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October 4, to October 11, 2009

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Sean O'Driscoll (left) and Innes McKenzie holding a 60lb Halibut caught on the Douglas Channel
Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters


KITIMAT RIVER:  The Kitimat River continued to drop to unbelievably low river levels this week because of the lower temperatures in the mountains.  There is also some new snow in the higher elevations and with nice clear days created low water conditions.  It is interesting however that the Kitimat River level bumped up 8 inches on Wednesday due to the warmer temperatures melting some of the recent snow we received.  To have the river level influenced by snow melt in October is not common.


I would like to once again recognize Mike Herzberg for posting his video showing the hazards in the Nalabila Stretch.   Mike Herzberg's video may have prevented other boaters from an incident and I think that this unselfish and creative act deserves some additional recognition.  Well done Mike!


Oct 4 Ariel fishing with Doug Bullock landed 4 Coho and 13 Trout on a drift of the Kitimat River.  Doug said that he had an awesome experience drifting the Kitimat River with Ariel.  Well done Guys.


Oct 7 Ariel out fishing for pan size Trout with his Ultra Lite Spin rod and 4 lb test.  Ariel was in his Belly boat in the Goose Creek ponds paddling around catching a bunch of these little guys.  Variety is also the spice of life in the fishing world.  A change of pace from hooking Northern Coho in the high teens or 20lbs plus.  Well done Ariel and very creative.


Oct 9 Dennis Hoverland from Stony Plain Alberta caught two Coho in the upper Kitimat.  One was a jack Coho below 50cms.  Dennis also reports catching some fresh Coho earlier in the week that were bigger and brighter. Thank You to Dennis for sharing the photo and info.

Oct 10 Kelly Marsh, a local Kitimat resident was in our Tackle Store and reports catching a bright, fresh Coho in the upper Kitimat.   Kelly did not say exactly where but Ariel said that it sounded like he was going back to the same spot to look for more. 

The majority of Coho on the Kitimat River are transforming into their spawning colours.  There will still be a few bright, fresh Coho migrating into the Kitimat River but the majority of the Coho on the Kitimat River have some colour. Anglers are reporting seeing lots of Coho in the Kitimat River because the river is so low and clear there is literally no where the fish can hide.  The problem some anglers expressed was that it was difficult to catch any because they were spooked by any movement.  Anglers float fishing roe have had good success with the Coho.  Fishing in the morning and evening also has been more productive.

The nice, sunny weather has provided excellent fishing conditions and many anglers have changed their focus to fishing for Trout, especially our Cutthroat Trout on the Kitimat.  It is common to see anglers carrying a Trout rod and reel and a Coho rod and reel while fishing the Kitimat this time of year.


Gibbs Koho 35 Copper Croc Silver Hex 3/16              Egg and Eye Fly

Flies, worm and lures have been productive for Trout.  Minnow and egg patterns are the more popular flies for Trout.  The Koho Copper 35 and the Sil Hex 3/16 Croc is the more productive lures.  Float fishing a worm is always the standard method fishing for Trout on the Kitimat River.

The other issue fishing the Kitimat this time of year is that anglers are competing with the bears for the fishing holes.

There have many sightings of Black and Grizzly bears on the banks of the Kitimat which is common this time of year.  Anglers should beware!



Oct 1

Shawn O' Driscoll and Innes McKenzie landed 60lb and a 30lb Halibut down the Douglas Channel.   Fall Halibut fishing on the Douglas Channel!  Wow!

Congratulations Guys! 


Oct 4

Chris McKenzie and Gary Phelps boated a 44lb and a 46lb Halibut down the Douglas Channel.  Nicely done Guys.  Congratulations 


With the nice weather other boaters are heading down the Douglas Channel to do some bottom fishing for Halibut and Crabbing.  The scenery down the Douglas Channel can be breathtaking this time of year especially with the sunny autumn weather.  Fishing the Douglas Channel is always dependant on the weather and this year we are having some outstanding weather.


Oct 10 Special Report "The Kalum Twitch" I had the privilege of fishing with Mr. Noel Gyger on the Kalum River for Coho yesterday.  I consider Noel "The Authority" regarding fishing in the North West and also an awesome angler.  I really enjoyed being schooled by the "Best of the Best".  Noel shared a technique for jigging Coho that was amazing. I call it the Kalum Twitch.  We had many first cast hook ups in a lot of the pools. I believe Noel pioneered Jigs in the North West and it was obvious why.  Noel also shared his history and knowledge of fishing the Kalum that I do not believe anyone else possesses.  We shared an amazing day of fishing that I will never forget.  Thank You for a Great Day Noel!  Anyone interested in viewing a video of our trip that Noel produced please click on this link!

Hope everyone enjoys this Fishing Report!

Thank You to everyone for providing info and photos for this report.

PS We have River drift boat dates available as well as Saltwater Charter dates.  Please contact us at to book.

Tight Lines! Big Fish! Big Smiles!

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