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August 30 to September 6, 2009|

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Julie Wakita holding the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby winner.  (13lb 11.66ozs dressed)
Congratulations Julie!

 Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters  


KITIMAT RIVER:  is producing excellent numbers of Coho this year.  Some old-timers think that this may be the result of the cut backs in Coho quotas in response to the Coho crisis back in 1997.  After the disastrous return of Coho in 1997 there were major cutbacks to all sectors to rebuild the Coho stocks.  In subsequent years the major cutbacks continued to the Sport sector and selective fisheries and Coho avoidance measures were imposed on the Commercial sector.  This may or may not be the reason for strong return but either way this is an outstanding Coho run on the Kitimat River and Douglas Channel this year.

The timing could not be better.  With the downturn in the economy I don't think there could be a better remedy than an outstanding Coho Derby to perk up spirits in the North West.  This week's report culminates with the 22nd annual Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby.  It has truly evolved into a regional event where anglers in our neighboring communities also look forward to participating in this event.  The really Good News is that there are lots of Coho in the Kitimat River this week and the the stock abundance of Coho for this portion of the run is better than I have seen in a long time.  The Coho numbers increased through the week in the Kitimat River.


Aug 30 Marc Girard fishing with our clients Mike McIntre and his son Keengan.  I am always delighted to have father and son enlist our guide services.  Marc said that Mike and Keengan were a pleasure to fish with and they landed 5 Coho but only kept 3.  We hope we help create some memorable family moments that Mike and Keengan will always remember.  Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for enlisting our guiding services.


Sept 1 Marc Girard fishing with his friends Gisele Piche and her son, Owen and daughter Carman.  They landed 2 Coho and a whole bunch of Pinks.  Marc said that, "the kids were more than happy to catch Pinks.... they hooked lots and they were able to land most of them".  Well done kids!


Sept 1 Mike Herzberg fishing with his fishing partners Anter and Pete hooked these beauties on a drift down the Kitimat River.  Mike, Pete and Anter have been fishing partners for many years and have got a tonne of fish together.  The tradition continues.  Well done Guys!

Sept 2 Marc Girard fishing with our clients Derek Chase and Alan Hooper.  They hooked a pile of Pinks and a few Coho but Derek managed to land this beauty.  Marc said "it was a pleasure to fish with both."  Thank You for using our guiding services and we hope we can be of service to you in the future.

Sept 2 Ariel Kuppers fishing Jesse Houston drifted the Kitimat River. They reported landing 11 Coho and losing another 10 Coho.  Ariel and Jesse are two very keen and enthusiastic anglers and would fish dark to dark in peak season if they could.  Well done Guys!


Sept 2 Mike Herzberg fishing with his young fishing partner Lucas Arruda landed these very nice Coho drifting the Kitimat River.  Mike enjoys fishing with Lucas because Lucas has evolved into a very fine young angler as demonstrated by the pictures of the Coho he caught.  Well done Lucas.

Sept 4  Athan Ivanakus and Corbin Rego, two of our Tackle store staff fished the Kitimat River and they hooked 11 Coho landing 6..  Athan and Corbin said there were lots of Coho and they were going back for more tomorrow.  Athan weighed in this beauty.  Congratulations guys!

Sept 5 Mike Herzberg drifted with his fishing partner Pete Mah and landed these nice Kitimat River Coho.  Well done Peter!

Sept 5 Marc Girard fishing with our clients Wolfgang and Brigetta Scharz from Austria hooked 7 Coho and landed 3.  Wolfgang caught his first salmon which was celebrated by giving Marc a big hug.  Congatulations Wolfgang.


Sept 5 Ariel Kuppers fishing with his Uncle Bernie Kuppers hooked 19 Coho and landed 11 during a drfit on the Kitimat River.  Well done guys. Great catch numbers.

Kitimat River Summary: The Kitimat River has plenty of Coho stocks for all the anglers participating in this year's Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby and the reports of the catch rates on the Kitimat River this week have been excellent.  This is going to be an outstanding run of Coho this year and many local anglers look forward to fishing Coho into October.



Aug 29 and 30th Dave Payjack fishing with our clients Barry and son Kail Ross and Lee Dowd and Blake Walker. Dave said "The 2 day fishing trip with our clients Barry, Kail, Lee and Blake was awesome, I sure do enjoy taking out such great people to share in the amazing fishing that we have to offer at this time of the year.  We were successful in catching every species that we targeted: 1 Hali 87 lb, 1 Hali 37 lb, 2 Hali in the 20 lb range.  The group also caught and kinda released a Halibut that was over 120lbs.  We also caught a nice ling cod along with a couple other cod. Later we moved on to the coho and landed 14 releasing a few of them." Wow! Congratulations guys.  Thank You for enlisting our Guide and Charter services.  We hope we can be of service to you in the future.

Aug 30 morning My daughter Julie and I had the opportunity to fish for Coho in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery on Sunday morning.  I truly treasure fishing with all my kids and their friends but I especially enjoy spending some one on one time with them.  Julie is a very keen angler and a little on the competitive side.  She probably got this character trait from her Mom.  Julie and I had a wonderful morning of Coho fishing and Julie landed 4 very nice Coho.


