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Oct.3 - 10, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Al Belhumeur and Ron Wakita holding an 85 inch Sturgeon caught on the Frazer River Tuesday Oct 5, 2010  This strugeon was one of 5 sturgeon caught with Lamiglass Rods, Pennreels, Tuff Line150lb mainline and 200lb Tuff Line leader and Mustad swivels and hooks. Photo taken by Randy Martin.  For more details see Specail Report section in Fishing Report encloesed below: 

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC
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During the latter part this week the Kitimat River has been very high, dirty and unfishable.  During the summer months we received exceptionally hot weather and accordingly the Kitimat River was very low and clean but this Fall we are receiving exceptional amounts of rain which is causing high and dirty river conditions,  Mother Nature usually has a way of keeping things in balance.
Surprisingly enough, even with this high water one angler was in our Home Hardware Tackle Store reporting that he found a bunch of Coho in a back eddy and he was catching a bunch with jigs.  I received the info third party but I will confirm and report the location in next week's report.
The Kitimat River height will continue to rise and fall and in turn go from dirty to clean.  When the Kitimat River is clean and fishable, anglers who venture out when the river is clean can expect some excellent Coho fishing.  The challenge will be to find where they are holding.  Once you find them there will be lots of them as Coho are notorious for stacking up in large numbers after the river drops.
Douglas Channel
Lorie from MK Bay reports a 57lb Halibut caught earlier in the week.
Richard from MK Bay Marina reports that the waters of the Douglas Channel is full of debris.  The rivers that flow into the Douglas Channel are very high and are discharging lots of logs and stumps into the Douglas Channel.  The exceptionally high tides are also adding to the amount of debris in the water.  Boaters are advised to proceed with caution.  Richard also reported large numbers of Coho at the mouths of some of the rivers down the Douglas Channel.  He mentioned Gilltwees and a of couple smaller creeks down in the Danube area on the Devastation side.
Special Report
I recently attended the Redl Sports Distributors Dealer Tackle Show in Vancouver.   Al Belhumeur invited me on an incredible fishing trip for Sturgeon and Coho on the Frazer River.  Al is the owner of Proline Sports which is the Sales Agency that represented Caddis Waders, Seaguard, Yakama Bait, Mustad Hooks and Scientific Angler at the Redl Show.  It was also my pleasure to join Randy Martin on this fishing trip .  Randy is the owner of Mountain Man Outfitters in Cranbrook who also attended the Redl Tackle Show.
During the Coho fishing portion of the trip we hooked 10 Coho and landed 6.  The star of trip was Yakama Bait's Vibric Roostertail 1/2 oz. Spinners rigged with Mustad hooks and Seaguard flourocarbon leader.  The beauty of fishing with the Sales Rep for Tackle Manufactures is there was an abundance of tackle to fish with.  Al had more Vibric Spinners and Mustad hooks and accessories in his boat than he had on display at the show.  I was very impressed with the Vibric Roostertail Spinners and the proof is in the pictures as to why.  Randy did well with the Red body/Silver blade, Al did well with the Gold and my favorite was the Copper.  We also had a whole bunch of Coho following these Spinners but didn't take.  Wow, Yakama Vibric Roostertail Spinners certainly ruled our day for Coho.  I can hardly wait to try them up North.
As for the Sturgeon fishing.  Wow!  What a fishery!  We landed 5 Sturgeon, two measured 73 and 85 inches.  Unbelievable! Al commented, "that Sturgeon can get up to 12 feet long".  This is an incredible fishery that every angler just has to experience at least once in their lifetime.  Sturgeon tailwalk like a Godzilla Steelhead, dive like a huge halibut and fight like a Marlin.  Unbelievable! We were using Lamiglass Sturgeon Rods with Penn reels lined up with Tuff Line 150lb test.  The leaders were 200lb Tuff Line rigged with Mustad swivels and Mustad Sturgeon hooks.  We were also using ScottyOrca Rod holders which are ideal for Sturgeon fishing.  Al was definety equipped with the "Right Tools for the Job".
One of the advantages of being in the Fishing Tackle Industry is the people I have met at all levels of the industry.  The McCallum family who own Redl Sports Distributors are wonderful people as well are their staff.  The Sales Agents and Tackle Manufacturers are all everyday folks who also love to fish.
I have also met many of the other Tackle Dealers and staff who also trying to make a living in the industry who decent hard working people who like to fish.  All of the anglers I have met either in our store or on the river all share the passion for fishing.  It is truly a wonderful industry to be in.  It is said, "that if you Love your Job you will never work a day in your life".  I certainly Love mine! 
A huge Thank You to Al and Randy for a Great Day of fishing!  You both help create a page in my history book of life that I will not soon forget.
Thank You to everyone for providing photos and info to this Fishing Report.
We still have plenty of open dates for Drift boat trips, Saltwater Charters and Jet boat trips.  Anyone interested in booking a trip with us please contact Ron Wakita
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
bus.250 632-3522  cell.250 632-1275
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