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Jan 23 - Jan 30, 2011

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  3 Generations of the Losier Family caught this 86 lb Halibut on August 16th.  Roger Losier with his son, Jacque and his Grandson, Colby caught this 86lb Halibut and another that weighed 50lbs fishing with their friend Bob Birch.  They were fishing with a Gibbs Spreader bar, a Gibbs Halibut Leader baited with Herring.  Congratulations to the Losier Family and their friend Bob.  This photo captures a very Special Moment in the lives of the Losier family and their friend, Bob. The 2011 Halibut season may be closed by July in 2011 and Special  Family moments such as this one will no longer be possible in August.  The Right to Fish for Halibut is worth fighting for especially when you find out the facts of DFO Halibut Allocation Policy.  (Please see more below)

Fight for your Canadian Rights to Fish for Halibut

Sunday, Feb. 27 2:00pm
Kitimat Rod & Gun

Please RSVP to
Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force at:

or for more information visit:

Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
City Centre Hardware & Sporting Goods     
"Kitimat's Largest Tackle Store"
380 City Centre
Kitimat BC V8C 1T6
bus.250 632-3522  fax 250 632-3528  


This Fishing Report is dedicated to the Halibut Issue.

Note from Ron There was very little going on in the Fishing World in Kitimat so I thought I would dedicate this Week's Fishing Report to the  Halibut Issue .  I hope everyone understands that importance of this Issue to Anglers.  This Inseason Halibut Closure has far reaching and future implications.

I believe all Canadians agree that the Rights of our Children and Grandchildren to fish for Halibut is worth fighting for. Precious moments such as the Photo of the Week depicts a moment to inspire us all. 

Kitimat citizens have formed the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force.  This is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who have produced a Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Poster, Fact Sheet and a Poster advertising a Town Hall Meeting to be Chaired by Paul Rickard from the B.C Sport Fishing Coalition. (Please see copies below)

We refer to these as a "Tool Kit" to help people get involved, first to write a Letter and then to attend the Town Hall Meeting.  Please help us help you.

Your comments are welcome.  Please visit

I made myself available to help Kitimat Residents and Task Force members with their Letters in our Store. 7:00 PM to 8;00 PM. Monday to Thursday. 
( Thursday has now become Task Force meeting day 7:30 PM at the Chamber Building.  Please feel free to come )
These sessions have allowed me to help Kitimat residents write Letters to the Prime Minister.  It has also helped me to analyze the "Tool Kit" and "Strategies"  the Task Force has created to help people write letters and get involved.  The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Poster, Fact Sheet, Website, Letter writing campaign, Power of One Strategy are all parts of the "Tool Kit".   The Task Force can make the appropriate changes to our strategies based on hands on reactions from the residents of Kitimat.  If you wish to get involved please contact Trish and email her your name and phone.  <> .  There is a Task Force meeting at the Chamber Building Thursday Feb 3rd. 7:30 PM.  Please feel free to attend.
The Political Facts and the details of the DFO Allocation policy seem to threaten or intimidate some people and prevent them from writing a Letter. This  has been evident in my Letter writing sessions.  My advise is that your letter only needs to say that the Inseason Closure is unfair and the current DFO Halibut Allocation Policy is wrong.  The DFO and the Prime Minister have already been provided very detailed information from the SFI, the SFAB and BC Wildlife on your behalf.
Please, please do not feel intimidated to writing a Letter.  It is your right as a Canadian.   All the members of the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force and I are here to help you.  It is quick and very easy once you get started.
Your Letter needs to be short, concise and personal.  Your should  focus on the impact that the Inseason Halibut Closure will have on you personally and 3 points is more than adequate. 
Your comment to the Prime Minister may be that you want him to preserve the Rights of your Children and Grand children. 
You may only want fair access to this Canadian Resource for all Canadians. 
You may want to tell the Prime Minister that you want to catch Halibut to feed your family.  Food you catch for your family to eat has a sense of pride.  You may want to say that you invested in a boat because you enjoy fishing for Halibut.  You enjoy fishing for Halibut with your family, your friends or your relatives from all of town, 
It may be an integral part of your way of life. 
Your business may be affected.  Your son or daughter's job may be affected or their future summer job. 
It is very easy once you get started.  We are here to help and once you get started, 
"Power of One" strategy .
After writing your Letter, you may want to use your personal Letter as a tool to first get your family to write a Letter.  Then your friends, Then your, relatives, fishing partners, co workers and so on.  Along the way, please ask each person to contact 2 people to write a Letter and then they contact 2 people  and so on.  You will be creating their own Network of Letter Writers that will grow exponentially but it starts with you.  "If everyone does their Small part, collectively we can make a difference."  We are here to help.
"May the wind carry our word across this great nation to stand up and fight for your Halibut Allocation"
Todd Haynes
"Yours in Unity"
Ron Wakita

Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force

Fight for your Canadian Right to Fish for Halibut
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Fight for your right to fish for halibut

Fight for your right to fish for halibut

Fight for your right to fish for halibut





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