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December 6 to December 13, 2009

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Justin Little holding a 18lb 12oz Kitimat River Coho caught Sept 7th using a Gibbs Koho 45 Green ScaleCity Centre Hardware and Sporting Goods' Instore Derby Winner: Largest Coho Justin won a Shimano 7' Convergence Rod and a Shimano Sedona 4000 Reel

Fishing Report from Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

KITIMAT RIVER: We received sub zero temperatures for the last few weeks and there are areas of the Kitimat River that have iced over or completely frozen.  The Cable Car pool is one of the fishing spots that has completely frozen over.   Ariel Kuppers reports that the ice in the pool is 7 inches thick.   Anglers are warned to be very careful when fishing on or near the ice.  Please take the precautions of fishing with a partner and testing the ice on the edges before proceeding to deeper water.  Please take a moment to exercise common sense to ensure Safe and enjoyable fishing trips.


Dec 13 Kitimat River Pump House.  As you can see in the photos the Kitimat Pump House Pool in the Kitimat River is exceptionally low with some areas completely frozen while other areas are still free flowing. This is typical of current conditions throughout the Kitimat River. 

Summary With the deeper pools completely frozen, Ariel Kuppers and some of his fishing partners plan to do some Ice fishing in these spots.  Ariel plans to try ``Ice Fishing on the Kitimat on his days off this week.  Other anglers are also planning to do some Trout fishing on the Kitimat River.  Stay Tuned!

DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  The Kitimat Harbour Fishery still provides opportunities to fish for Winter Chinook when weather permits.  The results are a little spotty this week because there has been very little bait fish reported.  The weather was very nice earlier in the week with clear, sunny days and calm seas although the temperature has hovered around zero degrees and below.


Dec 12 I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend Dale Barge in his 16` Aluminum "Rough Water" open boat for Winter Chinook.  Dale`s "Rough Water" is an excellent seaworthy boat but it is an open boat and we were fishing on a clear, calm but cold morning.  The key to enjoyable fishing is to dress appropriately to the weather and the type of boat.  Dale wore his Mustang Floater Coat and Pants with thermal layers underneath and I wore my Bare Neoprene Waders and a Mustang Floater Jacket.  I also layered underneath with Bare`s Climate Control Plus fleece under my waders which kept me very warm.

I believe I stayed warmer than Dale by wearing my Bare Neoprene waders plus I had another advantage provided by Nordic Gear Inc:


Nordic Gear produces a product called Lectra Gloves that are battery operated heated gloves.  These are awesome!  They heat your hands higher than body temperature and the heat dissipates and also warmed my arms.

Although we stayed warm, we only managed to hook 2 Chinook, we weren't able to land either one but we did catch some Crab.  Such is fishing!

Summary Whether fishing the River from shore or fishing the Saltwater in an open boat, I found that Neoprene waders keep me a lot warmer than other options.  I love my Bare Neoprene waders because staying warm is the key to enjoyable winter fishing.  I absolutely love my Lectra Heated gloves.  A few years ago I may have laughed at them, not now.  They are awesome!

Winter Chinook fishing will continue throughout the winter and can be outstanding when the bait fish show up in the Kitimat Harbour. It is unpredictable when the bait fish show up because they just show up whenever they decide to show up.  The Winter Chinook follow the bait fish and when the bait fish are in the harbour, the Winter Chinook fishing can be exceptional.  Stay tuned to this report for updates! 

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Thank You everyone for providing photos and info for this report. Please view our Christmas Flyer below.
Stay Warm and Stay safe!  Good Health and Good Fishing!
Merry Christmas!

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