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August 9 to August 16, 2009|

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The photo of the week shows Corey Wakita and father Ron Wakita holding two bright Coho caught in the Kitimat Harbour of the Douglas Channel

KITIMAT RIVER:  The Kitimat River continues to produce Pinks at an abnormally high rate.  It is close to becoming a "Freak of Nature" to have so many Pinks in the Kitimat River. This is especially surprising after such a mediocre return of Pinks last year.   It is an excellent fishery for kids and families and sometimes the catch rates are as high as 20 to 30 Pinks an hour.

Most anglers start off having a lot of fun with the Pinks but we are starting to hear the new phase "Pinked out" more and more frequently.  Thank Goodness the Coho are starting to run the Kitimat. Coho are already in the Kitimat River in very good numbers for this time of year.  They are being caught as high up river as the Wedeene.  Darrel, a local angler reported catching his full daily quota of Coho,  2 Coho between 30cm-50cm and 2 Coho over 50cms.  The early results in the Kitimat River for Coho are excellent.


Aug 11 and 12 Ariel Kuppers guiding our client Rob Pellan on the Kitimat River for Trophy Chum. Rob landed 4 Coho his first day and 4 Chum.  Rob landed 4 or 5 Chum on his second day but they had already started to turn.  The Kitimat River has evolved a pretty good reputation for having an outstanding return of Chum but during the last few years the numbers have been declining.  This year's Chum has followed the downward trend of Chum returns although early in July we were pretty excited to see very good early returns of Chum.  Most of the Chum were caught in the Lower Kitimat early but as the run progressed the numbers up river turned out to be poor.  We were all disappointed with Rob's results for Chum but we remain hopeful that with the Kitimat Hatchery's continuing enhancement of Chum on the Kitimat River that the Chum returns will rebound back to its glory days.

Aug 12 Our Mobile Van photographed "Red" Wildeman with an 11lb Coho that he caught below Haisla bridge on the Radley Park side using a Gibbs Kitimat 45 Silver/Flame spoon.  “Red" has been coming to Kitimat to fish for over 25 years.  He was coming to Kitimat when his hair was still “Red” and his nickname made sense.  He is a passionate angler and we have evolved into pretty good friends over the years. To coin one of Noel's phrases, "You meet the nicest people on the river bank".   Nice Coho Red but I think we need to start calling you "Gray".


Aug 13 Ariel Kuppers fishing with his friends, Scott and Aaron after working in our Tackle Store hooked four Coho landing two on his Spey rod.  They also landed a Sockeye (Red) Salmon which is rare on the Kitimat River although we have a skeleton run of Sockeye which DFO estimates at 500 to 1000 fish.  They hooked these Coho up at the Wedenne. Well Done Ariel!


Aug 12 and 13 Marc Girard and Eric Neidert,  associate guides of Reliable Guide and Charters, guided our clients Louise and Danny Kitt.  They landed a whole bunch of Pinks drifting the Kitimat River with us.  Louise and Danny said that they had a wonderful time fishing on the Kitimat with Marc and Eric and we are already planning trips for next year.  Congratulations Louise and Danny!  Thank You for enlisting our guiding services and we all look forward to seeing you next year.

Aug 15 Marc and Bonnie Girard drifted Friday afternoon and landed 4 Coho. Marc said "we must have lost at least 10 more Coho and we landed a whole bunch of Pinks."  Well done Marc.  Happy Wife! Happy Life!  It is truly wonderful to observe a husband and wife sharing the passion of fishing especially on the Kitimat River.  Good for you both!  NOTE: Noel chose this as his Photo of the Week (see very top of this page).

DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  The Douglas Channel continues to produce awesome numbers of Coho from this end of Douglas Channel to the outer waters.   There seems to be a lot of Coho and Pinks everywhere.  Boaters fishing all areas of the Douglas Channel are reporting excellent Coho results.  Anglers always say that it is not only about catching fish which is true but they are in a lot better mood when they are catching lots of fish. 


Aug 9 I had the pleasure of fishing with Marc Girard and Marc's daughter, Chrissy.  Marc’s friends Greg Petersen and Cheryl Giese joined us on a Sunday morning troll in the Kitimat Harbour.  Despite some mechanical issues that brought us in early, we managed to land 5 Coho and 3 Pinks in a couple of hours trolling.  Well done team and it was a pleasure fishing with you all.


Aug 10 Kevin Waters and family fishing down the Douglas Channel for Coho and Halibut.

