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Mar 6 to Mar 13, 2011

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weekly fishing photo
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Andreas Handl holding a 50lb Chinook caught by his client, Tamara.  This huge Chinook was caught on July 15th 2010.  We are booking for the 2011 Chinook Season.  Any interested anglers please contact me.

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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special photo of the week

Special Photo of the Week:  Kitimat Ice Demons won the "Coy Cup" on Mar 12th.  Captain Derek Wakita and Assistant Captain Ian Coleman accepting the Trophy for the 2011 Senior Men's AA Provincial Championship.  Congratulations to the Kitimat Ice Demons!  As a proud supporter of the Kitimat Ice Demons and a the proud father of Ice Demon's player, Brandon Wakita and proud Uncle of  Derek Wakita,  I witnessed excellent hockey and the outstanding job Prince Rupert did hosting this year's Coy Cup. Well done Prince Rupert!
Kitimat River
The Kitimat River is iced up and snowed in.  This has caused the river to be reduced to narrow channels.  Despite these conditions, some crazy anglers still went fishing.
March 8 Ariel Kuppers and Justin Lowes drifted from Washout to Sawmill in their Buck's Bag South Fork Pontoon Boats. Ariel and Justin report that the drift was an adventure with a few scary moments.  The details of the drift need not be revealed except to say that everyone survived although someone did get wet.
Special Report
Douglas Channel
I have not heard anyone fishing the Douglas Channel at all this week.  Many anglers are upset about the current Halibut Policy.  The 2011 Halibut Season will close some time in the summer but DFO does not know when.  This makes it impossible for Saltwater Anglers to book holidays or days off to fish for Halibut.  This Conservative Halibut Policy is affecting all Recreation angler's ability to enjoy this Canadian resource especially folks who must travel long distances.  See Important Halibut Information below.
We are booking for the 2011 Fishing Season.  Any anglers interested in a Drift Boat Trip on the Kitimat River,  a Jet Boat Trip, or a Salt Water Charter please contact Ron Wakita
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita

Important Halibut Issue

The Town Hall Meeting was a huge success due to the efforts of everyone involved.  I am especially proud of all the members of the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force.  I can not emphasis enough the outstanding job everyone on the Task Force did to make our Town Hall Meeting the success that it was.
All Task Force members deserve to look in the mirror and smile.  I am proud to say that I am from Kitimat and even more proud to represent Kitimat and the Task Force on the BC Sport Fishing Coalition Steering Committee.
The support from the businesses and individuals from Kitimat and Terrace was unbelievable.  On behalf of the Task Force, Thank You.  Worthy on note, Sergio Amaral donated the proceeds he won in our 50/50 draw back to the Task Force.  Thank You again Sergio. Gotta Love the passion and support from everyone!
Mayor Monaghan, Nathan Cullen (MP), Robin Austin (MLA), and all the residents of Kitimat and our neighbors in the Northwest will send a clear message to Ottawa.
The Conservative Government will be held accountable on Election Day!
Halibut is a Canadian Common Resource owned by the people of Canada.  All of us own the resource and individual have a responsibility to defend our rights to this resource.  I believe we have an obligation to defend the rights of our Children and Grandchildren to fish for this resource. 
I urge everyone to write a Letter to the Prime Minister especially those who attended the Town Hall Meeting.  Please also help your family, friends, neighbors and co workers to also write letters.  The "Power of One" strategy starts with you.  There are Sample Letters on our Website
If everyone does their small part, collectively we can make a Big Difference! 
Sample Letter from Justin Lowes
Justin had a lot to say.  Letters need only be 3 paragraphs.

Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Mr  Prime Minister

I write to you in regards to the current DFO Halibut Allocation Policy.  The Halibut Policy allocating 88% of Canada's Halibut Stocks to 436 Commercial License holders and the remaining 12% to the rest of the Canadian population who are potentially Recreation Anglers is wrong.  The Recreational Sector represents the majority of Canadians and should be allocated fair access to this Canadian Common Resource.  

The Recreation Sector also contributes millions of dollars to Local, Provincial and Federal Economies. In these troubled economic times the current Halibut Allocation Policy will have a devastating and far reaching negative impact on the Canadian economy.

I was born in Kitimat in 1980 and I chosen to live and work in Kitimat .  I have fished for Halibut for 15 years.  Fishing for Halibut is not only a Sport but it is also an integral part of my way of life.  I have chosen to live in Kitimat to enjoy the Douglas Channel and to fish for Halibut with friends and family.  I also harvest Halibut for food and sustenance.  There is a sense of satisfaction from eating the food that you catch yourself,  I would also like to preserve the rights of my Kids and Grandchildren to fish for Halibut.  My  friends and relatives from all over BC  like to fish with me for Halibut.  I also worked full time in a Tackle Store in Kitimat.  Full time hours has been reduced to part time and may be illuminated all together because of your Government's policy.

It is reprehensible to think that only 140 of the 436 Commercial License holders actually fish for Halibut.  The majority of the Commercial License Holders lease out their quota and sit at home profiting from leasing out a Canadian Common Resource.  THE CANADIAN PEOPLE OWN THE RESOURCE not the Commercial License holders who were gifted their allocation for FREE!.

The reference to these Commercial License Holders coined by the Sport Fishing Institute, "Slipper Skippers" is both accurate and disturbing.

It is intolerable to think that my job, my way of life and my right to fish for Halibut has been reduced because your DFO Minister who has mismanaged our Halibut Stocks.

I  find it appalling that the current DFO Halibut Policy will prohibit me and all other Recreation Anglers from fishing for Halibut in August 2011 unless I lease quota from a Commercial Allocation holder.   Your policy serves the interest of a select few but compromises the rights of all Canadians who wish to fish for Halibut.  Feb 15th, DFO Minister Shea announced that Recreation Anglers will have to lease allocation from a Commercial Allocation holder.  All Canadians own this Canadian Common resource and your Conservative policy requires Canadians to lease allocation to fish for a resource we already collectively own.  I can not believe that the Conservative Government has allowed the DFO Minister to make an unfair allocation policy even worse.  This policy has reduced my confidence in the Conservative Government.  I will not vote for the Conservative Government in the next election unless you change this grossly unfair Halibut Allocation policy.  I also intend to tell everyone in my contact list in my phone and on my computer not to vote for your Government as well.

As a Canadian Citizen that is being affected by your decisions I urge you to intervene.  The DFO Minister has the Authority under the Fisheries Act to allocate a fair and equitable share of Halibut Stocks to the Recreation Sector.  In the interests of all Canadians you must instruct her to change the DFO Halibut Allocation Policy or resign.

I would appreciate it if you respond to me directly since your Government as put my job at risk I believe you owe me this consideration. 


Justin Lowes
6 Chilko St
Kitimat B.C.
Canada V8C 1Y5

Please see two important posters below:


Fight for your right to fish for halibut

Fight for your right to fish for halibut


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