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July 19th to July 25th, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Todd Haynes of Nautical West Fishing Adventures photoed with his happy clients after their
down the Douglas Channel.  Congratualtions to all.  Anyone wishing to book a Trip with Todd please contact Ron

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

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 Chinook on the Kitimat River has slowed down a bit from last week although there have been some very bright Chinook still being caught in the lower Kitimat.  Pinks and Chum are starting to show in better numbers in the lower Kitimat with every incoming high tide.  The latter part of this week brought Salmon of all species.  In addition to the Chinook, Pink and Chum there were a few Sockeye and a few more Coho caught.


 July 18 I had the pleasure of fishing with Cedar Welsh and Todd Sherstone on a driftboat trip down the lower Kitimat River. Todd had entered a contest that Noel Gyger and I had sponsored last year.  Anyone who added their family's, friend's or fishing partner's email addresses to Noel's Subscriber's Contest was entered into a Draw for a Free Driftboat trip for 3 down the Kitimat River.  Todd was the Lucky winner.  We hooked 2 Chinook but unfortunately we were able to land any.  We landed a bunch of Pinks but not the Chinook we were targeting.  Cedar and Todd are a very nice couple and it was a lot of fun fishing with them.  Thank You for your wonderful personalities and spirits.  It was a great day on the Kitimat River!


 July 19 I had the pleasure of fishing a morning with some really good friends, Doug, Bob and Al Ruel.  I have known and fished with these brothers for over 20 years but this was the first time that we have fished out of my driftboat together with all 3 brothers at the same time.  We had a lot of fun and a bunch of laughs telling old fish stories.   We caught a bunch of Pinks and lost a couple of Chum but didn't hook any Chinook.  It was a wonderful morning of fishing with good friends!


 July 19 Braydon Moretti caught a Cutthroat drifting with his father Rick.  They lost a couple of Chinook and landed a bunch of Pinks but Braydon was especially proud of the Trout that he landed as he should be.  Well done Braydon!


 July 19 Andreas Handl fishing with nis wife Janine Hall Handl and their daughter Chanell.  Chanell landed her first Pink Salmon and is pretty proud of her first fish.  Well done Chanell.  Great to see Mom, Dad and daughter drifting the Kitimat River.

Good for you!


 July 20 Mr Arruda landed a very nice bright Chum under the Haisla Bridge on the Radly Park side.  There were also 6 other Chum caught and kept in the same hole earlier in the morning.  Mr. Arruda was using a Yakama #4 Pink Spin n Glo and a Gibbs/Delta pink hoochie.


 July 21 Trent Vines drifted with his good friend Travis James did an afternoon drift on the lower Kitimat and they landed a chrome 28lb Kitimat River Chinook.  They were using a Loomis Hot Shot rod HSR 1025C with an Ambassadeur 7000 reel. The lure of choice was a Luhr Jensen Hot Shot SE Mag.  The "Right tools for the Job!" 


  BEWARE of Grizzly Bears

 July 21 Ariel Kuppers fishing with our clients George Carden and Mike McCrosley landed 2 Chinook, 2 Sockeye and a bunch of Pinks.  They landed the Chinook with Luhr Jensen Kwik Fish K13X Blue Scale.  George's son Jody fished with us last year and I suspect that George may be here to "one up" his son.  Jody landed a Chinook pushing 50lbs last year.  The bar is set pretty high George but there is always the theory...GO BIG or Stay Home!

Anglers beware as there have been a couple of Grizzly bears roaming the lower Kitimat River.


 July 21 Marc Girard was fishing with Dianne, our Mobile Tackle Van driver and her significant other Chuck.  They landed a 28lb Chinook with a Luhr Jensen S E Mag Hot Shot.  They were threatened by a couple of seals but managed to the land this Chinook without incident.

Congratulations Chuck!  Well done Marc!


  Egg Clusters or Space Balls

 July 22 Ron Baier and Brian Russel weighed a 29lb Chinook and a 12lb Chinook that they caught below the Highway 37 Bridge.  They were using a Yakama Spin n Glo with a Gibbs/Delta Egg Drifter.  These Egg Drifters (egg clusters or space balls) have become very effective for Chinook.  Rick Taylor, a local angler evolved the technique a few years ago and now they are in the top drawer of many Kitimat Chinook angler's tackle box.  Congratulations to Ron and Brian! 


 July 23 Marc Girard an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters drifted with his wife Bonnie and Richard Piche down the lower Kitimat River.  Bonnie landed a this bright 20lb. Chinook on Luhr Jensen SE Mag Hot Shot Green Pirate.  Richard wanted to try rowing the Driftboat and Richard was on the oars when this chinook was hooked.  Congratulations Bonnie and Great Job Richard!


