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Jan 30 - Feb 6, 2011

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Justin Matos holding a Kitimat River Steelhead that he caught on Feb 5th 2011 fishing with Justin Lowes. Justin and Chris were drifting the upper Kitimat River in their Buck's Bag South Fork Pontoon Boats.

Fight for your Canadian Rights to Fish for Halibut

Sunday, Feb. 27 2:00pm
Kitimat Rod & Gun

Please RSVP to
Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force at:

or for more information visit:

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River
Early this week we endured sub-zero temperatures and an onslaught of Ice Rain.  When we parked our vehicles for a couple hours, we had to chip the ice off of our windshields.


Mid weeks warmer temperatures combined with clean river conditions produced  good numbers on Trout.  The best method for fishing for Trout on the Kitimat River is float fishing with a Gibbs Float and the Kitimat Combo.  The Kitimat Combo is a Berkley Power Bait Worm and a Bubba's Bait Barn Dew Worm.  The weather warmed up and we received some rain the river was high and dirty at the time of this Report. (Friday)
Feb 5: Justin Lowes and Chris Matos drifted the Upper Kitimat in their Buck Bags South Fork Pontoon Boats.  Chris landed this nice Kitimat River Steelhead on their drift.  Congratulations Chris.  Justin landed a bunch of Trout including this beauty,  Congratulation Justin.  Well done guys and Thank You for sharing the photos.
Douglas Channel
The colder temperatures and the Ice Rain deterred boaters from venturing out.  Warmer temperatures are forecast for the weekend which may encourage some boaters to venture. Stay tuned.
Halibut Season did not open as it normally does on Feb 1st.  It is bad enough that the DFO Halibut Allocation Policy will cause the Recreation Season to close in mid season.  DFO is rubbing salt in the wound by keeping the Recreation Sector closed.  Enough is enough!  Any angler who has not written the Prime Minister please do so.  Anyone who has already written to the DFO Minister please write the Prime Minister to request him to instruct the DFO Minister to develop a Halibut Allocation Policy that is fair for all Canadians or resign. The Conservative Government will be held accountable for this grossly unfair Halibut Allocation Policy on Election Day. 
Important Halibut Issue Please see more about this below, after this Fishing Report.
Jan 30 Glen Kilcup of Fish Hawk Guiding reports,  "Well it wasn't long after the sun arrived that Mike and I got out to test drive the jetboat on this perfect winter day...we'll be going again! We started using Luhr Jensen planer boards with mad flash Storm hot n tots on the terminal end. Both of us had fish on at different times in the same pool but they managed to come unbuttoned. Later we changed to spoons. Mike had the Illusion 65 made by Gibbs and was able to landed this respectable fish....good job Mike!  Hot n Tots are a specific crank bait from Storm which I introduced to the region allot of years ago. Bringing them from my childhood Bass and pike fishing, to the western world of Salmon and Steelhead, they have proven to be again one of the most effective lures for big game fish I have ever used. For more info on how you can get into some of these with all sizes and colours not available locally, drop me a line." Well done Glen and Mike.  Thank You sharing the photo and excellent information.
We are Booking for the 2011 Fishing Season.  Any interested Anglers please contact Ron Wakita
Thank You to everyone who provided photos and info to this Fishing Report.


Ron Wakita

Below is my Letter to Editor of the Northern Sentinel, Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Poster, Fact Sheet and Town Hall Meeting Poster
Please read the information provided and consider doing your part by writing a Letter to our Prime Minister.
To the Editor (Northern Sentinel)

Kitimat Residents have formed the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force.  I was honored to be elected as Chairman of this dedicated and enthusiastic group of concerned citizens.

We are confident that once Kitimat and other Canadian Residents become aware of the Inseason Halibut Closure caused by a grossly unfair DFO Halibut Allocation Policy, Kitimat Residents and indeed all Canadians will do their part in correcting this injustice.  If everyone does their small part, collectively we can all make a Big difference..

The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force has created some "Tools" to help.  We have created a Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Poster, Fact Sheet and a Website.  You will soon see our Poster/Fact Sheets all across Kitimat in the near future.  Overwaitea has kindly offered their Bag Stuffer Service to distribute our Poster/Fact Sheets.  Thank You Overwaitea!  Please do not throw these out! Utilize them and "Pass them on!

The Poster should draw your attention to the Inseason Halibut Closure to the Recreation Anglers.

The Fact Sheet and Website will provide all the necessary information to inform everyone of the grossly unfair DFO Halibut Allocation Policy that is causing this closure.  Our website has Sample Letters to help you. These tools will help everyone to write a letter and provides the Prime Minister's Address and email address of who to send copies of your Letters to.

