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March 7 to March 14, 2010

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The photo of the week shows pro angling guide Glen Kilcup of Fishawk Guiding with a bright Doe Steelhead landed on the Kalum River Monday, March 8, 2010.  His fishing rod was a Shimano Scimitar 8' 6" Line weight 8-17lb medium fast action. 14lb Berkley Trilene XT green and a Rapala  RAP SX4i 30 reel.  The lure was a Gibbs Koho 55 silver red back.  Hope this detailed tackle info helps "you" catch more fish. Photo taken by Ron Wakita

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters,
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The weather this week ranged from clear and sunny to 3 to 4 inches of snow but the fishing conditions on the Kitimat River continue to be very good and there are still good numbers of Trout being caught.  There seemed to be more Dolly Varden caught than Cutthroat for awhile but the catch rates have returned to their typical proportions this past week.  The most popular methods are float fishing Bubba's Bait Barn's Dew worms and Fly Fishing.  The most popular flies are egg and minnow patterns.  There were also a few  more reports of Steelhead being caught.
Mar 8 Travis James and Justin Lowes hooked 2 Steelhead and 4 Trout all on a Fly.  Travis landed a small Steelhead on an Egg Sucking Leech and Justin lost his on the same fly.  They also landed 1 Cutthroat and 1 Dolly Varden fishing the lower Kitimat.  Congratulations Guys!
Mar 9 Derrick Downey hooked what he estimated to be an 8lb Steelhead in the lower Kitimat River.  Derrick was using a Hot Shot with a Luhr Jensen Side Planer.
Mar 9  Ariel Kuppers landed 4 Trout on the lower Kitimat River across from the Hatchery.  He landed 2 Cutthroat and 2 Dolly Varden.  Ariel was float fishing with Gibbs float and a Berkley 3" Power Bait Worm.
Mar 9 Ferd Bouzanne and Dave Olsen landed 14 Cutthroat and 1 big Dolly Varden fishing the Mid Kitimat River
Mar 13 Andi Handl of Kingfish West Coast Adventure Tours landed an 18lb Steelhead drifting the upper Kitimat.  Wow! Nice fish!  Andi caught the largest Steelhead to date.  Up until now, most of the Steelhead that have been reported have been 8 to 10lbs.   Congratulations on a very nice fish!  Well done!
The Steelhead are coming!  The Steelhead are coming!  With each tide more Steelhead are starting to migrate into the Kitimat River.  Although it is still early, Steelheaders are starting to get pretty fired up about the Kitimat River Steelhead season and many have been out scouting the Kitimat River.  There are many changes to the Kitimat River especially in the middle and upper sections.  Some areas have experienced major changes, Please be aware when drifting.  The changes in the river add to the mystique of finding this Prized species of Sport Anglers.  Stay Tuned to this report because... "The Steelhead are coming!"


Richard from MK Bay Marina reports that the Herring are starting to spawn.  He said, "this morning, the shore was white with Herring spawn all along the beach either side of MK Bay Marina.  The first 30' to 40' of shoreline was covered with Herring roe".  The Sea Lions, Seals, Seagulls and Eagles are feasting during this natural spawning cycle of the Herring but most boaters seem to be focused on Crabbing.  I think after the long winter without having fresh Crab, many boaters are focused on harvesting their first Dungeness Crab feed of the season.  There is always a gratifying feeling when you pull the traps yourself, take them home and cook them and then enjoy the harvest of your efforts.  It is similar to the feeling gardeners have after harvesting the vegetables that they have grown.  
King Crab are also starting to be harvested.   Ariel received a report this morning from an angler who caught some King Crab yesterday (Saturday). I suspect that when the Saltwater boaters satisfy their appetite for Crab, they will start to focus on the Feeder Chinook and the Bottom fish.  Right now. Crab is number one on the Menu.
Special Report:
Mar 8 I had the pleasure of fishing with my cousin, Mike Wakita and his good friend Dave Llewellyn on the Kalum River.  My good friend, Glen Kilcup was kind enough to take us in his Jetboat.  Glen landed this beauty on a Gibbs Koho 55.  Dave had a strike on a Fly and lost another on a Spoon.  Although we were a bit early in the season for Steelhead, it was a great day on the river with my cousin Mike and his friend Dave.  A Big Thank You to Glen for helping create a wonderful fishing experience for us.
Reminder to all Anglers that Fishing Licenses expire March 31st.  New Licenses are required starting April 1st.
We are also booking for the 2010 Fishing Season for both Drift boat trips on the Kitimat and Saltwater trips down the Douglas Channel.  Any interested anglers please contact Noel
The Draw date is approaching soon for a Driftboat Trip for 2 down the Kitimat River for anyone who signed up on the Mailing List for this Fishing Report on our Website.  The Draw will be made April 30th.
Thank You to everyone who provided photos and info to this Fishing Report.
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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