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Apr 3 to Apr 10, 2011

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Chris Matos holding an 18lb. Steelhead he caught and released on the Kitimat River, April 6 2011.  Chris was using a 3" Pink Kermode Worm.  "A Man, his dog and an 18lb Steelhead"!  This is a classic moment in a Man's life.  Congratulations Chris!

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Kitimat River
Mother Nature played an April Fool's Day trick on the people of Kitimat April 4th when we woke up to a snow covered lawns.
We thought we were finished with the harsh winter conditions.  The snow was only a light dusting and a little rain and the afternoon sun soon transformed things back to normal.  Steelhead Season on the Kitimat is progressing nicely with anglers very happy to report their Daily catch although reluctant to reveal much.  Steelheaders are a bit different breed.  I think due to the nature of the fishery.  Trout fishing has been excellent.
April 6 Chris Matos reports catching an 18lb Steelhead on the Kitimat River.  Sorry at the time of submitting this Fishing Report I have not received his photo.
April 9 Tom Orr reports "Hi Ron. Spent most of the week trout fishing.Took my daughter, Haley out last weekend and she caught three nice trout all on her own. Small lures working the best for use that day.  Shane and myself drifted for the first time this year. We mostly targeted trout and ended up landing 30 and releasing all of them unharmed.   Also for people out with kids on the lower Kitimat river there is a Very aggressive mamma eagle. She will try and take a trout right at your feet while landing them.  This can be a scary thing for young children."  Congratulations on the special Dad-Daughter moments and for sharing this info and the photos for this fishing report.

Many anglers are reporting good numbers of Steelhead but are a little reluctant about sharing the details.  I will respect their right for privacy and not reveal too much information, except to say that Steelhead fishing is good on the Kitimat right now and will only continue to get better.
Trout fishing continues to be outstanding and many families have been fishing for Trout.  The spring weather has encouraged many anglers young and old to enjoy the outdoors.  Sunshine, good fishing with family and friends.  Gotta Love it!
Douglas Channel
April 4  Three Generations of the Lafferty family are holding up King Crab.  Wow!  Rob Lafferty and his father, Pat and son (sorry I didn't have the son's name for this report) are holding up their bounty for a unique family moment.  Congratulations to the Lafferty family!
I spoke to Richard from MK Bay today and he had very little to report mid week.  As the snow continues to melt to allow more boaters to get their boats out of winter storage, activity on the Douglas Channel will increase.  The weekend should produce more activity.
Please Important Halibut Information below.
Thank You to everyone for providing info and photos to this Fishing Report.
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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Important Halibut Information:  The Halibut Petition Campaign is designed for all Canadians to defend our collective rights.  The time is now.  Election day is May 2nd.  If everyone does their small part, collectively we can make a Big difference!
Please click on this link to download the:
Please see the details of the Halibut Petition Campaign below in my Letter to the Editor:
To the Editor

The Federal Election provides us with the opportunity and the sense of urgency for all Canadians to get involved in the Halibut Issue.  With the use of political pressure we must force the Conservative Party to make a commitment to change their Halibut policy during the campaign.  The Halibut Issue must be elevated to become an Election Issue to be debated amongst the Party Leaders. Mr Harper must answer why the Conservative DFO Halibut policy continues to serve the interest of 436 Individuals and compromises the rights of all Canadians.  He must also be forced to answer why the people of Canada will have to lease quota from these individuals after the In season Halibut closure to be able to fish for Halibut.  

We fear that Canadians will suffer the privatizing of other marine resources in the near future if the Conservative Party receives a majority Government without being forced to make a commitment to change their Halibut policy during the election.

The Kitimat Halibut Allocation Task Force in concert with all the other BC Sport Fishing Coalition members has launched a Halibut Petition Campaign during the election.  We are requesting everyone to get involved in the Halibut Petition Campaign to help make this an election issue.

Petitions can also be downloaded from the websites for the Skeena riding or for other areas.

Step 1 Please print off the Petition, collect as many signatures as possible and then fax Petitions to Stephen Harper, Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff and the Sports Fishing Institute (SFI).  Please also fax it to your local candidates.  Local candidates will also help elevate the Halibut issue.

Step 2.  Please email the Poster and Petition to all your family, friends and fishing partners in your contact list and pass on the urgency for them to get involved.  Election Day is on May 2nd.

The strength of the petition will be measured by the Politician's by the collective total of signatures and the addresses of where the signatures originate.  It is very important for  the politician to receive Petitions from your contacts residing in BC and out of Province.  Please email email this Poster and Petition to your family. friends and fishing partners.  Please also post this Petition and Poster on your Face Book page and share with your friends.  If everyone does a small part, collectively we will make a Big difference.

We the people of Canada own the Halibut resource.  We should not have to lease Halibut quota from a Commercial quota holder in order to fish for Halibut after the In season closure.  We are forced to defend our individual rights to this resource that the Conservative government has forgotten we collectively own.  As parents we have an inherent obligation to defend our children and grandchildren's rights to fish for halibut and all other marine resources in the future.

Please join the Halibut Petition Campaign and stand with all Canadians to send a loud and clear message to the Political Party Leaders that "we the people own the Halibut resource!".


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