 July 24 Trent Vines an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters drifted with his Uncle, Corey, father, Jason and cousin, Christopher.  They hooked a 30lb Chinook with a Metalic Pink Hot Shot and a Seal grabbed the Chinook.  After fighting the seal with the Chinook in it's mouth for 10 minutes,  the Seal broke the line and took the fish.  Wow!  A great fish story and a awesome photo of the Chinook with the Hot Shot in it's mouth and the Seal with the Chinook in it's mouth!  It was not a happy ending for the Vines family but there is a very happy, fat Seal swimming around in the lower Kitimat. :)


Next week is the last week for retention of Chinook on the Kitimat River as it closes for retention on July 31st at midnight.  This the last week of Chinook fishing for retention on the Kitimat River for another year.  It is an exciting time to fish the Kitimat with the expectation of hooking a one of the last Big Chinook that anglers can keep and the good abundance of Pinks and Chum to keep Chinook anglers entertained.  It is possible to catch all 5 species of Salmon on the Kitimat River.  Wow!


 Chinook fishing in the Kitimat Harbour fishery has dropped right off.  A lot of Saltwater Anglers are fishing from shore near the Alcan boat launch on High tide and catching a bunch of pinks with pink jigs and pink Gibbs Crocs.  Tidal Licences are required and Tidal regulations apply.  For anglers under 16 years of age, Tidal Water Licences are Free but the Salmon Stamp is $6.72.  A Tidal Salmon Stamp allows anglers to harvest 4 Pinks per day.  This fishery has evolved into a very popular fishery for youngsters and families.  The Kitimat River is closed to retention of Pinks but the Tidal water is open to 4 per day.  Be sure to get a tide chart prior to fishing.  The best time is on the last hour of the rising tide.  Tide Charts are available on our website or from our Tackle Store, City Centre Hardware and Sporting Goods.


 July 20 Wes Owen was fishing with Dean Girard on a morning trip in the Kitimat Harbour.  They managed to hook a 10lb feeder Chinook before the wind picked up.  They were also able to catch a bunch of Crab. Well done Guys! Anyone interested in a Kitimat Harbour with Wes in the upcoming Coho season, please contact Ron


 July 20 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Fishing Adventures limited his clients out for salmon on his last trip down the Douglas Channel.  Wow!  Congratulations!  Great Catch!  Great job Skipper.  Any anglers wishing to book a trip with Todd please contact Ron


 July 21, 22 David Payjack reports "I had the pleasure of taking out Lorne and Don Delisle and their long time friend Rudy Desserl on a fishing couple of days fishing trip, we had an overnight at Bishop Bay Hotsprings for a nice soak and a crab feast, we got into quite a few salmon at Fish Trap but found they were not striking very hard and had lost quite a few. We ended up landing 3 springs, 4 coho, 2 pink salmon, 6 pacifc cod, a bunch of rock fish and one halibut that was only 15 lbs. The boys were getting a little tired so I pick up a rod and managed to hook into a very large Halibut, only to loose it without seeing it. My experienced guess would be into the 150 lb class we spent quite a long time trying to entice it to strike again with no joy. There was a gale force warning issued so we cut the trip a little short. The coho fishing at fish trap is really picking up, If I had time for another trip I would spend some time to target them there."  Dave Payjack

Congratulations on your trip.  Well done Guys.  Great Job Skipper! Anyone wishing to book a trip with Dave please contact Ron


July 22 Dave Wahl fishing with his clients landed a bunch of Salmon highlighted by these 43lb and 41 lb Chinook.  Congratulations!   Well done Skipper!

Salmon fishing, especially Coho, is outstanding in the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  Chinook, Pinks, Chum and Sockeye are also being caught in good numbers.  There are excellent Salmon opportunities  through out the Douglas Channel, depending on what you want to catch will determine the areas you should be fishing.

Halibut fishing is also very good although the latter part of this week's weather was not very suitable to get out on the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  As the Chinook and Pinks begin to spawn and wash out the river mouths, all the Bottomfish will migrate up the Kitimat end of the Douglas Channel.  In the coming weeks boaters will be able to jig for bottomfish and troll in the same locations inside the sheltered waters of the Douglas Channel.  We are indeed fortunate to have this unique and productive fishing opportunity.

Thank You to everyone for contributing photos and info for this fishing report.

Anyone wishing to Book a Driftboat Trip, Jet Boat Trip or Saltwater Charter please contact Ron

Sincerely and Cheers

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