Kevin Waters emailed Noel Gyger for fishing information about fishing in the Douglas Channel.  Noel forwarded Kevin's email to me and I was happy to pass on some local fishing information to Kevin.  The rest of Kevin's fishing experience with his family is best expressed in Kevin's own words. Kevin says, "Thanks again for the hali spots Ron they produced for me.  Fishing was awesome for the 2 weeks I spent there and the weather was also spectacular.  My mom and dad and brother were along for the trip, it was great.  We limited out on Salmon and Halibut.  We caught 32 Coho in the 10 to 17lbs range at Jessie Falls.  The fishing was unbelievable.  The weight of the downrigger didn't even hit the depth we were fishing (65') and you already had one on.  I've had good salmon fishing before but this was unreal!!!!  We even hooked a 20lb. feeder spring.  The pinks were also biting quite furiously and we landed and released many of them.  The family and I had a great time and look forward to coming back again next year.  The Salmon seemed to really like the white hoochie on a green flasher.  That produced great.  As for the bottom fishing, it was fantastic.  We caught all kinds of rockfish, cod and halibut.  The biggest Halibut was 42lbs that I caught and quite a few chickens in the 10-20lb range.  Thanks again.  I also attached some photo's.  My brother caught his first ever halibut, he was rather excited as you can tell in the photo."

Noel and I were more than happy to have helped and we are pleased that you and your family had an excellent time fishing in our area.

August 11 Wes Owens chartered some Italian folks out in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery and they caught and released over fifteen Coho.  Well done Skipper!  Due to the language barrier obtaining permission to use the photos was a problem but never the less the catch numbers were very impressive.

Aug 13 Andreas Handl of Kingfish Adventures fishing with his clients boated 1 Halibut weighing 70lbs, 2 Snappers. 9 Coho, 3 Chum and 5 Pinks.  Wow nice catch!  Well done everyone!


Aug 15 Fishing with my son Corey Wakita and his friends, Alex Gero and Tyrone this afternoon we landed 7 Coho and 2 Pinks and lost a bunch more.   Corey, Alex and Tyrone are learning the skills of trolling in the Salt water and there were a few fish that were missed at the net and a few more that were lost on the way to boat.  The only way to learn is by doing.  We did land a few and I am also happy to report that there are 12 less hot dogs in the world after our fishing trip. Keeping the boys fed and busy with fish is sometimes challenging but always makes for a great day. Fishing with my son and his friends are always the highlight of fishing seasons and we always have great time.  These trips are very special.


Aug 16 I had the pleasure of fishing with Marc and Bonnie Girard in the Kitimat Harbour for Coho.  Marc is a business Associate in our Guiding Company but we enjoy fishing together.   We boated 12 Coho and we watched many other boats catch lots of Coho as well.  It is always fun to fish with Bonnie and Marc.  The water was flat calm and the fishing was awesome. Thank You Marc and Bonnie for your friendship on a great day of fishing. 

Aug 16 Three generations of Losiers catch some big ones.  Jacque fishing with son, Colby and his father, Roger and their friend Bob Birch caught a 86lb Halibut and a 40lb Halibut.  Jacque said that they also caught a bunch of Coho and Crab.  Well done Guys.

SUMMARY: Fishing for Coho in the Douglas Channel will continue to be good throughout August.  As the run progresses more of the Coho will be migrating towards the river systems that they will eventually spawn in. We are seeing lots of Coho at the cleaning tables at both MK Bay Marina and Half Moon Bay Marina which means that the Kitimat Harbour Fishery is starting to heat up.  Every boat we talked to this weekend had caught Coho.  Lots of Coho.   Stay Tuned to this report because the results to date are shaping up to be an outstanding Coho season at this end of the Douglas Channel. 

Halibut and Bottom fishing is also very good right now.  It seems that when the Salmon runs are strong, everything seems to be more bountiful as well.  Mother Nature is certainly working her magic with this year's Douglas Channel stocks.




Aug 9 Glen Kilcup jet-boating one of the rivers down the Douglas Channel limited out on Coho in a few minutes.  Glen says, “ We traveled a long distance to one of my Coho rivers. We set traps for crab and prawn and no sooner we were heading up river and the rain came down big time! It was a 15 minute run up and it rained so hard that I couldn't hardly see to negotiate the river, and the river almost blew out before we hit our destination...The spot we stopped at had a nice clean seam from a small stream coming in and this was virtually all that was available. Well, within 5 minutes we ALL limited out and the trip was made! Pictures weren't that good because of rain. We touched on 10 or12 fish and that was our day. The crab gods released 22 crabs for us and what a total feast tonight.”

We have many available days during the peak season in the Douglas Channel right now and many open days in September for Coho drift boat trips. We would be more than happy to provide an awesome Fishing experience on the Douglas Channel or on the Kitimat River for any anglers interested.  Anglers wishing to book a trip with us, please contact Noel Gyger

The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby is coming up on September 5th and 6th.  It is an outstanding event and prizes have been increased to be enjoyed by all the participants.  For interested anglers from out of town, Derby tickets can be purchased by calling the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce with a Credit Card. Cast here to see the poster  Please contact the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce at 250 632 6294 Toll Free 1-800-664-6554 or email address

Thank You to everyone for submitting pictures for this report.

Hope you all enjoyed the report.
"Big Fish and Big Smiles"


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