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July 5 to July 12, 2009|

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 PHOTO OF THE WEEK : LES KERSEY holding a 37lb Chinook caught on a 7' Spinning Rod

 KITIMAT RIVER: The trend in the Kitimat River for this Chinook (King) Salmon season has been that when the river level has been high more Chinook have migrated into the Kitimat River. When  river levels were low the Chinook held in the Saltwater of the Kitimat Harbour or in the Tidal portion of the Kitimat River.  This is typical behavior but it seems that even the slightest changes in water levels have either held the Chinook in the Tidal portion and Saltwater or flushed them into the upper river.

Kitimat River Heights 

There is always a quirky feature in every season that is different than others.  Here is this year's.  The trick is to first identify the trend and than take full advantage of fish behavior.  In short, do what the fish are telling us to do if you want to catch them.  Accordingly, anglers fishing in the right section of the Kitimat River or Douglas Channel where the Chinook are holding are catching some impressive numbers of Chinook. I usually try to fish within the section of river that is holding fish.  The anglers who are catching fish are in a lot better mood than the anglers that are not. Most of this week and at the end of last week's report has most of the Chinook being caught in the Tidal Portion of the Kitimat River.  Please see the Tidal Portion of this report.

On the Freshwater side of the tide line we are receiving reports of some fresh Chinook being caught in the Upper sections of the Kitimat River. We have also received reports of bright Chinook as high as the 18 mile Bridge.  The "Clay Banks" and the "Sawmill" are holding Chinook in good numbers.

The Number #1 casting spoon for Chinook is the Gibbs Koho 65 Blue Scale.  Gibbs also manufactures variations of the Blue Scale 65 with a red stripe to more effectively fish in glacial coloured water and with all red backs to fish more effectively in murky water.  Gibbs is and excellent example of a Tackle manufacture in touch with designing lures for different conditions.  The other more popular tackle used is a Spin-n-Glo rigged with a Delta Mini Skirt.  This rig will be featured in next weeks report along with jigs.



July 1-4th.  Rob Bryce reports fishing with friend, Glen Mikkelsen on their annual Chinook trip to the Kitimat River.  "We were out July 1-4, 2009.  We had a great time floating and fishing over the 4 days with great weather as well.  This trip was one of our best.  We landed 17 Chinook over the 4 days (plus a couple of Chum and a few Pinks).  I have attached a few pics of some of the fish." Wow, Congratulations Rob and Glen!  Those are impressive numbers!

July 5th. Derek Wakita and his father Rick (my twin) reports landing two Chinook.  Derek says, "The one in the photo is about 35-40 lbs and the other one was a jack... maybe 10-12 lbs".  Uncle Ron is very proud of you, Derek!  Ask your Dad how come you land all the big fish and your Dad only catches the little ones : )

July 5th. Ed Pinnete from the "Quesnel Fly Fishing Team" landed a 20lb Chum on a fly.  Well done Ed!  Ed is a very accomplished Fly angler who has just written a book called "The Collection". I have skimmed through it and I can't wait until I can read it in detail.  It is about Ed's Fly Fishing experiences.  Anyone interested please contact me for Ed's contact info. 


July 6th. Ariel Kuppers (L) landed the 14lb Chinook on his Spey rod.  Jesse Houston and Jesse's Dad's friend Barry caught a 14lb and a 12lb Chinook and lost the "Big One".  Ariel and Jesse possess the enthusiasm and energy for fishing that is amazing to witness. They eat, sleep and talk fishing 24/7 in our Tackle Store. They are eager to share their fishing methods and techniques with anyone who asks.  Well done guys!

Noel's Photo of the week

July 6th. Greg Laberge landed a 20lb Chinook on a fly. Kurt Anderson landed a 25lb Chinook on a fly.  Kurt and Greg are part of the “Quesnel Fly Fishing Team” along with Greg's son Chris and Ed Pinette.  Please read on for more of their results

July 7th. Greg Laberge landed a Chum that the group estimates to be in the mid 30lb range.  Wow that is one huge Chum!  Chum is often referred to as "Dog Salmon" because the male Chum develop canine looking teeth when they change to spawning colours.  During a conversation with Greg's fishing partners Kurt and Ed we concluded that Greg has earned the title of the "Current Heavy Weight Dog Catching Champion of the Kitimat River "!   Greg also deserves special recognition for earning his title on a fly.  This would change the title to the "Current Heavy Weight Dog Catching of the Kitimat River on a Fly"!  Well Done Greg!  Beware of your fishing partners!


July 7th. Marc Girard and his daughter Chrissy and his neighbor, Cheryl Mac Donald landed a 23lb Chinook and a Pink. Well done Dad and daughter!  Congratulations!  It is always an added bonus to catch your neighbor a fish.  Well done Cheryl.  Someone needs to watch the house while Bonnie and you are fishing. :)

July 8th. Gavin Grapes reports catching a 12lb Chinook on a fly. Gavin is another very accomplished Fly Fisher.  I spoke to Gavin in the store in the afternoon.  He returned the next day with photos of Chinook landed on the fly the next day.  Well done Gavin!  Congratulations!


July 9th. Ariel Kuppers, Matt, Aaron and Travis landed a 26lb-Chinook, Chum and Pink.

July 9th. Marc Girard drifted with John Iverson with his daughters Tracey and Laurin.  John's daughters landed a 21lb and a 23lb Chinook but Dad did not catch one.  The truth be known is that John would not want it any other way.  Good Job Skipper.  Congratulations girls! Well done!  Your Dad, Marc and I are very proud of you. 

July 9th.  This photo was taken in front of our store.  Jesse Houston one of our Tackle Store staff put a 40lb-Chinook on our scale on Thursday.  Well done Jesse!

Photo of the week.

