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WEEKLY FISHING REPORT January 3 to January 10, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Karen Barge photoed with this 90 lb Halibut caught in the Douglas Channel a few years ago.
Photo submitted by Dale Barge.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and


KITIMAT RIVER: We received a mixture of all types of weather this week.   Early in the week we have had clear, sunny days followed by some snow, ice rain and now just rain.  The driveways, streets, and river banks have become icy and slippery almost to the point of dangerous. 

When the weather was clear and sunny earlier in the week Trout anglers were out fishing but the wet, icy conditions have discouraged many anglers from venturing out.  The "up side" is that the rain and higher temperatures has caused more current flow in the main river which will create more fishing spots when the weather improves. 

The winter weather conditions have provided ample fishing and ice fishing opportunities so far this winter until now.  As always, the weather conditions dictate where we fish and when we fish and also how we fish. "Such is life in the North West". 

DOUGLAS CHANNEL: Nothing to report this week as the weather conditions have prevented most boaters from venturing out.  Noel, Wes Owen and I had tentatively planned a trip out on the Douglas Channel this weekend but postponed our trip due to the weather.


Dale Barge submitted these pictures and comments of fishing in the Douglas Channel during a better time and in a different place.  In Dale’s own words, "I enclosed a couple of pictures that I have on my computer at work up here in Fort Mac.  These I use as desktop photos to take me away from here to a better place and  My wife Karen, caught this one a few years ago, "length measured weight" had it right about 90lbs.  The following week I took her brother out and he told her he would beat her fish by a pound...ended up he caught one that measured 5 lbs more, made for some laughs. The scenery photo is a spot that I really love to anchor at and this is early in the morning with a nice sunrise.  We sure live in a beautiful area."

When the weather improves, boaters will be able to get out and do some winter Chinook fishing.  These feeder Chinook are always wandering around the Kitimat Harbour in their search for food.  Stay tuned!



Jan. 6 Lakelse Lake Ariel Kuppers and his girlfriend Nicolette with Nicolette's three kids, Ocean, Skyler and Lily with Travis James were out ice fishing on Lakelse Lake.  They landed 25 White Fish during their outing.  All the fish were released back in the lake and the kids got pretty excited about catching so many fish. Well done Kids!

Thanks to everyone for providing pictures and info for this report.

Good Health! and Good Fishing!

Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
bus.250 632-3522  cell.250 632-1275
fax. 250 632-3528

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Area River Records:  Chinook Salmon: Skeena River, 92.5-pounds; Kalum River, 85-pounds; Kitimat River, 74-pounds; Steelhead:  Skeena River, 45-pounds; Coho Salmon: Skeena River, 27-pounds.

Area River Records:  Chinook Salmon: Skeena River, 92.5-pounds; Kalum River, 85-pounds; Kitimat River, 74-pounds; Steelhead:  Skeena River, 45-pounds; Coho Salmon: Skeena River, 27-pounds.


2009-2011 BC tidal waters and non-tidal (Federal) Salmon fishing information:

Effective April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2011
2009-2011 Freshwater (Provincial) Fishing Regulations Synopsis

Effective April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2011 (Note: regs good for two years)


*** If any of you have special fishing photos, testimonials, scenic river photos, wildlife photos or articles I would love to see them.


Hi Noel, looks cold up there, how about those guys drilling the ice and trout fishing, dedication, heart, and I could go on. I want to cast my vote for best picture of the week for 2009, of course I love the one from August 30, but I might be biased with him, I will have to give it to Paul Butcher September 6, with just a truly beautiful Skeena River Steelhead of a lifetime. The one that makes up for the time, pain, and sacrifice that you have to endure to have an opportunity to hook a fish of that proportion {as close to 30lbs. as I’ve seen}, let alone to get that monster to pose for a picture. I did get to fish with him, and 2 of his mates from Britain, Thomas my new friend in Germany, plus people from Seattle, Australia, a group from England, most of who were able to catch their first and or set new personal best and on the river of mist while I was there. But don't let me forget to say hi to Brian, one of the locals that I have gotten to know through my many adventures up around Terrace, all of who are friendly and if approached correctly have very valuable information on the Skeena and her secrets. I also had the pleasure to meet Chad Black, the man behind the Nicholas Dean report and numerous video clips, hi Chad. You know I was reading the Standard and I didn't see you in the picture of the Lieberman plunge out at the Lakelse Lake, looks nice and warm. On another note my trip was fantastic, I lost a king so no grand slam for me this year, but of course Whitey got one. We caught fish everyday, lots of Coho, big Steelhead, good Sockeyes, few Chinooks, lots of Pinks, and some big Chums, a very underrated fish. I was once again lucky enough to make photo of the week with just an assumed 20lb. wild Skeena River Steelhead, a fish that took me well into my backing and kept me there for over a 200 yard run down river. Andrew was once again able to put us in excellent fly water day after day, and there was more than one day that I landed 4 Steelhead plus. Good weather, good friends, and good times. I can never say enough about how good Andrew of the Kalum River Lodge, treats 2 obnoxious guys like me and Whitey. I have included a picture of Whitey and Andrew with a very large and very fresh fly caught Steelhead, I believe that he had to take a nap after landing that fish, and me with one of those underrated, equipment testing, extremely healthy Chum, Skeena river version of a pit bull. Yes you can bet that I am set up for next year already. So take care, and may all your luck be good, I will see you in August, if not sooner? Always thinking about swinging the fly, Troy Adams   p.s. Noel please feel free to use any or all of this if you want, thanks again.

Catch & Release formula: 

- Chinook:  girth squared x length x 1.54 divided by 1000 (inches)

- Steelhead: girth squared x length x 1.33 divided by 1000 (inches

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