pinks and we lost a Coho.
Congratulations on your catch.  The smiles say it all!

2012_aug-9-mike-herzberg-anter-6-kitimat-river-coho 2012_aug-9-mike-herzberg-anter-6-kitimat-river-coho

Aug-9 Mike Herzberg with with his good friend,  Anter hooked 6 Kitimat River Coho and landed 4 of them.  Wow!  These are pretty good catch numbers for early September.
Well done Mike and Anter; Mike and Anter have fished for several years and I think there will be several more!
2012_aug-10-ron-bonnie-mirek-zaoral-triple-crown-pinks-2-leg-chum 2012_aug-10-ron-bonnie-mirek-zaoral-triple-crown-pinks-2-leg-chum
Aug 10 I had the pleasure of fishing with my quests, Bonnie and Mirek Zaoral.  I have this personal challenge I call  the  "Triple Crown"  The Triple Crown is to catch Salmon or Steelhead using the 3 gear types on the same day.  Jigs (tackle), Hot Shots and Fly.  I am proud to announce that both Bonnie and Mirek accomplished this feat on our Drift. Wow!  Congratulations to Bonnie and Mirek! 

2012_aug-11-ron-todd-diana-marcel-hanna-conrad-nichole-lots-of-pinks-chum-coho 2012_aug-11-ron-todd-diana-marcel-hanna-conrad-nichole-lots-of-pinks-chum-coho

2012_aug-11-ron-todd-diana-marcel-hanna-conrad-nichole-lots-of-pinks-chum-coho 2012_aug-11-ron-todd-diana-marcel-hanna-conrad-nichole-lots-of-pinks-chum-coho

2012_aug-11-ron-todd-diana-marcel-hanna-conrad-nichole-lots-of-pinks-chum-coho 2012_aug-11-ron-todd-diana-marcel-hanna-conrad-nichole-lots-of-pinks-chum-coho

Reliable Guide and Charters were proud to host the Lejan family. Todd Haynes rowed one boat with Diana and Marcel and I rowed the other with their
daughter, Nicole and their grandchildren, Conrad and Hanna.  It is always nice to be a part of 3 generations of a family fishing together.  The day started off
with a little competition but at the end of the day, everyone caught so many fish that we lost count.
We caught a mix of Pinks, Chum, Coho and a Chinook.  Worthy of note, Marcel landed 4 species of Salmon and Conrad caught the biggest fish.  The golden rule
is "the littlest person catches the biggest fish".   Well done Conrad! . Congratulations everyone. Todd and I had a lot of fun fishing you all.
Special Bulletin
The Kitimat River Hatchery has requested any recreational anglers who catch and keep a female Chum and have no use for the roe (salmon eggs) to donate them to the Kitimat Hatchery.
The Kitimat Hatchery staff requires the Chum roe as bait for Chinook Brood Collection.The Kitimat Hatchery performs an important role in our Fishery, the assistance from any anglers would be greatly appreciated.
Please drop roe off at the:
Kitimat Hatchery 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday to Friday.
or to City Centre Hardware & Sporting Goods 8:00AM to 9:00PM Seven days a week.
Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special on half day Drift boat trips. Morning or Evening Trips. Pease contact Ron 250 632 1275.or


The Chinook are turned to spawning colours and have started spawning.   Some of the Chum will start to turn dark and also started to spawn.  The male Pinks will grow their enormous hump.  The Coho will start to show their silver bodies in larger numbers.  Such is the evolution of Salmon on the Kitimat River.  Life in the fishing world on the Kitimat River is perpetually evolving.  This is an exciting time to be fishing the Kitimat River.

Douglas Channel


Dan Lachapellle submitted these photos and comments, "Jim Lackey and family from fort st John caught 37 Coho, pink, 2 Chinook, 5 halibut and their limit of crab.  It was and awesome trip. 
The picture of the boy is 11yrs old Ryan.  Ryan caught most of the fish."  Congratulations to everyone.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Dan, please contact Ron

2012_aug-3-4-5-sam-maria-marry-pyrch-120lb-80lb-60-55-5couple-chickens-day-limit-of-coho 2012_aug-3-4-5-sam-maria-marry-pyrch-120lb-80lb-60-55-5couple-chickens-day-limit-of-coho 2012_aug-3-4-5-sam-maria-marry-pyrch-120lb-80lb-60-55-5couple-chickens-day-limit-of-coho

Aug 3,4,5 Sam Avila of Ocean Breeze Charters fishing with his wife, Maria and their friend Murray Pyrch caught an 120lb Halibut using a Gibbs Spreader bar with a Herring on the August long weekend,  They also caught an 80lb,60,55 and a couple of Chickens.  They also caught their limit of Coho.
Wow!   Congratulations on an impressive catch.  I am sure this is one August long weekend that you will not soon forget.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Sam please contact Ron

2012_aug-5-dean-logan-aaron-beam-8-coho-1-halibut 2012_aug-5-dean-logan-aaron-beam-8-coho-1-halibut

Aug-5 Dean Melo fishing with his friends Logan and Aaron Beam caught 8 Coho and one Halibut on their trip down the Douglas Channel.
Congratulations everyone and Thank You for submitting the photos.

2012_aug-6,7-todd-bonnie-mirek-zaoral-4-halibut-liomit-coho-limit-grey-cod-rock-fish 2012_aug-6,7-todd-bonnie-mirek-zaoral-4-halibut-liomit-coho-limit-grey-cod-rock-fish

Aug 6,7 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters fishing with our clients Bonnie and Mirek Zaoral boated 4 Halibut, their limit of Coho,  Grey Cod and Rockfish.
Congratulations of your catch Bonnie and Mirek.  Well Done Todd!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron

2012_aug-9-todd-alayna-tim-rayne-abe-vermillion-16-coho-4-halibut-24-crab 2012_aug-9-todd-alayna-tim-rayne-abe-vermillion-16-coho-4-halibut-24-crab

Aug 9  Todd Haynes of Nautical West Charters fishing with Alayna and Tim Vermillion and their kids, Rayne and Abe caught 16 Coho, 4 Halibut and 24 Crab.
Congratulations everyone!
Halibut fishing has been outstanding this year and continues to be very productive.  Coho stocks are increasing daily and they are migrating closer and closer to this end of the Douglas Channel.  Prawning and Crabbing is always productive.

Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info to this Fishing report.

Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special for 2 and 3 day trips on the Douglas Channel. Please contact Ron for details.

Anyone wishing to book a Driftboat trip on the Kitimat River or a Saltwater Trip on the Douglas Channel or a Jet boat trips please contact Ron

Good Health! and Good Fishing!

Ron Wakita
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