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July 26h to August 1st, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Mike Herzberg of Reliable Guide and Charters holding a Kitimat River Chum caught by Nancy Pellan. Photo taken by Rob Pellan who was also along on the Drift in Mike's ClackaCraft driftboat.  (more details in report below)

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

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 Kitimat River

Anglers this week are harvesting the last of the Chinook for this year's Kitimat River Chinook season.  Anglers are reminded that Chinook on the Kitimat River closed for retention on Saturday July 31st midnight.  The Kitimat River remains open for retention of Chum, 2 per day over 30cms and 4 Coho per day, 2 over 50cms.  There were 6 Coho reported to be caught in the Kitimat River this week which is a good sign for a very good Coho season.  Pinks remains closed for retention although DFO is monitoring Pink stocks for a possible opening.


 July 25 Trent Vinces drifted with Travis James and Jesse Houston.  Travis landed a 25lb Chum using a Loomis GLX single handed Fly Rod and a Sage Reel.  Travis was using a Chartreuse Egg Sucking Leech.  They also hooked and landed a bunch of Pinks.


July 25 Marc Girard drifted with his friends from Prince George Mark and Dave.  They landed 8 Chum on their drift and hooked a bunch more.  Well done Marc and friends!

The Chum run on the Kitimat River started to show later into July and when the Chum do start to run they have a tendency to come in one big mass of fish.  With the 18' High tides we are receiving this week, Chum fishing  on the Kitimat River should start to heat up. 



 July 26 I had the pleasure of once again hosting the Multi Level Care Patients Annual Fishing Trip.  These trips are made possible with the generosity and the very kind hearts of some good friends; Bonnie and Marc Girard, Al Smith, Richard Piche, OB and Dianne.  Marion Webster and her staff, Bruce Webster, Myrna Cromack, Dianne Plante, Leslie Stoneman and Paquita Blassing do a wonderful job during the Fishing Trip with their caring and loving hands   This is a very special group of anglers who, even in their delight angling years still enjoy the thrill of landing fish!  The highlight of the trip is the Luck that Amy's Lucky Rabbit brings us every year!  This year we landed 4 Pinks, 2 Chum and lost a big Chinook.

 I think this is our 22nd annual year of hosting the Multi Level Care Patients Fishing Trip.  It was initially started by Angelo Logia, a Local DFO Fisheries officer back in 1989.  When Angelo transferred, I continued hosting this group.  Thank You to Angelo for starting a program that has been enjoyed by everyone who has participated.  Life is precious and the memories created during these trip are very special.  I am extremely grateful to everyone who have helped out.  Thank You to all.


  In the group shot: Leslie Stoneman is sitting by the waters edge, then from left to right, Al Smith, Bernie Thickson, Myrna Cromack, Diane Plante,Bonnie Girard, Richard Piche, Marjory Mott, Walter Schmidt, Ron Wakita, Marion Webster, Amy Grant, Bruce Webster, Paquita Blassing. 



 July 28 Ariel Kuppers fishing with his brother, Dylan, his girlfirend, Nicolette and Justin Lowes.  They landed 2 Chum, 5 Pinks and 1 Coho.  They had dozen fish on including a big Chinook.  They were fishing with Fly, bottom bouncing Yakama Bait Spin n Glos with Gibbs/Delta hoochies and Jigs.   Ariel and his group caught these fish just prior to a thunder shower we received.  The little bit of rain that followed the thunder storm was a welcome sight because with the exceptionally hot weather we have been having this summer everything was getting pretty dried out.  Well done Guys!




July 28,29,30 Mike Herzberg of Reliable Guide and Charters fishing with our clients, Rob and Nancy Pellan landed a bunch of Chum and Pinks during their Drift Boat Trips on the Kitimat River.  Rob also hooked into some big Chinook.  Rob is writing a book which will profile Kitimat River Chum.  Nancy commented that " Mike provided an amazing historical commentary of the fishing on the Kitimat River.  Both Rob and Nancy commented about how much they enjoyed their fishing trip with us and the town of Kitimat itself.  We are indeed proud to call Kitimat our home and it is always a pleasure to share the beauty of our town and river with folks from out of town.  Thank You for enlisting our Guiding services and we are pleased that you enjoyed your trip to Kitimat.  I look forward to reading your book when it is published. Congratulations on your catch!


 July 31 I had the pleasure of drifting with my sons, Corey and Brandon.  Our special fishing partners were Brandon's girlfriend, Justine and my Grandson, Chase.  We only hooked a few Pinks but the significance of the trip was this was Chase's first drift on the Kitimat River.  Chase is 1 month and 27days old.  This was a proud Father, Mother and Grandfather moment!.


