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August 8 - August 15, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: 88LB Halibut caught by Barbara Batyyski.  Andy Handl of Kingfisher Adventures guided his clients Barbara Batyski and Darrel Henninger on August 12 2010.  (For more details see fishing report below)

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The Kitimat River continued to drop this week to exceptionally low levels.  I have not seen the Kitimat River level stay so low for as it has this year.  Normally when the river level is this low, fish are reluctant to migrate into the river.  The 20' high tides this week may have been the influence needed to keep the Salmon especially Coho to moving into the Kitimat River.  There are a few more Coho being caught.  Most of the Pinks and Chum are in the various stages of spawning colors but there were some bright Pinks with sealice caught this week.



Aug 7 I had the pleasure of drifting the Kitimat River with Carl Drodge.  Carl Drodge lived in a basement suite across the street from my parent's house years ago.  He returned to the Kitimat area on holidays with his family and we seized the opportunity to fish the Kitimat River.  Carl hooked and landed a bunch of Pinks and Chum on our drift and commented that his arms and back were getting a workout.   I landed a 30lb Chinook on my GLX Loomis Spey rod while we were fishing for some Chum.  This Chinook was released healthy back into the river.  Congratulations on your catch Carl.  It was a pleasure fishing with you, Carl.

Aug 8 Ariel Kuppers and David Quaiffe landed a small Coho in the upper Kitimat River.  They also landed a bunch of Pinks and Chum.  Congratulations!



Aug 10 Ariel Kuppers fishing with his friend , Charles and his girlfriend Nicolette and her kids, Skyler, Lily and Ocean landed a bunch of Salmon drifting the Kitimat River.  They landed Pinks, Chum and Chinook.  Wow!  3 species of Salmon and everyone looked like they had a lot of fun!  Congratulations to all!

Aug 12 Trent Vines drifting with his brother,Troy  and  friend Travis James landed a Coho and a couple of Pinks. Trent landed this coho on a pink 1/2 oz. jig. Well done guys!

Aug 13 Bonnie Girard fishing with her favorite guide and husband, Marc landed a Coho and a bunch of Pinks on their drift on the lower Kitimat River.  Marc is an Associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters but still enjoys fishing with his lovely wife.  Congratulations Bonnie!

Coho fishing on the Kitimat River will continue to improve with each high tide.  Judging by the catch rates in the Salt Water, we can expect a very good return to the Kitimat River.  Gibbs Koho 45 Blue Scale and Copper are usually the most productive lures early in the Coho Season.  Luhr Jensen Hot Shot 35 in Blue Scale, Silver and Chartreuse are usually the most productive Hot Shots.  Pinks Jigs made by Jim's Jigs and Rainbow Jigs are the more productive Jigs used on the Kitimat River.

Douglas Channel


Aug 8 Ken Craven reports, ""Ken Craven and Lucy Slykerman introduced Pat and Gill Maloney, guests from Ontario, to the beauty of Kitimat and the Channels. Gill caught her first salmon. Everyone caught coho in Sue Channel, and a mess of crab were harvested." Congratulations on your catch!  I hope your quests enjoyed their visit to Kitimat and the Douglas Channel.

  Pacific Halibut

Aug 8 John of Blue Heron Charters reports, "I did a little fishing on the Douglas Channel this week with Lawrence and Verle from Alberta and we landed several halibut, salmon, cod and crabs. The weather was sunny and warm and the company was as good as it gets."  Congratulations!  Well done Skipper.  Any anglers wishing to book a trip with John please contact Ron


Aug 8 David Payjack of Sea West Fishing Charters reports, "I had the pleasure of taking out clients Derek and Margret Butt. This is the second time this year that they have come out to Kitimat from Hinton Alberta to fish with us. We had a great day out on the water landing 24 Pacific cod, 3 beautiful chinook salmon, 3 coho salmon,and 2 Pink salmon. We sure had a lot of fun and man did they keep me busy with the fish. Thank god Margret is an master fish cleaner and helped me make some short time of cleaning all of this fish!"
Well done Derek and Margret and family.  Good Job Skipper.  Any interested anglers wishing to book a trip David please email Ron
Aug 10 Wes Owen of Golden Adventures boated 3 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour.  Wes was out checking the for the "Sweet spots" in preparation for clients.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Wes please contact Ron
  55-pound Halibut
Aug 11 Derek Butt weighed a 55lb Halibut into our In Store Derby.  Derek was fishing with his wife Margeret and their 2 kids, Brooklyn and Braymon.  They landed 4 halibut, a bunch of Cod on their trip down to Fish Trap.  Wow!  Congratulations!  It sounds like you had a wonderful time fishing the Douglas Channel.
Aug 11 Wes Owen fishing with Berna and Nick Gammer and their son Dimitri boated 3 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour. They also harvested 17 Crab on their trip.  Wes commented that Berna was pretty excited about landing the "biggest Coho".  Well done Berna!  Wes also thoroughly enjoyed his conversations with Nick and Dimitri's enthusiasm to pull crab trap, set out lines and get right into the action.  All in all it sounded like a wonderful day of fishing in the Kitimat Harbour!  Congratulations to all.
  88-pound Halibut
Aug 12 Andy Handl of Kingfisher Adventures fishing with his clients Barbara Batyski and Darrel Henninger boated a 88lb. Halibut and 5 Coho out at Fish Trap.  Congratulations to Barbara and Darrel.  Great Job Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andi please contact Ron
Aug 12 Wes Owen fishing with Ryan Casson boated 4 Coho fishing in the Kitimat Harbour.  They were fishing with a Luhr Jensen Abe and Al #1 flasher and a anchovies inserted into a Rhys Davis Metallic Green/Blue Anchovies Teaser.  This is Wes's favorite rig to fish for Coho.  I would say that it works pretty good.  Congratulations Ryan! Anyone wishing to book a trip with Wes please contact Ron
  74-pound Halibut
Aug 13 Andi Handl of Kingfisher Adventures fishing with his clients Barbara Batyski and Darrel Henninger boated a 74lb Halibut on their trip down the Douglas Channel.  I discovered today that Barbara had landed the 88lb Halibut the day before and Darrel landed this 74lb Halibut.  Barbara seemed pretty pleased to have landed the larger Halibut.  Well done Barbara and Congratulations to you both.  Well done Skipper
Aug 14 I had the pleasure of fishing with my friend and Charter boat Skipper, Wes Owen.  We boated 5 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour and hooked a bunch more.  We hooked most of these Coho on Anchovies and a purple True Roll.  True Roll been a rising star.  It has earned a place in the top drawer of the tackle box.  In Wes's boat,  True Roll has received the ultimate compliment for a lure, which is to be left on the rod to be used on the next trip.
The Douglas Channel is producing excellent numbers of Halibut and Coho.  Many boaters are catching Halibut in the same holes that they are catching Coho.  Fish Trap is the Hot Spot this week but there many spots down the Douglas Channel where this can be done. 
The catch numbers in the Kitimat Harbor are starting to improve this week and will continue to get better in the coming weeks. 
The weather is unbelievable!, The fishing is great!  Life is grand!
With the down turn in the economy, we have many dates available for Halibut and Coho trips on the Douglas Channel as well as Drift Boat trips for Coho on the Kitimat in August and September.  We also have Jet boat trips available. We would be honored to create an awesome fishing experience for our clients.  Any interested anglers, please contact Ron
Thank You to everyone for providing info and photos for this Fishing Report.


Sincerely and Cheers

Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
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