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July 19 to July 26, 2009|

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK   Multi Level Care Patients Fishing Trip

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KITIMAT RIVER:  The Kitimat River is full of Salmon right now.  There are Chinook, Chum, Pinks and there were a couple of Coho caught this week.  There was even another Sockeye caught and released.   The highlight this week was the number of Pinks that were caught.  Pink Salmon has evolved into a very popular fishery for all ages.  From youngsters to seniors all anglers are having a blast catching the Pinks. The most popular methods for catching the Pinks are jigging Pink jigs and casting 3/8 oz .Cerise Clear Gibbs Crocs or fly fishing.


Fillet-O-Flesh-pink-#1 Chum         Deep Minnow pink #2 Pinks

Redl Sports Distributors House Brand Dragonfly Flies

Fly Fishing for Pinks has also evolved into a very popular method of catching Pinks.  A 9’ 8wt. Fly Rod is a good choice to fish for Pinks and considering that you can also hook Chum while fishing for Pinks an 8wt. is good to use.  Pink Flys with some flash are the more popular patterns.  Redl Sports distributes their House brand of flies with the Dragonfly label.  Dragon Fly flies are excellent quality and have many patterns that effectively entice Pinks, Chum and Chinook Salmon to bite on the Kitimat River.  One of our customers said that he landed four Pinks and two Chum with the Dragonfly pattern Fillet-O-Flesh-pink #1 before he lost the fly trying to land a 25lb Chinook.  The other popular Dragonfly pattern for Pinks is the Deep Minnow pink #2.  "Pinks love them"!


July 19 Terrence Reynolds an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters guided Royce Seidlitz and Terri McPhadyen and Royce landed this 24lb Chinook.  They also landed 5 Pinks.  Pinks are entertaining to hook and play in between hooking Chinook.  Congratulations Royce and Terri!  Thank You for using our guiding services.  Good Job Terrence!


July 19 Eric Neidert also an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters guided Steve Roskell and Milt Smith on a Drift down the Kitimat River. Milt landed this 23lb Chinook on their drift as well as 12 Pinks and 3 Chum.  Thank You for using our services.  Congratulations!  Good Job Eric!


July 19 Jordan and Chante Dare caught this Kitimat River Pink with their 7' Spinning Rods.  7' rods with  4000 size spinning reels are the best size and type of rod and reel for fishing with a Jig.  The 4000 size spinning reel retrieves the correct amount of line and the 7' rod on the "pop" creates the proper action on the jig to entice the fish to bite.  Well done Jordan and Chante!  You make a very nice brother/sister fishing team.


July 20 Aliceyn Fokuhl fishing with her fishing partner Maureen landed a 36lb beauty late Monday evening.  Wow!  Nice fish Aliceyn!  Well done!  Ladies can catch Big Chinook too!

July 21 Marc Girard fishing with friends O.B, and Chuck on Tuesday. O.B landed a 25lb Chinook, "many, many Pinks probably thirty each" says Marc.


July 21 Daniel Bussieres reports landing his first Chum.  Congratulations Daniel! Thank you for sending the pictures.


July 21 Diane our Mobile Tackle Van driver photographed Dave Primrose fishing with his grand -daughter Lexxy Lewis age 7.  Each caught a Pink at the Lower Dike.Well Done Lexxy and Grandpa Dave!  Congratulations!


July 21 Greg Egan, one of Kitimat’s finest Hockey Stars in his earlier years, was back in Kitimat fishing with his sons Marc and Blake.  I advised Marc (Greg's youngest son) that fishing is like hockey.  The number one rule in hockey is that it has to be fun.  The second rule is that the littlest fisherman has to catch the biggest fish.  That's the rules.  Marc not only caught the biggest but also caught the most!  Congratulations Marc.  At the time of the photos Dad had not caught any and Marc and Blake had both landed two Pinks each and kicked Dad's butt.  The truth be known is that Dad would not want to have it any other way.  Congratulations!  Well done Boys!

July 22 Travis Patterson caught these two Pinks under the Haisla Bridge on the Radley Park side.  Travis was walking up the road with his fish back to their campsite in Radley Park when I took the pictures.  Radley Park is a great campsite complete with showers, freezer, power, fire pits and shelters.  The bonus is that the fishing is great a few yards from the camp site.  Well done Travis.

July 22 Our Mobile Tackle Van took this photo of Lorna Bergen with this Pink at the Lower Diyke.  Nicely done Lorna! 


July 22 Eric Neidert an Associate Guide for Reliable, guided Dr. Dave Stevenson and his favorite brother-in-law Kelland Ramsay and Vivian Burker.  Dr. Dave is one of Kitimat's finest dentists but Kelland and Vivian are from New Zealand. They talked a little funny but they sure caught a bunch of Kitimat Salmon. They landed a Jack Chinook, a very bright Chum and a pile of Pinks. Congratulations guys!  Thank You for using our Guiding Services.  Great Job Eric! 


July 22 Terrence Reynolds also one of our Associate River Driftboat Guides drifted  Bill Zbitnoff and his father George Zbitnoff and their friend Len Moro down the Kitimat River. Terrence reports: "Between the group they hooked over 50 Pinks and Chum". Bill Zbitnoff is the Sales Rep for Inland Distributors.  Inland Distributors is a very fine Fishing Tackle Distributor and is the biggest and the best Hunting Distributor in Western Canada.  One of Inland Distributor's House brands is PROTAC.  Bill is wearing a pair of Protac neoprene boot foot hip waders which is one of their excellent fishing products.  Congratulations Guys on a very productive day's fishing on the Kitimat River and Thank You for using our Guiding services.  Great Job Terrence!

