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April 11th to April 25th, 2010

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The photo of the week shows Calvin Higano of Richmond BC with an extremely bright Kitimat River Steelhead.  The fish was gently landed and released from a Gibbs "catch and release" net.  He was float fishing with a Sage rod and Shimano level wind reel.  Calvin was drifting with Ariel Kuppers, Eric Neidert and Trent Vines.  See details in report below.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

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The Kitimat River is producing Steelhead but the catch numbers are not what they should be during this time of the season.  We received a bump up in river height earlier in the week which brought in some fresh Steelhead but during the latter part of the week the Kitimat River dropped back down to exceptionally low levels.  The low water conditions combined with the colder water temperatures have also created some tough fishing conditions.  

First Chinook photo of the year!
April 18 Trent Vines and his dad Jason Vines fished the Kitimat River on the island across the Kitimat Hatchery Sunday morning. Jason Vines landed this 20 plus Kitimat River Chinook April 18, 2010!!!!! Jason was using his G.Loomis Centerpin rod. It was his first Chinook on a centerpin. Trent also got a little Dolly Varden on his fly rod.  Wow! Congratulations Jason!  Well done.
April 18 These photos of Wayne Van Velzen, Eric Van Velzen and Peter Grogan were submitted to me by Peter and Eric.  The highlights of their Steelheading trip to the Kitimat River is best described in Eric's own words: 
"Hey Ron, I bet the fishing is great up there right now. Wish I was still there but the memory is always with me. Got some real nice fish on the last couple days of the trip. Got one a couple hours after seeing you on the river there. So here are a few pics for you. The one of my dad is a hatchery fish maybe 13 or 14 pounds caught in the tail-out of the pool just upstream from the little Wideene confluence with a weighted white and black palmered marabou streamer with a bit of electric blue flash. The pic of me with the fish is in lower sawmill caught on a pink intruder variation, weighted as well. What a fight on both of them. oh baby. The first one took on the dangle as I was lighting a cigarette believe it or not, and the second one hammered it way out on the swing. What a delight. Tight lines Ron, and thanks for sharing and being so welcoming on the beautiful Kitimat River. Till next time,
Best Regards,
Eric Van Velzen and Company"
April 19 I had the pleasure of drifting with Bill Neighbor and Harold Hockin on the Kitimat River.  We hooked 3 Steelhead and landed 2 beauties.  Both were wild and released  back into the Kitimat River.  One of the Steelhead had Sea lice which indicates that it is fresh in from the Saltwater.  I think that the recent increase in the Kitimat River water level may have enticed more Steelhead into the Kitimat River.
Congratulations to Bill and Harold for their catch and Thanks for a Great day of fishing on the Kitimat River.  You guys were a joy to fish with.
April 21  Ariel Kuppers drifted with Calvin Higano, Trent Vines and Eric Neidert.  They landed 2 very nice Steelhead which were released healthily back into the Kitimat River with the help of Gibbs Catch and Release Net.  Ariel and Eric also caught a bunch of Trout with their fly rods.
April 22 Ariel Kuppers drifted with Bill Neighbors and his son Dave on the Kitimat River.  Dave landed a 13lb Steelhead float fishing
with roe and yarn.  It is always refreshing when a father and son continue to enjoy the passion for fishing together into adult years.
Well done Bill and Dave!
April 24 Ariel Kuppers and Jesse Houston were fly fishing the upper Kitimat River and Ariel landed this Steelhead and lost another.. Ariel was using his Sage VT2 Spey rod and a Ross CLA reel.  Ariel was fishing with a Chartreuse and White Intruder style Fly that he tied himself.  Congratulations Ariel! 
April 25 I had the pleasure of drifting with my two sons Brandon and Corey.  It is always gratifying for me to fish with my sons.  We all take turns on the oars and who ever is on the oars when a fish is hooked earns the title of Captain for the rest of the trip.  I am happy to announce that I was on the oars when Brandon hooked and landed this beauty.  This earned me the title of "Captain Daddio" and the ability to remark "Who's your Daddy!".  We were Hot Shotting with G Loomis Hot Shot rods and a #35 Luhr Jensen Hot Shot.
It would be nice for the Kitimat River water level to rise a bit with some of the rain that is forecasted for this weekend.  The problem with hoping for a little rain is that in the North West you have to be careful what you wish for.  Sometimes it doesn't stop!  Here's hoping for a little rain!  It would help the fishing conditions to get a little rise in the Kitimat River water level.  I suspect with a little rain a lot more Steelhead will move into the Kitimat River.  Stay tuned...


