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June 27th to July 4th, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Chris Laberge holding a 30lb Kitimat River Chinook caught on his Spey Rod.  This is Chris's first Chinook he has landed on on a Fly.
WOW!  Congratulations Chris! (see more details in report below.)
Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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There was not as many Chinook (King) Salmon caught in the lower Kitimat River this week but there were some unbelievable catch numbers in the upper Kitimat.  The Kitimat River level dropped all week and the tides were average heights.  The lower river level and average tides caused lower numbers of Chinook to migrate into the Kitimat River but the low water levels stacked Chinook in the upper Kitimat.
June 29 Travis James reports landing a 19lb Chinook with his Dragonfly 13' 8/9 Spey rod and his Dragonfly Excalibur Fly reel on his version of a Black Wooly Bugger. Congratulations Travis!  Well done!  Travis added " the buck hit hard and gave me a good scrap anyways got to go, good fishing's to yah, cheers".
June 29 Grant Hamer and Mike Holland are photoed with this 33lb Kitimat River Chinook.  Mike and Grant were fishing out of Mike's Clackacraft Driftboat.  Mike is an accomplished Angling Guide with many years of experience.  This was Grant's first Chinook that he has ever landed.  Well done Mike and Congratulations Grant! 

June 30 I had the pleasure of fishing with Leroy Mallot and Wayne Askeland from Prince George.  We hooked 3 Chinook and landed one, the last one!  We were using Scotty Orca Rod holders, Ambassadeur 7000i LC (line counter reels), Loomis Hot Shot rods HSR1025, Maxima 25lb Ultra Green and Luhr Jensen Hot Shots and KwikFish.  The "Right Tools for the job".  I love to fish with this equipment and they are an absolute joy for our clients to fish with. Both Leroy and Wayne are mechanics by trade and the concept of the "Right Tools for the Job" applies in their profession as well.  With all due respect to your professions, I would rather be using my tools fishing out of my boat than your tools working on my truck.  The hot colour for the day was "Metallic Pink" Luhr Jensen Hot Shot SE Mag.   Thank You for utilizing our Guiding services.  I love my job and you were both a lot of fun to fish with.

July 2 Mike Herzberg fishing with his long time fishing partner Alvaro hooked 3 Chinook and landed a 20lb. chrome Kitimat River Chinook during a drift in Mike's Clackacraft Driftboat.  Fishing was slow today but Mike and Alvaro still managed to put one into the fish box.  Mike and Alvaro hooked a Chinook on a Yakama Bait Spin n Glo,  a Luhr Jensen Hot Shot and a Luhr Jensen Kwik Fish.  The right tackle in the right hole at the right time!  Well done Mike and Alvaro! 
July 2 Marc Girard fishing with his friend Dick Woodcox landed a 20lb Chinook on a Luhr Jensen Kwik Fish.  The highlight of the trip for Dick was to be greeted by the ladies of the Big Spruce.  I don't think Dick has received this much female attention in 30 years.  Congratulations Dick and Marc!
July 4 Kurt Anderson, Chris and his father Greg Laberge hooked 6 Chinook landed one.  They are all fly fishing with 2 hand fly rods!  Chris landed a 30lb Chinook on a fly pattern that Kurt, Greg and Ed evolved.  This is Chris's first Chinook on a Fly. The group hooked 15 Chinook and landed 5.  All on Fly.  The hooked to landed ratio fishing for Chinook with a Fly is usually not very good.  Please bare in mind that this is a very talented group of Fly Fishers.  They are all very good anglers but nothing compensates for the fact that landing a Big, Bright, Chinook fresh out of the ocean on a fly rod is difficult at the very best.  And at the very least, the end result after losing some of these battles with Chinook on fly, may require therapy. Congratulations Chris!  Good Luck Guys! 
Summary:  The Pinks are starting to show up at the Lower Dike (upper,middle and lower Dike) and there have been some Chum caught this week. The Kitimat River will start to fill up with Pinks, Chum and Chinook in the coming weeks.  There might even be the odd Coho caught.  My brother caught a Coho in July 12 years ago and he still brags about it.  It is an exciting time for all anglers to be fishing the Kitimat River.  When you feel the tug, you can never be sure what species it is until you feel the weight or you see the fish. Depending on the type of rod you have when you hook up will usually determine the outcome.  Chinook, Pink and Chum have become very popular especially with Fly anglers.  Anglers be advised that there is non retention of Pink Salmon on the Kitimat River.  Pinks should be released with care to ensure they will survive to be able spawn.  This will help this cycle of Pinks to rebuild.  "The Power of one"  If each one of us carefully releases our catch, as a sport fishing community, we can have a major impact on the fish stocks.


