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Nov 28 to Dec 5, 2010

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weekly fishing photo
PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Laurine Rutar photoed with a 22.5lb Kitimat River Chum.  Laurine Rutar's entry won City Centre Hardware and Sporting Goods Instore Derby: Largest Chum prize of an Ambaasadeur Black Max 6600 Reel and a Protac 10' 6" Rod.  Laurine caught this Derby Winner June 20th 2010 on a Luhr Jensen Hot Shot.   Congratulations Laurine.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC
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The Kitimat River is very low and clean and the fishing conditions are excellent.  The winter elements of the snow and lower temperatures prevail but if anglers dress appropriately the Trout fishing on the Kitimat River has been outstanding. There are not lots of anglers who venture out in the winter but the ones that do have had very good success.
Nov 3 One angler reports that "my fishing partner and I landed over 40 trout".  "one was over 4lbs"  Wow!  Congratulations!
The Kitimat River will continue to produce good numbers of Trout through out the Winter.  The proven method is float fishing a Gibbs Float with the "Kitimat River Combo"  The Kitimat River Combo is a Berkley Power Bait 3" worm comboed with a Bubba's Bait Barn worm.  There are lots of Trout and the reports so far is that they are big.
I spoke to Lori from MK Bay Marina and she noted that there not a lot of boats out this week fishing for Winter Chinook.
Nov 28 Victor Lick reports, "That's Winter Chinook fishing. They are here and the bite is on.  Then as fast as it happens it's off.  I was out Saturday evening and released one shaker.  It was a beautiful evening to be on the water after a cold snap.  Not a ripple on the pond and the colors of a winter sunset.  Anticipation was high for trying Sunday.  Out on the water for sunrise.  It was again calm with the odd flurry mixed in with some patchy blue sky.  Scott and Nelson came down from Terrace and fished out of their boat this time.  Together two boats working hard they only managed to release one fish 43cm.  I had equipment troubles, so headed to docks to lend a hand tarping a boat and repairing down rigger.  That finished I headed out for the evening fish.  I had just cleared the dock area when I hit a good fish.  I made two quick runs then it was gone.  It was a great day on the water.  The seals have gone but for a few and the gulls where quiet.  I saw about eight large ocean Loons but they seemed to be coming up empty also.  
There was not a lot of imformation from the Winter Chinook fishery this week.  There were not lots of boats out in the Kitimat Harbour this week but there is always next week.  Stay tuned! 

NEW Action required!

              NO PUBLIC HALIBUT FISHING IN BC - 2011
In 2003, the federal government gifted inperpetuity 88% of the annual harvest of halibut - a common property resource belonging to the people of Canada - to just 436 individual or businesses.  Only 12% has been allocated for the over 100,000 public anglers who spend millions collectively each year.  Under this infair policy, public anglers may have to stop fishing for halibut by July 2011.  Understand this is not a conservation ussue - the resource is healthy.
Make your concerns known to the Fisheries and Oceans officials who are potecting special interests.
Write the Minister: Hon. Gail Shea, PC, MP - Mimister of Fisheries and Ocean, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Street, Ottawa, On K1AOA6
For more information see" www.sportfishing.bc,ca

This was an Ad taken out by the Sport Fishing Institute of BC.Rob Alcock and the SFI team are working hard to negotiate with the DFO on behalf of all Recreational Anglers.
They really need our support!  All anglers should write or email Minister Gail Shea to share their thoughts of this Grossly unfair allocation of Halibut Stocks.  Everyone who has fished Halibut or intends to in the future needs to be heard in Ottawa.   
Please write or email the Minister and encourage everyone on your contact list to do the same.  The voice of the majority of Recreational Anglers can be heard in Ottawa only if everyone does their share. 
Dec 2 Glen Kilcup (top right) of Fishhawk Guiding reports, "Here's a couple of shots with friends Jeff Langley (bottom left) and Ian Smith (top left) of Terrace. I fish allot with these o'l veterans and every outing is a different chance of dying on the trail with these guys cause you're too busy walkin'! We got together on a local river here in Terrace, and did real well for a couple of days fishing. These shots are from the second day. We had talked of fly fishing the runs but the wind was blowing just enough to make it a little uncomfortable. So out comes the hardware:
Gibbs Koho spoons silver with red stripe or flourescent back or even a big fat chrome Gibbs Ironhead would do fine. I actually caught a couple on a 1/2 ounce chrome Croc. My best producer was a clean silver 65...WOW what action! The fish were fast and very aggressive! There's nothing more exciting when fishing than to have a big lunker come flying into shore at the tail end of your cast and attempt to clobber you! It was hard NOT to get excited! Well in the 2 days we fished, we saw so many fish charge into shore and pow!  FISH ON!! Waters were so clear fish could be seen coming from a long way! Jeff and Ian used the Abu Garcia 6500 on 10' 6" sticks from Berkley. I was coffee grindin' with a Rapala RAPSX4I reel and an 8' stick from Shimano.  We attempted to get a couple of underwater shots of the fish with our skin divers!! LOL A little bit of a different look for the viewers anyway that you don't often see. Great days with great guys and allot of co-operation from the great outdoors!  Glen Kilcup  Fishawk Guiding Congratulations Guys on some very nice Winter Steelhead.  We truly do live in angling paradise!
Thank You to everyone who provided photos and info for this fishing report.
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Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita
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