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October 18 to October 25, 2009

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Photo of the Week: Ron Wakita with a very bright Kalum River doe Steelhead caught Saturday, October 24, 2009.  The fish was released after this quick photo.  This fish is a “star” in my latest video clip…see below.

I realize that this a Kitimat River Fishing report but this was such a nice Steelhead caught on the Kalum River fishing trip Noel Gyger that I thought I would share it in this report as photo of the week.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

KITIMAT RIVER:  With a little rain that we received this week the Kitimat Creek (as we have called it lately) has started to flow at a level to be once again called the Kitimat River. The upside to very low water conditions is that anglers are able to find a bunch of fish grouped up in deeper pools and cut banks.  The challenge is to find them.  Many anglers fishing for Cutthroat Trout found them in good numbers and they also found lots of Coho stacked up in the same pools.   

Oct 20 Dave Bergeron reports catching 9 Cutthroat.  Three of these were in the 2 to 3lb range. “Wow!”  He also reports catching Coho while he was float fishing for Trout.  Be careful Dave, some of these big Coho can put a big hurt on your Ultra light Trout Rod.  Dave was going to share some photos for this report but unfortunately they didn’t turn out.  Thank You for your efforts Dave and congratulations on your catch.


Oct 21 Ariel and Brandon landed 6 Trout and 5 Coho.  Ariel was Fly Fishing with his Spey Rod and Brandon was using a Spinning Rod.  Ariel was using a #2 Silver Dick Nite with Type 8 Rio Sink Tip.  Brandon was using a Gibbs Koho 45 Blue Illusion Lure.  Well Done Ariel and good job Son.

Oct 21 Dave Olsen and his fishing partner report catching lots of Trout in the Nalabila Stretch.  They also reported catching Coho while targeting Trout.

Oct 22 Greg Gardiner and James Wright report hooking a dozen Trout every time they went out this week.  The biggest was 18 inches.  They were using 3" Berkley Power Worms and said that they fished “better than bait”.   Greg said that they had better success with pink bubble gum impregnated worms than with real worms.  The proof is in the results.  Well done Guys!

Summary: The majority of Coho on the Kitimat River have turned to their spawning colours with fewer and fewer bright Coho.  The Trout fishing on the Kitimat River has been excellent.  Many anglers have reported good results using a wide range of lures.  Float Fishing natural dew worms is still popular and now artificial worms such as Berkley’s Power Bait Worms are also catching some Trout.  The Dick Nite were also fishing very well for Trout and Coho also love them.  The Dick Nite Spoon is productive both on a Fly Rod and on a spinning rod.  The Kitimat 32 Silver Red was also a hot lure this week.  Fly fishing with minnow patterns continue to be excellent.  Most Fly fishers usually tie their own version of a minnow pattern to catch Trout on the Kitimat River.  Some anglers reported that the flies out fished tackle although they caught Trout using both types of gear.  I subscribe to the theory of doing “whatever the fish tell you to do”.

There are a mixture of a lot of Cutthroat, Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout in the Kitimat River right now available for anglers to catch using whatever preference of Gear type.  The weather and river conditions will soon be a major factor so my advice is to get out and catch them while the conditions are good.  Weather and river conditions in the North West can change almost by the hour.

DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  There is not a lot to report from the Douglas Channel but a few boaters were talking about doing some fishing this weekend.  The target was for Halibut or Crabbing with another boater testing the Winter Chinook fishing in the Kitimat Harbour. With the expectation of the up coming Winter Chinook Fishery in the Kitimat Harbour I am excited about two Lures that I saw while at the Redl Sports Distributor Dealer Show.


These are the True Troll Lures and Rhys Davis Strip Teasers Holders with Baitrix's new imitation Herring Strip.

The True Troll Lures have a bunch of new colours that I am looking forward to trying out for Winter Chinook.  True Troll lures really got my attention in Coho Season and has become one of my favorite lures that has moved to the top drawer of the tackle box.  They were dynamite for Coho!  They should also be good for Winter Springs.  Stay Tuned for Noel Gyger’s new “Product Profile” section.

Rhys Davis is one of the most popular bait holder lures fished in the Douglas Channel and has been around for decades.  Rhys Davis has teamed up with Baitrix, a manufacturer of imitation Herring bait.  Baitrix has developed a Herring Strip imitation that will fit Rhys Davis’s Super Herring Teaser and a Rhys Davis Large Strip Teaser.  Trolling Herring Strip has always been one of the most popular lures of choice for Coho and Winter Springs in the Douglas Channel for years.  Berry’s Bait stopped distributing frozen Herring Strip a few years ago and Herring Strip was no longer available.  Accordingly Herring Strip was not fished as much because anglers were now forced to make their own strip by cutting up whole Herring.  A few anglers continued to make their own strip but most switched to fishing anchovies or Herring minnows.  Fishing Strip is back!  Baitrix is very life like and can be impregnated with scent to complete the disguise.  They are more durable than actual Herring strip and more important, they will be readily available on the market soon.  Stay tuned to this report and Noel’s Product profiles section for the fishing results of the samples that Gord McKay from Baitrix and Tom Davis from Rhys Davis kindly gave to me to test.

I am looking forward to fishing both True Roll and Baitrix with Rhys Davis Strip Teaser holders in the Kitimat Harbour Winter Chinook Fishery.  Stay Tuned!

Special Report:


I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend and associate, Noel Gyger on the Kalum River Saturday morning.  As usual we had an excellent outing looking for our first Steelhead fishing together on the Kalum.  Mission accomplished as we landed a beautiful Steelhead, a small Coho and a bunch of Trout.  I consider Noel as the foremost authority on Fishing in the North West, especially the Kalum and he predicts that Steelhead will get better in the coming weeks. Thanks for a great trip Noel.  Hope we can get out again!

Anyone interested in seeing the video that Noel Gyger produced please click on the link.

Special Thanks to all the anglers who have contributed info and photos to this report.

Good Luck! and Good Fishing!


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I really enjoyed spin fishing with this “new” super braided line. It was engineered for spinning reels.  The smooth coating on the line slips through the guides quietly and effortlessly. No more wind knots and tip wraps.  My casting distance improved and I had instant hook-sets.  It is small in diameter but extremely strong.  I snagged up and had to pull so hard to break it that I pulled my anchored jet boat half way across the river.  It finally broke. Actual break strength is 53 lbs. You will recover more jigs and lures as the hook usually straightens out.  I fished all day and lost only one jig. So outstanding is Dura Cast’s performance that the line won the Best New Braided Line award at the prestigious European Fishing Tackle Trade Association show in June of 2009. Dura Cast will revolutionize your experience.     



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