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May 23rd to May 30th, 2010

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Fishing Report from:
Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC

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The Kitimat River this week was high and murky but remained fishable.  Trout fishing continues to be excellent even with higher than normal numbers in the Kitimat River this year.  With the high water the Trout are holding in the back eddies.  The other theory that is circulating in regards to the Trout is that the Kitimat Hatchery has released a bunch of smolts into the main stem Kitimat and the large numbers of Trout are dropping down from the creeks and tribs into the mainstem to feed on the smolt.
There were a few reports of a few Chinook lost but we did not receive any reports of any Chinook landed.  Chinook anglers have already started to bang in their rod holders at the Pump House, Lower Dike and the Big Spruce in hope of catching an early Kitimat River Chinook.  There have been a few early Chinook caught in the past few weeks and Chinook fever is starting to spread. 


The Douglas Channel usually produces Halibut and Chinook but this week the boaters that were jigging returned home with more in the cooler than the boaters that were trolling.  Most boaters have both jigging and trolling rods on board and the Skipper and crew have to make the decisions of where to go and what to fish for.  Photo'd below are the anglers who made the correct decisions this week.
May 17 As reported last week Alain St.Pierre of Alain Deep Sea Charters and Ray Hepting landed a 30lb Chinook on the Douglas Channel.   Alain and Ray were kind enough to email this photo for this Fishing Report.  The photo is a little late for last week's report but I thought I would include it in this week's report.  Thank You to Alain and Ray for sharing the photo of their catch.
May 22 John Eckstein of Blue Heron Charters fishing with his sons, James and Stephen boated a 100lb and a 60lb. Halibut. John reports, "We were on the Douglas Channel checking out the stock for this 2010 halibut season and it looks promising. We landed the first weighing in at 60 pounds and a second about a half hour later at 100 pounds. Stephen reeled up the 60lb. halibut by himself."  Great Job boys!  Well done! Congratulations to you all! 
It is wonderful to witness a father fishing with his boys especially with spectacular results.  I'm sure this fishing trip will create a page in the Eckstein family history book that will be fondly remembered.  Another consideration would be that Blue Heron Charters may be evolving a couple future Skippers.  Well done Dad!
May 23 Jason Bunn and Pat Dufresne hooked a triple header in Sue Channel.  They managed to land 2 Chinook out of the 3 they had hooked.  They also landed 2 Halibut on their trip.  Congratulations Guys!  Sounds like you had an awesome fishing trip.
May 29 Kevin Howell reports, "It was a wonderful day on the Douglas today. Pat Dufresne, Lucas Galamini, Captain Alfie Galamini and myself spent the day fishing for Halibut and set a few crab traps in Kitsaway . I have attached a couple of photographs of Alfie's 78 pound Halibut we weighed in at Home Hardware. Alfie proudly commented," that this was the first halibut on his new boat that he recently purchased".  We also ended up with 16 good sized crab. A great day was had by all. Take care and talk to you soon."  Congratulations to you all on a very nice Halibut and a great day on the Douglas Channel. 

SUMMARY Chinook fishing will continue to improve with each tide but based on the results from this week, smart money says to fish for Halibut first and once there are Halibut in the cooler then do some trolling for Chinook.  It is an exciting time of year for boaters on the Douglas Channel.  Boaters will soon be able to limit out for both Halibut and Chinook consistently.  Stay tuned!
SPECIAL REPORT Glen and Bonnie Kilcup were generous to provide these photos of a unique occurrence in the North West. Glen best describes it, "Well here's a couple of shots taken from the video camera while we were on route to Houston the other day. As funny as it is, this sighting took place very close to where we saw the Kermodei bear last year. Not sure if it's the same one as he is much bigger and whiter. I captured about 3 minutes of footage while Bonnie followed with the digital camera and also got some good shots. The bear must have walked down the side of the highway for about a quarter of a mile and trying to catch up and get a facial shot was a little tough. But he did stop a couple of times and turn to me. These bears don't seem to have any fear of man as he acted quite comfortable while I walked beside him....I almost think I could have got a lot closer, maybe for a touch!!! But what we got was just fine. Even when I hurried up to get a better front view or when other travelers saw us and stopped, the bear seemed like nothing could bother him as he just kept going and eventually stopped to stand and scratch a tree. Very cool   Glen"
A Big Thank You to Glen and Bonnie for sharing these awesome pictures!
Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info for this report.
Tight Lines,  Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
bus.250 632-3522  cell.250 632-1275
fax. 250 632-3528
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