July 1, Andreas fishing with his father Johann Handl hooked 8 landed 4.  It is always nice to observe father and son sharing the passion of fishing and they caught some very nice Chinook.  Well done Andreas and Congratulations Mr. Handl.  Andreas operates King Fish West Coast Adventures.
July 2 Andreas Handl, his father Johann and Fisheries Biologist, Jason Casselman hooked 8 Chinook and landed 4 fishing the Tidal portion of the Kitimat River.  They were back trolling with a Luhr Jensen Jet Divers and Roe.  It is an art form to back troll with a Jet Divers and Andreas has definitely perfected the technique.  Congratulations to everyone!  Good Job Skipper!  Anyone wishing to fish with Andreas please contact Ron


The higher than normal south winds continued this week.  One long time Skipper commented "I have never seen south winds for this long of a period". Despite the uncomfortable winds, boaters were still able to venture out and catch Chinook, Coho and Pinks.  Halibut catches are down because some of the better Halibut spots were unable to be fished due to the winds. 
Rick the Skipper for the "Anna Christine" reports boating 22 Chinook (the largest 26lbs), 15 Coho and 13 Pinks on the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  WOW! Congratulations to your group! Well done Skipper!
June 27 Dave Payjack of Sea West Fishing Adventures reports "Pictured here are our clients Tylor and Tyson Hauger, Mat Wirove and Keith Dane. They came up with a great idea of combining their friend's stag and a fishing trip involving 3 boats for two days, what a blast !! These guys boarded the boat rookies and left as excellent fishermen. They landed 2 halibut, 5 cod, 5 chinook, 1 pink salmon and 1 coho along with many more smaller chinook salmon that we released and a half dozen of crab."  Sounds like they had a great time celebrating and catching some fish!  Well done Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a group fishing trip, please contact Ron
July 2 John Eckstein of Blue Heron Charters reports, "Attached is a picture of the one halibut we picked up today with some grey cod. A very nice day on the water for the most part. A little bumpy on the return. A very charming couple".  Congratulations Ken. The weather did not cooperate but you did manage to catch some fish and chips!  Bon Apetite!
July 2 Wes Owen was gracious enough to take my daughter Julie and her friends Devrie Lapointe and Megan Williams crabbing on the Douglas Channel.  They caught 24 Dungeness Crab and Wes commented about how much energy and enthusiasm that these young ladies possessed.  Thank You to Wes from myself and the girls for taking them crabbing. Wes' charter company is Golden Adventures Charters and his comfortable 11 foot beam Bayliner Boat is named Lil Kris.  Call Ron
July 3 Wes Owen fishing with Georgio and John Dalmonte landed a 20lb and a 14lb Chinook and a Pink in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.   Congratulations Georgio and John!  Well done Skipper! 
The Douglas Channel is very plentiful in Salmon this time of year.  Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink and Sockeye can be all caught in various areas of the Douglas Channel.  The forecast is for more favorable winds so the Halibut and Bottomfish catch numbers should also improve. When the sun is shining and there are blue skies, calm seas, a cooler full of fish, crab in the pot and a cold beverage in hand....Life is Grand!  If you are sharing the experience with friends, family or good friends.  Well done!
We have plenty of open dates for Drfitboat trips, Jet boat trips and Saltwater Charters.  Interested anglers, please contact Ron
Good Health!  Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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