July 22 - Multi Level Care Patients 22nd Annual Fishing Trip 

Mother Nature provided awesome weather!  The Fish Gods smiled upon us!  Mary brought the chicken!  The Crab crew produced!  The Pink Jigging Crew produced!  Most importantly we all had way too much fun! The group landed fifteen Pinks, Amy landed a big Chum and we think Mary lost a Chinook at the boat.  We also ate eighteen Crab and a pile of KFC.


Other Classic Moments of the trip:

  • Amy with her Lucky Rabbit (not a Lucky rabbit's foot but a whole rabbit) caught a Chum within minutes after setting up the rods.  Amy's Lucky Rabbit is very Lucky!

  • We got pictures of Tony and Floriano with the fish they caught. (We forgot last year but we got the pictures this year Guys)

  • Gerttrude landed three Pinks in the Driftboat.

  • Frank the bus driver almost fell into the river.

  • Marc was attacked by a Crab

  • Captain Corey got up very early to be part of the Crab Catching Crew. (Corey is not an early morning guy)

We hooked a tonne of fish! Ya Hoo!



Special Thanks to some very special people. The Crab catching crew, the pink jig crew, the rig tying crew, the line spooling crew, the drift boat crew, the Crab cooking and shucking crew, the bus driver, the wheel chair boat loading crew, the volunteer ladies and the guys who were at the Pump House who helped out.

It is not often in our life's travels that we are fortunate to meet people who possess generous and compassionate personalities such as Mary Hampton, Marc and Bonnie Girard, O.B, Louis Malo, Wes Owens, Diane, Pam, Chris Mackenzie, Ron and Gary Webber, Dave Olsen, Dave Ward, Drew Wallace, Al Smith, Kimiko, Kiyomi, Jesse, Corbin, Diane Plante, Elsa Hofer and Frank Mauro and my son, Captain Corey.



This is the 2009 Kitimat Multi Level Care Fishing Team who helped share the passion of fishing with the Multi Level Care patients. The Multi Care folks are a very special group to us all and are the most senior members of the Fishing Fraternity, they just need a little help. 

Mary Hampton, or as I affectionately refer to as the "Chicken Lady" is the Co-coordinator for this group.  Mary brings KFC Chicken in from Terrace, hence her nickname.  Mary informed me that this would be her last Fishing Trip with us as she is transferring to a facility in Terrace.  Mary, you broke my heart and you will be missed by us all.  It will not be the same without the "Chicken Lady".  I know I speak for the entire group.  I would however like to extend an open invitation for you to join us.  I will even drive to Terrace to pick you up when I drive to Terrace to pick up the chicken.  Then you have to call me the "Chicken Man".:)

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You to everyone involved!  It was a Special day of fishing with a very Special group.  God Bless you all!


July 23 Our Mobile Van took this photo of Trevor Kozlouski holding a Pink that he caught under the Haisla Bridge on the Radley Park side.


July 25 Instore Derby, Kyree Do Santos 26 1/2lb Chum




July 21 Wes Owens fishing with our clients Philip and Kathy Martens and their kids.  The Marten kid's names are Brandon, Courtney, Brittney and Kimberly.  Courtney, Brittney and Kimberly are triplet girls.  Wow!  Also in the group were John and Barb Froese and their son Tyson.  The group caught two Coho, a Sockeye, four Pinks and a bunch of Crab on a half day charter in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  Well done everyone! Congratulations! 

July 24 John Eckstein fishing with our clients Ed and Ben had a good trip on the water. They hooked into three Halibut, kept two, and released one. We also caught some nice Grey Cod.

July 25 Dave Payjack says, "I went fishing with our clients Gordon Schnieder, Norman Adolphson and Harley Clapperten from Valleyview, Alberta. We landed 2 small Halibut and lost 1 nice one.  We also landed 13 good sized Cod. Halibut was our priority, but man was there a lot of Salmon jumping!  Everywhere you looked in the Douglas and Devastation channels, within a couple of minutes, you would see them jumping. Tough fishing for Halibut in such hot temperatures.  All of my life I have been fishing on the ocean and I think this was the hottest ever." 

Summary: The Douglas Channel is producing Pinks off the Hospital Beach Boat Launch.  Anglers are reminded that Saltwater licenses are required and Saltwater regulations and quotas apply.  Anglers are using pink jigs usually 3/4oz so they are able to throw further with more weight.  They are also using Gibbs Clear Cerise Crocs 3/8 and 1/2 oz.  Fly Fishers are also catching Pinks.  The best time to fish is the last hour of the rising tides.

Halibut and bottom fishing is excellent down the Douglas Channel.  It will get even better after the Pink and Chum Salmon finish spawning and the carcasses start to wash out the river and creek mouths into the Douglas Channel. 

Coho and Pinks are being caught in exceptional numbers.  The Coho is looking to be a good one!  Stay Tuned!


Glen Kilcup, one of our Jet Boat Skippers reports hooking 15 Chinook landing these four beauties.  They were fishing on one of the remote rivers down the Douglas Channel.  Any interested interested in fishing pristine wilderness rivers please contact us for booking info.



Thank You to everyone who provided info and pictures for this Fishing Report.  Once again a Big Thank You for everyone who helped with the Multi Level Care patients fishing trip.

Big Fish and Big Smiles to everyone!

Sincerely, Ron Wakita 

Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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