 Aug 1 Brandon and I drifted with my very good friend Doug Rumley.  We hooked a bunch of Pinks and a Chum with our Spey Rods.  Brandon was using a Loomis GLX 14' 9/10 Dredger Rod with a Islander LX4.5 Fly Reel.  Doug was using a Sage 9150 Rod.  These were a bit heavy for Pinks but the "right tools for the job" for Chum and Chinook.

 Summary:  Many Chum were caught this week this week although the Kitimat Chum fishery has not yet displayed the incredible numbers that the Kitimat River has gained the reputation for.  Chum has become a targeted species especially for Fly fishers.  Chum in the lower Kitimat River are aggressive to a fly and are a mean, tough fish to land particularly the fresh Chum that have moved into the river on the tides.

Pinks have evolved to become a popular fish for families, especially for the Moms and the kids.  Pinks Jigs made by Rainbow Jigs and Jims Jigs are the most popular Jigs used to catch Pinks on the Kitimat River.  Gibbs 3/8 oz. Pink Crocs are also very effective for catching Pinks.  With the non retention of Pinks in effect, anglers are requested to release the Pinks with care.  Leaving the fish in the water and taking a few minutes to revive the fish will dramatically increase survival.

There were a higher than normal number of Coho caught this week and a few more Sockeye.  The Kitimat River has a skeleton run of Sockeye but it seems like there are a few more than normal.  Sockeye are closed to retention on the Kitimat River but they are an awesome fish to catch and release.  It is an exciting time to be fishing the Kitimat River.


 The Outer waters of the Douglas Channel is starting to produce exceptional numbers of Coho with still some pretty good numbers of Chinook.  Bottom fish is very good depending on which Skipper you speak to.  Most boats are focused on the Coho because of the exceptional numbers we are seeing on the outer waters.



 July 30 Rob Lafferty fishing with his friends, Justin and Candace Campbell, Matty Boyes and Zabrine Fay landed 6 Chinook, 4 Coho and 4 Pinks.  They were fishing down in Fish Trap Bay.  They also reported catching a bunch of Dungeness Crab.  Congratualtions on a Great Day of fishing down the Douglas Channel!

 July 30 Dave Payjack of Seawest Fishing Adventures landed 4 Chinook and 8 Cod with his clients Bam Bang from Indonesia and Robert Tuttle from New York.  Dave also reports loosing a Halibut.  I spoke to Robert after their trip with Dave and he said that had a wonderful fishing trip down the Douglas Channel with Dave.  Congratulations on your catch Bam Bang and Robert!  Well done Skipper!  Sorry no pictures available at the time of submitting this report.


 July 31 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Fishing Adventure reports, "This group limited out on salmon, rockfish and boated half a dozen nice lingcod. We boated 3 nice chinooks and lost about a 60+ halibut at the boat. :(Thats fishing. Great trip as we had the Humpback Whales feeding along side the vessel Check this out! "  Congratulations!  Good Job Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron


 July 31 Rob Bryce and Glen Mikkelsen from Prince George reports, "We just got back from 5 days of fishing in Kitimat and Terrace.  Great fishing as usual.    We did manage to catch 4 species of Salmon on the fly on the Kitimat ( Chum, Pink, Sockeye and Chinook) plus we caught a 16 lb feeder chinook in the harbour one morning.  Here are a couple of pics." Congratulations on another successful trip to the North West.  Thank You for your photos.


The Douglas Channel will continue to produce all species of Salmon in the coming weeks especially Coho.  Coho usually starts in the first week of August in the Kitimat Harbour.  The Coho Harbour fishery is one of my favorite fisheries to fish with my family.

On a personal note, I hope to have my new grandson, Chase out on the waters of the Douglas Channel very soon

 Lori from MK Bay Marina reports that although the Marina has been extremely busy the staff of MK Bay Marina has worked hard to accommodate most boaters.  Boaters wishing to launch or moor at MK Bay please call the friendly staff at 250 632 6401.

 Halibut and Bottom fishing should continue to improve in the Kitimat end of the Douglas Channell as we progress into August.  The weather has been outstanding and the fishing has been great!  We are indeed fortunate to live and fish in the North West!

 Thank You everyone who submitted photos and info for this fishing report 

 We have plenty of available dates for Drift Boat Trips on the Kitimat River as well as Saltwater Charters.  Any interested anglers, please contact Ron Wakita

 Sincerely and Cheers

 Ron Wakita
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