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Feb 13 to 20, 2011

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weekly fishing photo

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Glen Kilcup of Fish Hawk Guiding with fresh winter Steelhead. Fishing with Luhr Jensen planer board, Storm plug, Berkley line, Shimano reel and Gibbs lures as Photo of the Week

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

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Kitimat River

The Kitimat River provided good fishing opportunities early in the week.  Many Trout anglers were catching Trout in pretty good numbers.

By late week we received another "cold snap" and the edges of the shorelines have iced up which caused Trout fishing to be limited.
Feb 13 Justin Lowes landed a Steelhead on the upper Kitimat River.  Justin was Float fishing with  a Gibbs Float and straight roe. Justin was using a Loomis STR 1025 GL3 rod with an Ambassadeur 5500C 2 speed reel.  The "Right Tools for the Job". Justin landed one of these elusive Kitimat River Winter Steelhead but the hook popped before he could get a photo.  To clarify, the Kitimat River Steelhead has a small run of Winter Steelhead.  Most of these Steelhead are caught while Anglers are fishing for Trout which was the situation in Justin's case.  Trout anglers beware, your next bite could be a Steelhead.
As the weather changes so will opportunities to fish for Trout with the odd chance of hooking a Steelhead on the Kitimat River.  This is typical for fishing in the Winter. 
Douglas Channel
Dorothy from MK Bay Marina reports that was no boat activity in the Douglas Channel consequently nothing to report.  Halibut will open March 1st.
Please see Important Halibut information at the end of this Fishing Report.
Special Reports
Glen Kilcup of Fishawk Guiding reports, "So Mike Primeau and I fished for a few hours a couple of days ago and came into a few nice holding fish. The plugging worked unbelievably as we drifted down through the runs with our unsuspecting plugs. Using Luhr Jensen planer boards side by side, Storm 'madflash' hot n tots, Berkley big game 20lb main, 15 on the terminal end, we stealthfully angled the pools. Shimano Calcutta 400's and st Croix wild river rods completed the gear complement. We back trolled down a couple of familiar shoots and hit double digits every run. For a change of pace, Gibbs 1/2 ounce croc silver with red stripe was also an easy producer. Not all fish were landed, but way more than enough to keep any winter steelheader happy. Good times  tight lines!" Congratulations Glen and Mike!  Thank You for the info and photos.
Feb 19th  Justin Lowes and Mike Campbell hooked 7 Bull Trout and landed 5 bottom bouncing roe in the confluence of Kalum Lake.  Congratulations Mike and Justin!  Thank You sharing the photos and info for this Fishing Report
Thank You to everyone who has provided info and photos to this fishing report.
We are booking for the 2011 Season.  Anyone interested in Jet boat trips, Saltwater trips or River Drift boat trips please contact Ron Wakita
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita


The stakes just got higher!  In Minister Shea's announcement Tuesday, DFO has initiated a pilot program which will require Recreational anglers to buy Allocation from one of the 436 Halibut Allocation Holders in order to fish for Halibut after we consume the 12% Allocation in 2011.  Halibut is a Canadian Common resource owned by the people of Canada.  DFO's 2011 Halibut policy that will require Canadians to buy Allocation from a Commercial Halibut Allocation Holder in order to fish for Halibut by we predict August 2011 is wrong.  Every Canadian should be outraged!  
The Commercial sector has already begun lobbying for the same process (ITQ) for crab and prawns and Fraser River Sockeye.  We predict all salmon species will be their next target.  Our worst fear is now a reality!
The Conservative Caucus met last Friday to discuss this Halibut issue.  The Caucus gave DFO Minister Shea approval to proceed with privatizing Halibut, a Canadian Common Resource.  The Conservative Government has served the interests of 436 individuals and compromised the rights of all Canadians who wish to fish for Halibut.  This Government has also set the precedent for other species to follow.  The potential of where this precedent will go is absolutely scary.
One assumption that the Conservative Government would have made in order to proceed with this policy is that the "Silent Majority" of Canadians will remain silent as we have been for 8 years.  We must send a clear message to Ottawa, "We are mad as Hell and we are NOT going to take it anymore!"
We must now increase our level of commitment and determination to rise to the challenge that Minister Shea's announcement has just presented.
I believe the Kitimat Halibut Allocation has developed a winning Strategy (Power of One at individual,group, City Council and union levels) and created the "Tools" to spread the word of this disgraceful Halibut policy to everyone in our Contact List.   We can also spread the word to all Canadians in our Contact Lists. Working in concert with the BC Sport Fishing Coalition, our voice in amongst the voice of all Canadians will and must be heard loud and clear.
The Conservative Government will be held accountable for this Halibut Policy on Election Day.
All Canadians who want to stand up for their rights and the rights of our Children and Grand Children to fish for Halibut please use the information provided below to write a Letter to the Prime Minister to stop this insanity in the interests of all Canadians.
Please visit the Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force Website for samples letters. or the SFI website .  DFO Minister Shea's announcement opens the door that puts Crab, Prawns and all Salmon at risk for the same type of mismanagement.
I urge all Canadians to send a clear message to the Conservative Government.  We will not vote for the Conservative Government if they do not change this grossly unfair Halibut Policy.
Please attend the Kitimat Allocation Town Hall Meeting on Feb. 27th at the Rod and Gun 2:00 PM.

Ron Wakita, chairman
Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C. V8C 1T6
home. 250 632 2866 bus.250 632-3522
fax. 250 632-3528 cell. 250 632 1275

Please see three important posters below:

Fight for your right to fish for halibut

Fight for your right to fish for halibut

Fight for your right to fish for halibut

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