Aug 30 afternoon After having fueling up and having a very nice lunch at the "Fisherman's Pier" at MK Bay Marina, Julie and I went back out in the afternoon with Tamara Sweeny and her son Dylan.  We landed 3 Coho and two Sockeye.  We had a great time fishing with Tamara and we had fun harassing Dylan about some fish that were lost.  It was all in good fun and we had a great time.  Congratulations on your catch Dylan and Tamara. Tamara promised to share her Dill fish recipe and with her permission I hope to share it in a future report.  The Sockeye Salmon cooked with this recipe was awesome!  I have never skippered a boat that caught any Sockeye in the Kitimat Harbour and we caught two in the same day.  Wow! The one we ate tasted great!


Aug 30 and 31 Sam Avila and his wife Maria fishing with their friend Murray limited out on their Halibut. They had six Halibut with two weighing 50lbs and the others all weighing around 20lbs plus an assortment of bottom fish.  They caught 8 Coho but Sam said "we stopped fishing for Coho because we don’t need to keep anymore Coho because we already have enough".... Well done!  Congratulations on the Halibut catch and I admire your Angling ethics to stop fishing for Coho because you had enough.

Aug 31  Wes Owens fishing with his clients Tim Scott and Carl Scott caught their limit of Coho (8)  fishing the outer limits of the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  They trolled around the Kitimat Harbour and also got the scenic view of Jesse Falls in the process. Well Done guys and Good Job Skipper!

Sept 2 Phillip Thom weighed in 13lb 14oz.Coho from the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  Phillip said "I got out late but boated 4 Coho in half an hour".  Well done Phillip!  Good Luck in the derby.

Sept 4 I had the pleasure of fishing with my daughter, Julie and Art Hackler.  We boated 7 Coho on the Friday morning bite. We also saw lots of other Coho caught in the harbour.   Many boats had their nets out scooping Coho.  It is enjoyable to watch other boaters having successful outings.  It is exciting when the "Bite is on"! 


Sept 5 Out again with daughter Julie, my niece Zoey, nephew, Blaine, Art Hackler and his daughter Debbie.  We boated 10 Coho and one Chinook.  It was a great day of fishing in the Kitimat Harbour on the first day of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby.  My young niece Zoey and nephew Blaine were excited to be entered in the Derby and to be honest I think they had me a little fired up.  The enthusiasm of youth is contagious!  Blaine caught an 8lb Chinook and Zoey caught her first Coho on the Salt and I am the "Proud Uncle".  Congratulations Zoey and Blaine and the rest of the Derby team.

Sept 5 Dave Payjack fishing with his clients Eleanor and Barry Nolt and their son-in-law Steve Baker.  This group boated seven Halibut on their charter.  Wow!  Their largest was 29 lbs 15.25 oz. which leads the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby as of 9:00 PM Saturday.  The others were 15 to 25lbs.  Nicely done!  Nothing huge but certainly the better eating sizes.  Good Job Skipper!


Sept 6 On Sunday and final day of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby I had the pleasure of fishing with my daughter Julie and my nephew Blaine and my good friend Doug Rumley.  We boated 9 coho including a big one that turned out to be the Derby winner.  Julie has fished with me since she could walk and is a very accomplished angler in her own right.  It was a great day of fishing but to have your daughter win the Derby created a very special moment for Dad and daughter.   Thank You to Julie, Doug and Blaine for an awesome day of fishing that I will always remember!

Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby Update:

The 22nd Annual Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby is an awesome event for all anglers.  Grandparents, Moms, Dads, kids, nieces, nephews, friends, neighbors, charters, clients and every other configuration of relatives, friends and fishing partners enjoy this event.

It is a wonderful event for anglers throughout the North West and as far away as Hawaii.  There are 379 adult entries and 99 kids entered into this year's Derby.  This is an increase of 223 entries from last year.  Well done Derby Committee!




Our Tackle store, City Centre Hardware and Sporting Goods was honoured to be Weigh IN Central for the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby this year.  We have been involved in this Derby for 22 years and this year's derby is just as exciting as the first one.  I think that the Coho stocks in both the Douglas Channel and the Kitimat River are as good as they have ever been for this year's Derby.  The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby is always held on the Saturday and Sunday of the Labour Day weekend.  Unfortunately this report's information will update the results up to Saturday.  Noel and I will try to post and update with the final results in the middle of next week. 

There is currently a tie for the largest Coho as of Saturday which was 12lbs 11ozs. (gutted and gilled) caught by Suzi Reynolds and Brenda Loggia.  These ladies are also tied for the largest Coho caught in the Ladies category.  The largest Halibut weighing 29lbs 15.25ozs caught by Barry Nolt, a client of Dave Payjack of Sea West Fishing Charters. The largest Coho caught in the Kids Category was weighed in by Bernie Kosarynski weighing 11lbs 5.5ozs.  These results may or may not stand as the winners at the weigh-in deadline on Sunday but Congratulations for leading after the first day!  Stay Tuned!

Sept 6 Sunday 

Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby Winners

  • Largest Coho:  Julie Wakita 13lbs 11 5/8ozs.
  • Largest Halibut: Marina Smith 64lbs.
  • Largest Coho, Women's catagory Julie Wakita
  • Largest Coho, Junior Catagory Lara Lychak 13lbs 25/8ozs 

Congratualtions to all the winners!

Thank You to everyone who contributed photos and info to this report.

Bright Fish and Big Smiles.  Especially you kids.

Good Luck to everyone in the Derby

Ron Wakita

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