Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Tackle Van and Bait Shop’s Fishing Report Sept 4 to 10th

PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Addison Bradley,10 years old is proudly holding a 6.5 lb Coho he caught on a Kitimat spoon.  Well done Addison!  Congratulations!  Addison is fishing with his parents and grandparents.  It is always refreshing to witness and report 3 generations of a family enjoying the passion of fishing. It is not only the fishing but more importantly the special family time together.  I especially enjoy the fish story that accompanies the meal of who caught the fish on the plate.  Well done everyone!

Sept 4 Marc Girard, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters launched this morning at 7:30 with our clients Luc Lunthier and Vojtech Choleva.  This picture of Vojtech holding his intended victim was text to me posted to this report at 8:00AM this morning.  It doesn’t get any better or more live than than this.  Congratulations Vojtech on your catch and Thank You for releasing this Coho for someone else to catch.  Well done everyone!

Sept 4 (continued) Luc Lunthier holding his bright Coho he caught this morning.  Congratulations Luc.

Sept 4 Dan Patchett, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fished with Dave Johnston and John Elrick.  They landed 6 Coho on their 1/2 Day Driftboat trip.  Congratulations everyone!  “The Lucky High Five” is working!

Sept 6 I had the pleasure of drifting with Sharon and Wayne and my good friend, Lisa Sailor.
This fishing saga started off as “Ronda and the Mermaids and a guy named Wayne”.  It soon morphed into “Captain Ron, Grasshopper, Nana Spice Girl and a guy named Wayne”.  Wayne remaining the calming influence in the group.  You really had to be there to appreciate the high and lows of our adventure.  We hooked 5 Coho on our morning drift and landed 2.  Suffices to say, we had an amazing time that was filled with thrill and heart ache, success and defeat but all the while full of fun and laughter.  As we travel life’s path, there are a few special people that leave a impression on our hearts…this was a very special group.
It was on Sharon’s bucket list to catch a Coho.  Sharon hooked at least 3 Coho and landed 2.  Sharon commented that “her bucket was full!”.    Fishing allows us all to create a “page in our history book of life, that is special to those who participate”.  Thank You to Sharon, Wayne and Lisa for creating a very special page in mine and I hope I helped create a special one in yours!  May God Bless you all!

Sept 6 My daughter, Michelle Wakita drifted with Terrence Reynolds and her good friends, Claire Heenan and Kerri Beale who are visiting from England.  I was on the river ahead of them and we  heard this group’s laughter coming from a mile away.  A Father can  recognize his daughter’s laugh in an instant.  As they passed us, I nicknamed this group, “T and the mermaids”.   A while later as I  took this photo, I thought I should re-name this group, “T and the Merry Mermaids”.   They looked very happy with the Coho they just landed.  The proof is in their smiles.  I am not sure how many more fish they caught but judging from all the laughing going on, they were definitely having fun!  If their objective was to catch Coho. spend quality time with friends and have fun.  Mission Accomplished!  Well done everyone!

Sept 7 Dan Patchett fishing with our clients, Rainer Lippmann and his Grandson 9 year old Damian on our Special 1/2 Day Driftboat offer of 300.00 for 2 people.  Rainer surprised Damian by providing him with a Driftboat trip down the Kitimat River.  Damian wanted to catch his first Coho.  Mission accomplished!  Congratulations Damian!  It wasn’t bigger than your Grandpa’s but I am sure there will be more opportunities to accomplish this feat.  Well done everyone!

Sept 8 I had the pleassure of drifting with my good friends, Brad McKinnon, Lisa Sailor and Frazer.
We landed 4 Coho botched 4 and 4 released themselves.  Losing Coho is a reality when Coho fishing but it provides awesome content to trash talk your friends.  I was only kidding about phoning Man power to get “new front seat crew”.  It was all in fun and we had an awesome day on the Kitimat River.  Thanks for an awesome day.

Sept 8 Chrissy Begus and Ryan Brun caught this massive Coho on their driftboat trip with Pro Guide, Marc Girard.  Chrissy and Ryan are from Calgary and were kind enough to share the head of this Coho with me to use as Crab bait for one of my Crab traps.  I reciprocated by providing them with a Crab feed for their timely generousity.  Congratulations and Bon Apetite!

Sept 9 I had the pleasure of fishing with Brad McKinnon and Lisa Sailor.  Lisa postponed her flight home to fish an extra day and to spend more quality time with her niece, Jalisa who runs our Mobile Fishing Tackle Van.  I think there was more emphasis on the former.  We landed 4 Coho on this morning’s drift and only lost one.  The “hooked to landed ratio” was a lot higher today mostly due to the lessons learned from the day before.  There is a learning process required in any fishery and sometimes the best teacher is making mistakes.  Review, Critique and Correct.  We corrected and the proof is in the smiles!  Well done team!

Sept 9 Adam Legge drifted with his lovely fishing partner, Cindy.  Cindy is holding one of the bright Coho they caught on their evening drift.  Adam is an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters and he was doing a Pre-client trip in preparation for some client trips we have coming up. Adam was also spending some quality time with his favorite fishing partner.  This was a dual purpose Driftboat trip with a higher emphasis on the latter.   Adam and Cindy hooked 12 Coho and kept 3.  Well done!
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Sept 10 Jose Rego is photoed here with a Coho he caught at the Kitimat Pump House.  The angler who caught the other 2 was not available for the picture.  Congratulations Jose!

Douglas Channel

Sept 4  John from Blue Heron Charters provided these photos and comments, “Fishing with Lyle, Kenny, Joe, and Shoey for Coho Salmon and Dungeness crab.”  Congratulations everyone.
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Sept 4 Deke Witt provided this photo of a Halibut he caught today at Fish Trap.  Wow!  Nice Halibut Deke.  Well done!  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.