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August 29 - Sept.3, 2010

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15LBS 12 7/8OZ COHO (gutted and gilled).  James won the $1000.00 Cash Prize and Keeper Plaque.  Congratulations James.  For more Derby results see report below.
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The Kitimat River Coho catch results were all over the spectrum this week with the dramatically changing water levels. We had exceptional low water followed by exceptionally high water.  Such is the case while fishing the Northwest for Coho especially on the Kitimat River.  When the river level rises the Coho move in and move up the Kitimat River.  The trick is to find them when the river is rising and where they are holding when the river drops.  Anglers who find the Coho usually do very well.  Anglers who do not find the Coho are definitely not as happy as the anglers who did.  I usually like to hang out with the happy anglers:-)))
Aug 25 to Aug 27 Erik Curtis reports, "Hi Ron, Thanks for your help with our drifts on the Kitimat. We had a great time and loved our time on the river. We drifted the river August 25-27. Landed two on day one, four on day two, and seven on day three. Lost many more. Thanks for all your help." Congratulations on your catch!  Judging by the smiles in the pictures it looks like everyone had fun.  Thank You for sharing these fond moments for the enjoyment of the readers of this Fishing report.

Aug 29 I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend Jerry, his brother Blaine and Blaine's son Cassidy.  Jerry drifted in a friend's "Foldaboat" and Blaine and Cassidy drifted with me in my Alumaweld driftboat.  Jerry lost 2 Coho on our drift and Blaine, Cassidy and I landed 2 Coho of the 7 we hooked.  We landed the last 2.  There is a lot to be said for being positive, persistent and above all, attentive.  It is also a good quality to laugh in the face of adversity.  A lot of times while fishing, things just don't go the way that they are supposed to.  There are enviably mishaps and our drift was no exception.  I will spare my fishing partners and myself the embarrassing details except to say that "Everything turned out GREAT!".