Richard, the manager of Mk Bay Marina reports more boaters heading down the Douglas Channel for the weekend. Our Tackle Store sold a bunch of Halibut gear and bait to boaters that were also heading out to fish the Douglas Channel.  Crabbing, Prawning and Bottom fishing is the focus of the Saltwater Anglers.

Chinook Salmon fishing won't start until mid May although there is always feeder Chinook wondering around the outer waters of the Douglas in search of baitfish.
The beauty of the Douglas Channel is that there is so much that she has to offer in addition to the awesome fishing.  There are Killer Whales, Sea Lions and all kinds of Sea life to marvel at.  There are Natural Hot Springs to soak in.  Kayakers, wind surfers and Sail boats also enjoy the sheltered waters of the Douglas Channel.  We are truly blessed to live minutes from the wonders of nature and plentiful stocks of the Douglas Channel.
Below are a series of SPECIAL REPORTS I (Ron Wakita) have received for other area rivers:
SPECIAL REPORT: April 19 Copper River. Adam Brown submitted these photos and Info to me of his trip to the Copper River.
"Hey I had a great day of fishing today and thought I'd send the pics in case there was room to share them.I went to the Copper River today with my buddy, Dave. The water was a bit muddy as we approached it but we were there so we fished, just before the Highway 16 bridge. I saw a few large splashes but it was an hour before I caught a 24" bull trout, beating my old record of 22".  A few minutes later I had a great time reeling in a steelhead, who gave a great fight. Great day off! Adam Brown"
Congratulations on your catch Adam and Thank you for sharing your Info and Photos!

Calvin Higano 

Yours truly

SPECIAL REPORT Apr 20 Kalum River. I had the pleasure of fishing on the Kalum River with my good friends Noel Gyger, Calvin Higano and Glen Kilcup Tuesday morning.  Glen invited us on this trip with his Jetboat.  We hooked 4 Steelhead and landed 2.  We landed one using a spoon rigged up on a 7' Trophy XL rod and an Abu Cardinal 704 Spinning reel spooled up with 30lb Tuff line Duracast.  This rod and reel Combo handled this Kalum River Steelhead very nicely and was caught and released using Gibbs Catch and Release Net.  The Gibbs C & R Net has a very soft mesh with allows anglers to net Steelhead and release them unharmed back into the river.  Calvin landed the other Steelhead using a Sage 2106 rod and a Shimano Calcutta 250TE reel.  Calvin was the "Hot Rod" on this trip.  Calvin landed one and had a another 2 Steelhead on which released themselves after a bit of a tussle.  Calvin is a very gifted angler who has brought some very effective Steelheading techniques to the North West.  One of his techniques Calvin calls "Dredging" and another would be the method which he cures his bait.  Calvin uses Pautzkse's Pink Fire Cure on both his Chinook roe and on his Prawn bait. As most Steelheads already know the quality of the bait is critical to Angler success.   A huge Thank You to Glen for an awesome morning fishing trip on the Kalum!  Noel said he got some good video footage and will post a clip next week.
SPECIAL REPORT: Apr 23 Nass River Trib. Calvin Higano caught an 8lb Steelhead on a small tributary of the Nass (photo taken by Trent Vines) and a 17lb Steelhead on another trib. of the Skeena.  In the past 12 days, Calvin has caught and released Steelhead on 4 different rivers in the North West and tomorrow he is shooting for 5.  I think I am going to nickname Calvin, the "Gypsy Steelheader from the Big City"  Good Luck to Calvin on his drive for 5!
SPECIAL REPORT: Apr 24 Zymoetz (Copper) River. Trent Vines landed 2 Steelhead on the Copper River today. Trent says, "I'll try to get you those photos of the copper today. they were old fish, the little red one was about 8 pounds other was about 12 to 14 pound range at powerline crossing hole...."
SPECIAL REPORT: Apr 24 Zymoetz (Copper) River. Adam Brown submitted this report from his fishing trip, "I had an hour before supper so I went down to the Copper River tonight, April 24th, with my kids. I was fishing about 5 minutes when I lost a steelhead. About 5 minutes after that I got a steelhead on which I was able to bring in. My eldest son, Joshua Brown, took some photos. You can see the lure I used in the one photo to catch the steely! A lure I put together myself and painted Blazing Orange with Pro-tech Power. The Copper was beautiful today! Later
Adam Brown"
Thank You to everyone for submitting info and photos for this Fishing Report.
Tight Lines, Good Health and Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita
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