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April 25th to May 2nd, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Ron wakita holding a Beautiful Silver Kitimat River Steelhead caught and released by Marrisa Egan April 30.  Also in the photo is the "proud father", Greg Egan. For more details see report below.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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There were some very nice Steelhead caught on the Kitimat River this week  The Kitimat Hatchery and Lower Dike produced some very bright Steelhead especially on the tide.  The middle and upper Kitimat is still a little spotty but the ones that were caught were outstanding.
April 24 Ariel Kuppers and Jesse Houston were fly fishing the upper Kitimat River and Ariel landed this Steelhead and lost another.. Ariel was using his Sage VT2 Spey rod and a Ross CLA reel.  Ariel was fishing with a Chartreuse and White Intruder style Fly that he tied himself.  Congratulations Ariel!
April 25 I had the pleasure of drifting with my two sons Brandon and Corey.  It is always gratifying for me to fish with my sons.  We all take turns on the oars and whoever is on the oars when a fish is hooked earns the title of Captain for the rest of the trip.  I am happy to announce that I was on the oars when Brandon hooked and landed this beauty.  This earned me the title of "Captain Daddio" and the ability to remark "Who's your Daddy!".  We were Hot Shotting with G.Loomis Hot Shot rods and a #35 Luhr Jensen Hot Shot.  Well done Brandon! and "Good Job Team".
April 27 Adam Brown reports:"Hey there, I'm sure glad I decided to try for steelhead this month. April truly is hot!! This is my third steelhead on my third trip out in April. Me and my friend Chayo went behind the Kitimat Hatchery. This was the only fish on but well worth the trip from Terrace!! Best looking and best fighting steelhead yet! I'd have preferred no adipose fin but hey people come halfway around the world for a photo like this!  God bless. Adam Brown"
Congratulations Adam.  Very nice Steelhead and Thank You for sharing your photo and the details of your fishing trip to the Kitimat River.
April 28 I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert Tuttle and Bambang Widianto on the Kitimat River.  Robert is from New York and Bambang is from Indonesia and we were able to land one very nice Kitimat River Steelhead that was about 15lbs.  We also caught a Cutthroat Trout which I barbecued in my Driftboat for lunch.  Although the fishing was a little slow we had an excellent day on the Kitimat River.  I learned a bit about Indonesia and that it is 30 degrees there all year round.  It is no wonder that Bambang was so cold.  We left the barbecue in my Driftboat fired up to keep Bambang comfortable.  Congratulations Robert and it was fun and educational to fish with you guys.  Thanks for a great day!
  Monavie Energy Drink
April 30 I had the pleasure of Drifting with my good friends Dick from Smithers Home Hardware, Greg Egan and his 12 year old daughter Marissa.  Shortly into our drift Marissa caught and released a 16lb beautiful silver female Kitimat River Steelhead.  This was Marissa`s first Steelhead and I sensed a pretty special Dad and daughter moment. Greg and I nicknamed this Steelhead the "Monavie Energy Drink Steelhead".  Greg is a distributor for Monavie and Energy Drink may have been the lucky charm. Marisa is a very well mannered young lady who is going to be an excellent angler.  Congratulations to Marissa. Well done!
Thank You to everyone for a Great trip and "Monavie Rocks".
May 1 "Alex the Great" is a nickname I coined  for a Fly angler, Alessandro Cirotto from Italy.  We had a good day of Fly fishing on the Kitimat given the conditions and the lower numbers of Steelhead in the upper Kitimat River this week.  Alessandro hooked 3 Steelhead and landed 2 beauties.  They were 15 and 17lbs and absolutely gorgeous Steelhead.  In fact, they could have been twins.  Alessandro was using a combo fly that I put together on a previous trip.  My favorite fly for the Kitimat River with a Spey rod is Pink Rabbit strip pattern with a trailing hook.  When I lost the last one I had brought with me, I comboed a Pink Krystal bullet head fly tied by Ron Materi with a tube fly tied by Ken Moreau of Ken's flies.  The tube fly with the Krystal bullet comboed with the tube fly created the same articulating action of the Rabbit strip fly and it hooked a Steelhead right away.  Alessandro hooked 3 Steelhead on this fly and a new fly pattern (combo) has been added to my Steelhead Fly box.  Congratulations to Alessandro. 
SUMMARY: I have a feeling that the Steelhead in the upper Kitimat River should improve with the rise in the river level from the rain we received.  The rise in the river level will cause Steelhead to move up from the lower Kitimat and entice more to migrate into the lower Kitimat.  Time will tell.  Stay tuned.


Bottom fishing and Crabbing is still the main focus of Saltwater boaters although we received a couple of reports that the Killer whales were in Sue Channel chasing some Herring and some Feeder Chinook.  The Killer whales are a marvel to observe in the water but they have a negative effect on the fishing.  When the Killer whales are around it is better to put the rods away and take out the cameras.  They are truly an incredible Wonder of Nature to watch. As we move into May, adult Chinook should start to migrate into the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  The King of Salmon to many anglers are the Trophy fish to target.  We are anticipating a good return of Chinook to the Douglas Channel and Kitimat River this season.  I can hardly wait and neither can Todd Haynes of Nautical West Fishing Adventures.  I just spoke to Todd about doing some prescient trips for Chinook.  Stay tuned for some photos.
Special Report for April 25: I reported in last week`s Fishing Report that Calvin Higano alias "The Gypsy Steelheader from the Big City" was on "the drive for 5".  "The drive for 5" was an endeavor for Calvin to catch and release at least one Steelhead on 5 different rivers in the North West during his fishing trip,  On Sunday, April 25th Calvin accomplished his mission by releasing a Steelhead on the lower Copper River. This is quite the accomplishment especially considering Calvin only fished a couple of these rivers only one day.  Well Done Calvin!  Congratulations! 
It was a lot of fun fishing with Calvin and a Big Thank You for the recipe for the "magic prawn bait".
hand towel
Special Report for April 26: I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friends Calvin Higano and Noel Gyger on the Kalum River.  With the river level higher than our previous trip last week, Noel was able to take us to more of his favorite holes on the upper Kalum.  Noel has an unbelievable knowledge of the Kalum River and Calvin and I listened intently to the Fishing stories which inspired the names of all the different fishing holes.  We managed to land one Steelhead and lose what we thought may have been a Chinook.  Even though we didn't catch lots of fish, we shared a wonderful morning of good friends, great fish stories and love of fishing.  Thanks for an awesome morning of fishing guys!
Special Report May 1: These photos and comments were submitted to me by Andreas Handl.
"Here are some pics!, The bright big one is from the Kitimat all the others are from the Kalum.
when we floated down hunters creek we seen 8 Steelheads, float on the lakelse river down from hermans hole to the skeena we seen 15 Steelheads, this all was last week. regards Andreas"
Thank You to everyone who provided photos and info for this fishing report.
Tight Lines!  Good Health!  Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
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fax. 250 632-3528
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