July 11th. Marc and Bonnie Girard fishing with Bonnie's brother Les Kersey.  Les landed a 37lb.Chinook and a Pink.  Les landed the 37lb Chinook on a 7' Rod and Reel more suited for Pinks.  Well done Les.  Then Les landed a Pink on his Chinook rod.  Again very well done Les!  It would be nice if the right Salmon specie hit the right rod but this is how things are in the fishing world!  The highlight to remember is to carefully land the Salmon on which rod it strikes.  The other issue is that Chinook will bite on the pink jigs more commonly used fishing for Pinks and Pinks will also bite Lure Jensen Hot Shots.

Summary: From the Tide Line to the 18 Mile Bridge, there are Chinook through the entire Kitimat River in pretty good numbers.  There are also Pinks and Chum starting to show in the lower and middle sections of the river.  The Lower Dike has been hot the latter part of this week for Chinook.  Our Mobile Tackle Van reports five Chinook landed out of ten this morning at the Lower Dike and four Chinook landed this afternoon (Saturday).  The trick is to be fishing the correct section of river where your Salmon of choice are holding or migrating through.  For more specific details please call are Tackle Store, City Centre Hardware 250 632 3522. 


July 5th. Captain, Wes Owens chartered Dave and Fran Pease to land a 24, 22 and 19lb Chinook fishing in the Kitimat Harbour.  Well done Skipper!  Congratulations Dave and Fran!

July 7-8th. Dave Payjack of Sea West Fishing Charters fishing with his Clients Paul and Joanne Gevatkoff along with their friends Ken and Anne Drover from Dawson Creek. This was an overnight trip and we landed 10 Halibut and 15 Cod. "Great clients, great fishing, I am looking forward to a third year with them", said Dave.  Congratulations to your group and great job Skipper.

July 9-10th. Dave Payjack of Sea West Charters reports, "I just returned from a two day trip with clients Eric Lang, Jim Gray and his grandson Mike Gray from Alberta. They have fished with us before and had a great time again this year. We landed 6 Halibut: 121 lbs, 40 lbs, 3 at 30- 35 lbs, and one 28 lbs. We also caught 3 Red Snapper, 4 Ling Cod and various other Cod specie. The fishing has been “excellent” for all species this July. So far in the last 9 days from July 2nd to July 10th we have hooked and landed a total of 31 Halibut. It is my pleasure to share such great fishing experiences with people who enjoy the fishing experience as much as I do."  Regards, David Payjack. Well Done Skipper and well said!

Summary: There are very good numbers of Coho already being caught in the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  Coho, to many anglers and boaters, are the preferred Salmon to catch.  This is a good sign of things to come for this years Coho season!  We have received many reports of Great Halibut fishing down the Douglas Channel.  Dave and Todd have had exceptional Halibut trips with their clients and a "Great time was had by all".  Well done Skippers!

JET-BOAT KITIMAT TIDAL FISHERY: (New! category while it lasts)

July 7th. Andreas Handl of Kitimat Adventures fishing with his friends Casey Kenevan and his son Fitz and Al Smith boated 8 Chinook in the Kitimat River Tidal section of the Kitimat River.  Wow to Casey, Fitz and Al!  What a day of Chinook fishing!  Congratulations Guys.  Well done Skipper!

July 8th. Andreas Handl fishing with his friends Casey and Fitz hooked 7 landed 2 Chinook in the tidal portion of the Kitimat.  Well done guys!  Good job Andi!

July 8th. Mal Haggard fishing with his buddy Bob Ruel landed one Chinook and lost another one during an evening trip to the Tidal portion of the Kitimat River. Mal and Bob are both avid anglers who have fished the Tidal section for many years. Sorry, no pic.

July 10th. Andreas Handl fishing with our clients Karilea and Dan Landolt and their son Hunter boated 5 Chinook of the 10 hooked.  I spoke to Dan after he landed the first Chinook and Dan said that he was shaking so bad from the excitement he could barely hold the fish for the picture.  Karilea and Hunter also had a great fishing experience with their Skipper, Andreas.  Well Done Andreas and Congratulations to the Landolt family.

July 10th. Mal Haggard, Bob and Doug Ruel and friend Aaron report landing two Chinook 18lbs and 12lbs in the Tidal section of the Kitimat River. Sorry, no pic.


 July 11th. Mal Haggard fishing with Aaron and Tom landed two Chinook.  Bob and Doug Ruel also landed two Chinook.  The Chinook weighed 25lb, 18lb 10lb and 12lb Well Done Skippers!  Congratulations Guys!

July 11th. Andreas Handl fishing with our clients Myron Schrodeur, Rick and Bob Brown and Dennis Kulhanek landed 10 Chinook today.  WOW!  The group said that they hooked and fought twice as many Chinook as they landed but they had the time of their lives.  Congratulations guys!  Good Job Skipper!  This group is from Idaho and I am sure that Kitimat River Chinook will be on the menu in Idaho for a while

Summary: The Kitimat Tidal portion of the Kitimat River is "a freak of nature" when it is hot and it is hot right now.  It is one of the most outstanding fisheries an angler can experience when the timing is right.  A brief conversation with any of our clients will confirm how much fun this fishery can be.  The excitement, adrenaline and sense of accomplishment that was present when we were taking the group photos was electrifying and fun to be a part of.  In the guiding business, these are the most gratifying moments that we all absolutely cherish.  Andreas, Mal and Glen are outstanding Skippers on the Kitimat Tidal Fishery and when the fish are there, these are the results.  Good job Skipper's!  The proof is in the pictures.  The rewards are the smiling faces of some very happy people in the photos.

Congratulations to everyone!

Thank You to everyone for providing their catch results and photos to be enjoyed by the readers of this report.

Good Luck! Tight Lines!

Ron Wakita
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