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September 13 to September 20, 2009

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Brandon Wakita holding a Coho pushing 20lbs caught at the mouth of Hirsch Creek

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters


KITIMAT RIVER:  The Kitimat River is producing lots of Coho this week. The pictures in this report highlight many of the Coho that are caught in the lower Kitimat but we received many reports of Coho caught throughout the entire system.  In fact more and more Coho have been migrating straight up into middle and upper holes of the Kitimat River. 


Sept 12 Our Mobile Tackle Van took this photo of Ken Hitch.    Donald Hitch reports "This Coho was caught by my uncle, Ken Hitch, visiting from Red Deer, Alberta.  In the four years Uncle Ken has been coming to Kitimat, this is his first Coho."  Congratulations Ken! 


Sept 13 Our Mobile Tackle Van Associate, Dianne Reid is holding a 12.5lb Coho that was caught at the Eurocan Pump House.

Dianne is on the lower Kitimat River everyday and would be more than happy to take a photo of your catch.  Dianne also has tide charts, regulations, Fresh and Saltwater Licenses and a Van full of Fishing Tackle.  In short, everything for your fishing needs.  She also logs all the fish that are caught in the Lower Kitimat.  Dianne logs where the fish are caught, and the lures the fish are caught with.  Dianne then calls in this current info to our Tackle store updating our Tackle store staff with up to the minute information to be shared with our customers.


Sept 13 I had the pleasure of fishing with Doug Rumley while doing some pre-client trips for some upcoming client trips.  We hooked 11 Coho and landed 4. We had a fair amount of action during a short trip although the hooked to landed ratio could have been higher.  Such is Coho fishing!


Sept 14 I had the pleasure of fishing with Gilles Levesque from Quebec on a morning drift.  Despite a bit of a language barrier we managed to hook 8 Coho and land 3. Gilles was a pleasure to fish with even though we could barely understand each other.  We had a great time laughing about the communication problem and an even better time Coho fishing.  "High Fiving" after landing fish is universal!  Well Done Gilles!

Sept 14 Mike Herzberg fishing with his fishing partners Gord Bernard and Tony Cordeiro.  They hooked 10 Coho and landed 7.  Well done Guys.


Sept 15 Mike fishing with Anter reports, "It was pretty slow on the lower river.  We only hooked three, landed these two.  Had four other good whacks.  All on plugs.  Big fish, though...that was the silver lining.  Didn't see many roll at all in the lower river, even near the time of high tide.  Oh well, was bound to slow down a little."  Well done Mike and Anter.  Some say "Big is better".


Sept 16 I had the pleasure of fishing with our clients Penny and Stewart Gillies from St. John, New Brunswick.  It was my first time fishing with folks from New Brunswick and it was their first time catching Kitimat River Coho.  We all had an awesome experience fishing the Kitimat River together.  We hooked 7 Coho on a morning drift and landed 3.  "High Fiving" is universal all across Canada after landing a fish!  Well Done Penny and Stewart!  Thank You for using our guiding services.  It was a lot of fun fishing with you both.


Sept 16 Alex Miller and Hiroshi Yamanaka were fishing on the Hirsch Creek run when they hooked a double header.  Alex landed his but Hiroshi lost his.  Such is Coho fishing.  Alex and Hiroshi did land 7 Coho during their drift.  Well Done guys!



Sept 18 I had the pleasure of fishing with Doug and Bob Ruel and their friend Aaron Giesinaer during a morning drift on the Kitimat River.  We kept 8 Coho, released a bunch of others and had even more release themselves.  Bob and Doug are very good friends and we have fished together for over twenty years.  Aaron is new to river fishing but I suspect Aaron is "hooked".  



Sept 19 I was on the Kitimat with Doug, Bob and Aaron again with even better results than the day before. We kept 8 Coho and released a bunch more drifting from Sawmill down.  We hooked most of the Coho in one or two holes which is typical Coho fishing this time of year as most of the Coho are "stacked up".  The trick is to find them.  We found a bunch of them "stacked up" and had a lot of fun catching them.  Aaron turned into a Coho catching machine.  Bob had respectable results and Doug struggled for most of the day but finished strong by landing a Coho that probably weighed 18lbs and a gigantic Pink.  Thanks for an awesome day of fishing guys.  It was a lot of fun.


Sept 19 evening I drifted with my son Brandon and his girlfriend Justine.  We landed a bunch of Coho including a big one that Brandon landed that was pushing 20lbs.  It is always fun to fish with Brandon but it was a proud Father moment when your son lands one this big.  Brandon also over takes Julie for the largest Coho in the Wakita family.  I can hardly wait until Julie receives the news.... as there is a little competition amongst the kids.  This Coho season has had a few `Proud father moments!  Congratulations Brandon!  Well done son!



Sept 20 I drifted the Kitimat River with our clients Harvey Penner, Greg Jakubec and Bill McInk.  I believe we landed 19 or 20 Coho during the drift plus the whole day was full of funny comments and a lot of kidding around.  It was a great day of fishing and we all had a lot of fun.

We were also fortunate that Harvey was a "Boat Safety Instructor" so all Boat safety issues were strictly observed and a Great time was had by all.

Kitimat River Summary: The expectations for the Kitimat River in the coming weeks will be "Big Water" as we can expect our typical fall rain and "Big Coho" as we expect to see more and more of what we locals call the "Northerns".  We can also expect to see some Coho starting to change to their spawning colours but we can also expect to see some silver that the Coho Salmon are known for.  Anglers can anticipate that there will really good river conditions in between some days when the Kitimat may be unfishable.  This is typical for this time of year in the North West.  If anglers are able to take advantage of the days when the Kitimat River conditions are good and there will lots of Coho in the Kitimat for weeks to come.

DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  The key to fishing the Kitimat Harbour Fishery this week was perseverance and finding the Coho as they migrated through the Kitimat Harbour on route to the Kitimat River.


Sept 13 Mel the Signman fishing Tom and Barb Horn boated 9 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour plus lost another 6 Coho.  Well done guys!

Sept 14 Mel the Signman fishing with his friends Tom and Barb Horn boated 5 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour.  Congratulations! 

Sept 15 Mel the Signman fishing with his friends Tom and Barb Horn in the Kitimat Harbour boated 6 Coho.  Nicely done! 

Douglas Channel Summary: The Douglas Channel is still producing some Coho but it is a situation of being in the right place at the right time.  Most of the Coho will be migrating to their spawning rivers but can still be caught by the Saltwater anglers as demonstrated by Mel and his friends. We also received reports of Halibut and Bottomfish still being caught further down the Douglas Channel.  Weather conditions will start to be more of a factor but fishing for Coho and Halibut in the Douglas Channel can still be very productive.  

Hope everyone enjoys the report!

Thank You to all who contributed photos and info

Tight Lines and Big Fish!

Ron Wakita

PS We have River drift boat dates available as well as Saltwater Charter dates.  Please contact us at to book.

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