We are writing the Prime Minister because the Sportfishing Institute(SFI) the Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) and BC Wildlife has been negotiating with DFO for 7 years.  7 years of negotiating has not produced a Fair and equitable Halibut Allocation Policy for all Canadians including the Commercial Sector.  4 or 5 years and thousands of Letters has not convinced this DFO Minister that the current Halibut Allocation Policy is grossly unfair to all Canadians.

The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force has organized Strategies to oppose this Inseason closure and the DFO Halibut Allocation Policy that has caused the closure.
Our Letter Writing Campaign  involves the "Power of One" Strategy.  After writing your Letter, please use your personal Letter as a tool to first help your family to write a Letter.  Then your friends, Then your relatives, fishing partners, co workers and so on.  Along the way, please ask each person to contact 2 people to write a Letter and then they contact 2 people  and so on.    By applying the "Power of One" strategy, every Letter Writer should be creating their own Network of Letter Writers that will grow exponentially but starts with you.  If everyone does their Small part, collectively we can make a Big Difference!  Every Canadian who writes a Letter and helps their Network of Letter Writers to the 10th Level will have generated 2048 Letters to the Prime Minister. :-) This is the model of contacting 2 people.  How many people are in your Address Book?

I am available at our Store 7:00PM to 8:00 PM Monday to Wednesday to help anyone write a Letter to the Prime Minister. The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Meeting is Thursday night at 7:30 at Chamber Building.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  In fact everyone is urged to attend...Please!

My Letter Writing sessions have revealed the following reasons why Kitimat Residents have not written Letters to the Prime Minister.

1. Didn't know of this Halibut Inseason Closure.

2. Revealed that people are threatened or intimidated by the technical details of Halibut Allocation Policy.

3. Some are not confident of their ability to write letters or know the facts.

4. Procrastinating or just not doing something they know they should.

Kitimat's Task Force has addressed this by offering the following:

1. Our Poster should draw your attention to the Inseason Halibut Closure to Recreation Anglers.  Recreation Anglers will be prohibited from fishing for Halibut some time in July or August and the Commercial Sector will fish until December 31st.

2. Letter writers need not concern themselves with the technical details of the Halibut Allocation Policy.  The Sports Fishing Institute (SFI) and the (SFAB) and the BC Wildlife have provided all the details to the Prime Minister on your behalf.  Your Letters  only needs to say that DFO Halibut Policy is Unfair for all Canadians and the Prime Minister of Canada needs to instruct the DFO Minister to change it or resign.
The Conservative Government will be held accountable on Election Day!

3. The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force members are available to help you!  A friend, relative, neighbor,hockey team mate, curling team member, golfing partner, co-worker or fishing partner may already have joined the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force.  An updated Contact List of Kitimat Halibut Task Force Members will be circulated shortly.  42 People were at our last Task Force meeting.  Please feel free to contact any Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force member who you feel most comfortable writing a Letter with.  Task Force members will have a sample of their own Personal Letter to guide you or there are sample Letters on our website  Our Fact Sheet and Website will provide all information you need.

4. Putting things off or "not doing things we know we should", is Human Nature. Canadians not writing to protest previous closures and reductions of Halibut opportunities is what got us where we are now and our situation will only get worse. The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force urges you to join the fight by writing a Letter.

Letters to the Prime Minister need only to include 3 short, concise points of how this Inseason Halibut Closure will affect you personally.  It is your passion of the affects this Unfair Halibut Closure will have on your lives that need to be expressed in your Letters to the Prime Minister.

I personally want to be able to fish with my children, Julie, Michelle,Brandon and Corey and my Grandson, Chase now and in the future.

I know I speak for every Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Member when I say, " We would be Proud to Stand up and fight along side each and everyone of you to preserve our Rights and the Rights of all our Children and Grandchildren to fish for Halibut".

If everyone does their small part, collectively we can make a Big Difference!

Yours in Unity!


Ron Wakita
Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force

Please see three important posters below:

Fight for your Canadian Right to Fish for Halibut
Click on images to see full size

Fight for your right to fish for halibut

Fight for your right to fish for halibut

Fight for your right to fish for halibut

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Luhr Jensen



Within the Luhr-Jensen selection of salmon and steelhead plugs, you'll not only find the most productive lures of their kind, you'll find the lures that have defined techniques for decades.  What we now call back-trolling was once called "Hot Shotting", named for the lure that created the technique.  The Kwikfish represents the number one river salmon lure of all time, and the J-Plug is its counterpart in the ocean and Great Lakes environments.  And while these perennial favorites continue to fill fish boxes, we haven't rested on our landing nets.  X-Series Kwikfish benefit from the latest construction technologies to offer better balance, more action and deeper dives, while making these performance features easier than ever for novice anglers to enjoy. Please note: The Kwikfish has become the favorite lure of some of the guides in North West BC.

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