Aug 30 Doug Six fishing the Rail Way Run (a mile up from Haisla River bridge) with his son Cameron and his friend Bob Zang and Bob's son, Ted  took these photos of this Kermode bear.  Doug was very kind to provide these photos for this Fishing Report.  This is a very rare occurrence.  I was born and raised in Kitimat and this is the first time I have heard and now seen a Kermode Bear on the Kitimat River.  The Kermode Bear is referred to as the "Spirit Bear" and I have heard that it brings Good Luck when you see these bear.  This is truly a remarkable site!  Thank You to Doug for sharing his photos with the readers of this Fishing Report.  I hope your siting brings you all Good Luck!
Aug 30 I landed the pleasure of drifting with my very good friend, Jerry Dennill and my daughter Julie.  We hooked 6 Coho but only landed one.  The first one!  We hooked and landed the first Coho on our first pass with Luhr Jensen Hot Shots so Julie and Jerry thought we were going have a awesome morning of Coho fishing.  We then lost the next 5 Coho that we hooked.  Losing Coho is sometimes a reality when fishing for Coho and it provides excellent material to harass your friend and daughter.  All things considered I still think it was an awesome morning of Coho fishing.
Aug 31 Mike Herzberg reports "Took my friends Natalie and Arthur on a drift this morning.  Went Cablecar down.  Really slow.  Low water, only saw three roll all morning.  We hooked six on Luhr Jensen hotshots, landed four, kept two.  Silver blue and chartreuse hot-tail worked best."  Congratulations to Natalie and Arthur!  Well done Mike!  I think you had pretty good results for a morning drift.
Sept 3 I drifted with our clients Dave Futcher and his son Chris on a morning drift on the Kitimat River.  We landed 4 Coho on our drift including one caught by Chris that I estimated in 17 or 18lbs.  Chris's father, hooked more Coho but the son definitely landed the Biggest one.  Both father and son were pretty proud of the catch on the Kitimat River.  Congratulations to you both!  Thank You for using our services and I hope to see you again in Chinook season as we discussed.
Sept 3 Jr. Bergen drifted with his friends (sorry I didn't catch their names) and they landed 3 Coho on their drift and lost a bunch more.  Congratulations Guys!  The Kitimat River rose all morning and by noon the Kitimat River was barely fishable.
Sept 3 James Wright and his friend drifted in their pontoon boats and they landed 4 Coho using Purple with Red Jigs.  James is a very gifted and sharing angler who shared a few helpful hints with us. Thank You!  And congratulations on your catch.
Sept 5 Mike Herzberg fishing with his very good friends and long time fishing partners      Anter and Pete hooked over 25 Coho on their Drift of the Kitimat River.  Wow!  Well done guys!  They only kept 4 Coho but Mike reports hooking Coho in every hole except the Haisla Bridge.  Congratulations Guys!
Sept 5 I had the wonderful experience of drifting with my son Corey and my daughter Michelle on Derby Sunday.  My good friend Ron Jones drifted in my other driftboat with my other son, Brandon.  We had a great day of fishing and had lot of fun.  We hooked 10 Coho but only landed 4.  As I explained to my kids, "On other days we caught just as easily land 10 for 10 but we should enjoy the results as they happen".  I know I will always cherish these moments whether we land the fish or not!
Sept 1 Peter Lamb submitted these photos and comments, "Here are the pictures you requested of our fishing trip. We are a crew of family and friends that comes out every second year minimum to Kitimat to fish. We caught the 10 Coho and 2 spring on Tuesday, and the 7 coho on Friday of last week. Here are the names of everyone: Shaun and Sarah Lamb, Peter Lamb Jr and Rachel Lamb, Erwin and Ruth Zotzman, Peter Lamb Sr, Bob Molyneaux."  Wow!  Congratulations to you and your group!  Your 22lb Chinook and Peter Jr`s 22lb Coho are very impressive.  Judging by the smiles in the photos everyone had fun fishing the Kitimat's Douglas Channel.  I especially like the photo of Shaun and his "Big One".  You don`t always have to catch the big one to have fun.  His smile says it all!  Thank You so much for sharing your photos and info.
Sept 2 Wes Owen of Golden Fishing Adventures fishing with his clients Ken Crego and his son and daughter landed 5 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour.  Wes commented that all the Coho were landed by Ken's kids.  I am sure there were some special family moments were created on their trip with Wes.  Congratulations!  Well done Skipper!
Aug 27 Ferd Bouzane and Ron Jones submitted these photos of their catch of Bottomfish down the Douglas Channel.  They caught a 25lb, a 50lb and an 80 lb Halibut during their trip.  They also caught a variety of Bottomfish including a 50lb Ling Cod.  Congratulations to Ron and Ferd on a very impressive catch.  Thank You sharing the photos.
Summary:  Coho fishing in the Douglas Channel has been a bit erratic.  Most boats are catching Coho but not in the catch numbers we were all expecting.  Whether the run is late or Coho are running the rivers inspired by the high river levels, the Coho catch results were lower this week.
One boat I spoke to, had 10 Coho and 2 Chinook in Sue Channel.  They landed 12 Salmon which is a pretty good catch but in previous years catch numbers have been higher.  Although the catch numbers are not as good as we have become accustomed to we should all be Thankful for the blessings that we do receive in the cooler and have some fun putting them there..
Halibut and Bottom fishing will continue to be productive but weather will become more of a factor into our Fall season. Here's hoping for good weather.
Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Fishing Derby Results:
Largest Coho James Alderman       15lbs 12 7/8oz   $1000.00 Cash & Trophy Plaque
Largest Halibut Dean Melo              98lbs                 $1000.00 Cash & Trophy Plaque
Largest Junior Coho Sarah Chalk     15lbs 1/8oz.       Rod and Reel & Trophy Plaque
Largest Woman Coho Sarah Chalk   15 lbs1/8oz.      Rod and Reel & Trophy Plaque
Congratulations to all the winners and participants.  A Huge Thank You to all the volunteers who give generously of their time to make this Fishing Derby a success.
(There will be more details in next week's report)
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Good Health and Good Fishing!
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