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September 20 to September 27, 2009

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: HARVEY PENNER is holding a big, bright 19lb. Coho caught on the Kitimat River September 20th.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters


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KITIMAT RIVER:  The Operative word for fishing the Kitimat River this week is "Raingear".  Preferably Gortex. Gortex is the elite of the waterproof, breathable fabric used by manufacturers of quality Raingear and waders.  From Redl's Sport's moderately priced Trophy XL brand of Raingear and waders to Simms' high end line of products, the key to enjoyable Fall fishing is staying dry and warm.

The Kitimat River rose 4 feet during last weekend's rain only to drop 4 feet on Monday and Tuesday.  This is typical for this time of year. The Kitimat River can rise up to 3 feet in 24hours but can also drop just as fast as it came up.  The challenge is to find the fish and stay warm and dry in the process.



Sept 20 I drifted the Kitimat River with our clients Harvey Penner, Greg Jakubec and Bill McInk.  I believe we landed 19 or 20 Coho during the drift plus the whole day was full of funny comments and a lot of kidding around.  Harvey had just completed his Boat operator's course which apparently also qualified him to catch the biggest Coho in the group. Harvey was not bashfull about reminding his fishing partners of his accomplishments.  It was a great day of fishing and we all had a lot of fun.

Sept 22 Morris Evans caught a fresh 12lb Coho at the Eurocan Pump House in the morning.

Sept 23 Mike Pederson caught a Coho up at Powerlines.  A customer in our Tackle Store reported catching a Coho on the First Dike and also said that there were four more caught Wednesday afternoon on the rising tide.

Sept 24 Two Coho caught at the Pump house Thursday morning.


Sept 24 Justin Lowes fishing with his fishing partners Elten and Shawn drifted the Lower Kitimat River and they landed 12 Coho.  Justin reports that they probably hooked 20 plus Coho on Thursday.  Well Done Guys!

Sept 25 Ron Jones from Hawaii fishing with Richard Piche drifted the lower Kitimat and Richard landed one Coho Friday morning.




Sept 26 I had the pleasure of fishing with my very good old friends Ron Jones from Hawaii and Brad Kuny from Leduc, Alberta.  I also had the pleasure of fishing with my very good new friends Charlie Kesslar, Bob Bloweski and Doug Bandle.   This was a very talented group of anglers who enjoy the passion of fishing as much as I do.  This group fishes all over the world and I was honored to share our local Kitimat fishery with them.  We landed 15 Coho on our drift down the Kitimat and most importantly had a lot of fun during the trip.  This group, like most hardcore anglers have evolved their fishing skills but also have honed their ability to harass their fishing partners.  "Beware of your friends!"  Thank Guys it was a lot of fun fishing with you all! 

Sept 27 Two groups of anglers were in our tackle store at noon with results.  One group had landed 4 Coho and the other had landed 2.

Kitimat River Summary: As this weeks results indicate, there are some fresh Coho moving into the Kitimat River on rising tides but it is also very noticeable that there are many Coho starting to change to their spawning colours in the upper river.

The changes in the Kitimat River water levels will usually cause Coho to move and relocate in different holding water as the river rises and falls.  The challenge is to find them in these drastically changing conditions.  When the river is on the rise and the main current becomes too fast the Coho will go into the back eddies and side channels.  If the river continues to rise and start to murk up smart money says to look for softer, cleaner water created by some of the tributaries of the Kitimat.  When the river level drops the Coho will have moved to other holding water.  The anglers that are able to find the Coho in these changing conditions will be rewarded with some awesome Coho fishing.

The Kitimat River level and conditions are excellent right now and the 14 day weather report is not forecasting anymore heavy rain so Coho fishing conditions should remain good for the coming week.  Stay Tuned

Important Notice to drift boaters:  Just below the old Crown Z bridge foundation is a very tricky spot with a tree 3/4's of the way across the river.  It is only passable on the river left (looking downstream) when the river is low but just above the obstruction has an over hanging tree that keeps you to the right.  During the water height on Saturday we were able to drift over a submerged portion of the tree with 12" clearance but if the river drops the only route will be to river left.  It is passable but please be on the watch for it. 

DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  During the week there was reduced angling activity on the Douglas Channel.  Boaters that have ventured out have reporting some results. 

The Douglas Channel is producing some Coho in the Kitimat Harbour. One boater trolling on his way out for Halibut landed one Coho and hooked another. They returned with 3 Halibut, the largest was 35lbs.

Bill Patton boated two Coho in the Kitimat Harbour Thursday afternoon.  Bill also netted 12 Crab during their outing.  Bill commented that each trap had 20 to 25 Crab but only 12 were keepers.  Bill also noted that the size of the Crab were noticeably large including the females.  Bon Appetite!

There are a few boats heading out for the weekend.  Stay Tuned to this report for their results.

Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info to this report.

Tight Lines and Big Fish!

PS We have River drift boat dates available as well as Saltwater Charter dates.  Please contact us at to book.


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