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January 31st to February 7th, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Trent Vines holding a beautiful Steelhead caught on the lower Skeena last week.
(more details contained in report below)

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters,
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The Ground Hog apparently saw his shadow but the Ground Hog theory definetly did not apply to the weather we received this week in Kitimat.  We received Spring weather for most of the week and many anglers took advantage of the weather and did some Trout fishing on the Kitimat River.

Jan 31 Pat Dufrene caught another 9 Trout and a small Steelhead on the Upper Kitimat River.  Wow! Congratulations Pat.


Feb 1 Justin Lowes, Mike Campbell and Travis James caught 7 Trout on the upper Kitimat River.  They were float fishing a Gibbs Float with a 3" Berkley Power Bait pink worm with a piece of Bubba's Bait dew worm.  This rig is referred to by locals as the "Worm Combo". 
Feb 2 Ariel Kupper, Justin Lowes, Trent Vines and  Jeremy Torres drifted the upper Kitimat River with their South Fork Pontoon Boats.  They only landed 2 Trout and lost a couple more.  Ariel said "It was a beautiful day to drfit in their pontoon boats, in fact we nicknamed ourselves Team Southfork".   There were lots of fishermen out fishing.  "Almost every hole had people in them", commented Ariel.
Feb 4 Kyree Dos Santos released a small wild Steelhead on the bottom of the Hatchery Island. 
Feb 5 Jesse Houston landed 3 Dolly Varden on the Kitimat River. Well done Jesse!
Summary The weather has been exceptional for this time of year and the fishing conditions have also been very good.  If the nice weather continues more anglers will continue to get out fishing especially with reports of some Steelhead being caught.  The Steelhead that have been caught are small, there have been more caught than usual.  I hope this is an indication of the main Steelhead run in April.

DOUGLAS CHANNEL: The awesome weather we received also provided excellent conditions for fishing in the Douglas Channel.  There were a few boats out fishing especially now that Halibut is open.  The Kitimat Harbour is producing the odd Winter Chinook but the fishing has been spotty.  I was out Saturday with my good friend Dale Barge and we hooked one Winter Chinook with a couple of other strikes but we did not land any.  There were two Halibut reported by MK Bay Marina.  A big one was reported to be hooked at Emsley Cove.  The angler could not land the Halibut because his kids were to young to help him boat it.  The other Halibut caught was 80lbs was at Coste Rocks. I am in the process of getting pictures and confirming these results.  Stay Tuned!

(left to right) Brittany Summers - Uncle Wes - Amber Sealy 
Jan 31 Wes Owens trolled the Kitimat Harbour Sunday and landed a small Winter Chinook.  Wes only caught the one Chinook but he shared his catch with his nephew Vince Sealy and his family.  In Vince's own words, "You can always count on Wes Owens ( or "Uncle Wes" as he is known as in our household ) to bring home the first fresh fish feed of the year. We all certainly enjoyed this Winter Chinook Wes landed on January 31, 2010."  Bon Appetite
Summary The Herring should be coming in the harbour throughout February and more Winter Chinook will follow the Herring in.  There is no specific time to when the Herring arrive, they just come whenever they show up.  More boaters will also start to venture out as the weather improves and with Halibut now open.

Special Report

Trent Vines and his uncle Fished lower Skeena River last week and landed this nice Doe. They also landed three others. Trent says fishing the Skeena has been very full filling for him this year!!! Nice fish Trent!
Thank you to everyone for providing photos and info for this Fishing Report.

Good Health! Good Fishing!

Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters and City Centre Hardware
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C
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