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Nov.7 to Nov 14, 2010

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Fishing Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Jesse Houston holding a 10lb Kitimat River Hatchery Steelhead he caught Nov. 12 2010. Jesse was fishing with a Gibbs float and roe.

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Early in the week there were some frosty mornings with clear, sunny afternoons.  This weather allowed many folks to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Fishing, Hiking or Hunting are the more popular activities that are so much more enjoyable when the weather is nice.On Wednesday we received our first snow, followed by rain and clouds. Despite the rain the river conditions remained good and Trout fishing also continued to be very good.  Lots of Trout have been caught with both tackle and with flies.  One Fly angler reports that while catching a bunch of Trout and he was surprised to hook something big.  He lost it but he thought was a Steelhead.  The Kitimat River has a very small run of Winter Steelhead and there are always a few caught in the Winter while anglers are fishing for Trout.  The main Steelhead Run on the Kitimat River is in March, April and May.



Nov, 8 Ariel Kuppers and Travis James landed 4 cutthroat fishing one of the tributaries of the Kitimat River. Ariel and Travis were Float fishing with a Gibbs Float and the "Kitimat Combo". The Kitimat Combo is a Bubba's Bait Dew Worm comboed with a Berkley Power Bait 3" Worm.  The first version of the "Kitimat Combo" was originally fished on the Kitimat by Pat Oliver who was a previous Staff member of our Tackle store and one of my Associate Guides.  Pat has moved to Vancouver but his creation of the "Kitimat Combo" fishes on.  Ariel has added the Berkley Power Bait Worm to this combo and this version works as well.  The proof is in the pictures.  Well done Travis and Ariel!


Nov 12 Jesse Houston fishing the upper Kitimat River for Trout and he reported that he didn't catch any Trout but he caught a bunch of Coho and a 10lb Hatchery Steelhead.  Wow!  "This is the first Steelhead that I have caught this time of year" said Jesse.  Jesse released this Steelhead back into the Kitimat River.  Well done Jesse and Congratulations!  Well done Hatchery Guys!


The Kitimat River will continue to produce good Trout fishing throughout the winter.  Anglers beware that there are lots of Coho still around (please note it is closed for Coho) and the odd Steelhead.  Just ask Jesse!  We are indeed fortunate to live close to and fish the Kitimat River that is enhanced by the Kitimat River Hatchery.  Jesse's Steelhead and the excellent numbers of Cutthroat has rekindled my appreciation for the hard work that the staff at the Kitimat Hatchery have done to enhance the Kitimat River. 

Douglas Channel

Nov 10 Philip Thom reports hooking 10 Winter Chinook during his last outing with his fishing partner, Jason Bunn.  "The outing before that we hooked 8".  Wow!  Well done Philip and Jason!  Please take the time with future fish to take some photos to share with the readers of this fishing report.  Congratulations on a Great day!


November 11 Ferd Wuensche reports, " today was an exceptional day on the water. Using an Luhr Jensen Abe and Al flasher with a Luhr Jensen blue Coyote Spoon we fished deep for lunkers.  My fishing partner Ray Hepting and I caught our limit with fish weighing up to 28lbs and many in the high teens".  Well done Ferd and Ray!  Thank You for the photos!

Nov 12 Victor Lick reports catching his limit of Winter Chinook every time he went out this week.  Victor uses his favorite Trolling Set up which consists of a Gibbs Flasher and a hoochie.  Victor usually fishes by myself in his Sail Boat so it is difficult for him to take photos.  Wes, Noel and myself were out last fishing along side Vic last weekend and we were fortunate to take a few photos of Victor with his catch.  Well done Victor!  Good Luck this weekend!

Nov 12 Ferd Wuensche reports, "Fishing was again good on November 12th with several smaller Chinook caught and released and then the action heated up with a 21 and 23 pounder taking the Luhr Jensen Abe & Al flasher with a blue Coyote spoon at 45 feet. Pictured is my fishing partner Jim Scaiffe".  Well done Ferd and Jim.  Congratulations!

Nov 13 Victor Vick reports, "I did take a pic for you.  This is Scott and his dad Nelson  Mcginlay from Terrace.   We had a fair day today.  We hit 5 fish and were able to boat 3.   These were in the 5 to 10 pound range.  I sailed for awhile then got in one last pass at end of day.  Was not able to raise another bite."  Wow! Congratulations a Good Day of Winter Chinook fishing and you got to do some Sailing as well.  Well done.


The Winter Chinook fishing this week continues to be very good and so has the Crabbing.  I love Winter Chinook fishing as well as the Crabbing.  We get spoiled by being able to eat fresh Crab almost all any time in the summer so it is a treat to have fresh crab in the winter

The Winter Chinook fishing also gives me an opportunity to tackle test New lures and Flashers.  Like most anglers, I have my favorites but I also enjoy trying the New Products coming onto the market or into our area.  Who knows..One of these may replace one of the favorites.

The New kids of the block for this week are Pro Troll Hot Chip Flasher and Baitrix Large Strip Teaser UV Purple Haze inserted into a Rhys Davis Strip Teaser.

On a political note:  This years early closure of Halibut to the Recreational Sector has become a bone of contention for me.  In feel it is grossly unfair that the Department of Fisheries has allocated 88 1/2% of the Halibut stocks to the Commercial sector and the remainder to the Recreational Sector.  Once we catch our 11 1/2% quota as we did by Oct 18th this year, Halibut is closed to Sport anglers.  Halibut should enjoyed by all Canadians and the DFO mandate is to manage the resource equally to Sport and Commercial.  I am not sure what calculations our Minister of Fisheries is using but 11 1/2% is NOT equal.  I urge all concerned anglers to email Minister Gail Shea <> and let her know your thoughts.  The Sports Institute has a form letter you could use or I would be happy to email you a copy of mine.  Please contact me if you are interested  It is very, very important to send her your personal letter.  It does not require a stamp to send a letter to the Minister...Just an envelope and a few minutes of your time.

Minister Gail Shea
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

I do not wish to offend anyone with the politics nor do I wish to end this Fishing Report on a political note.

Winter Chinook fishing should continue to be good.  Here's hoping that it will be good tomorrow!

Thank You every one for providing photos and info for this Fishing Report.  It is very much appreciated.

We are Booking Driftboat Trips, Jet Boat Trips and Salt Water Charters for next year.  Any interested anglers please contact Ron

Thank You to everyone for providing info and photos for this Fishing Report!

Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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