Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Tackle Van and Bait Shop’s Fishing Report Sept 18 to 24



Sept 18: Lisa, Fraser and I decided to do some multi-tasking  during our Drift on the lower Kitimat River. In addition to fishing we held a staff meeting, did some tackle testing, brain stormed some marketing strategy, travel and holiday planning and did a little trash talking in between hooking and landing Coho.  Jalisa was also developing her skills on the oars.  Captain Jalisa put Fraser and I on to 4 or 5 Coho.  Well done Captain Jalisa.


Sept 18 Jeremy Peters proudly holding a nice Coho he caught at Cable Car using a Blue and Purple Jig.  Well done Jeremy!  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

Sept 18 Pavel Konicek proudly holding a Coho he caught bar fishing at the Kitimat Pump House this afternoon.  Well done Pavel.

Note:  This was on of 3 Coho caught on this afternoon’s High Tide.

Sept 19 I had the pleasure of fishing with Zach Steele, Jason Tielker, Jon Turner.  We hooked a pile of Coho and landed 7.  Well done team!   It was a lot of fun fishing with you.   I hope your future is filed with many more fishing trips with big, bright fish.  Oh! and a bunch of fun filled Hockey Games.  Thank You for using our services.

Sept 20 Jalisa Schaber and I did a pre-client trip with our friends Tim and Karry from Alberta.  Jalisa would like to learn to row a Driftboat in addition to managing Ron’s Mobile Tackle and Bait Shop.  It is work in progress but Jalisa was on the oars when 2 Coho during this morning’s drift were hooked.
Tim and Karry were a lot of fun to fish and I think they look rather proud of themselves holding their catch.

Sept 21 I had the pleasure of fishing with Doug Fraser, Robert Hamaguchi and Rob Irvine.  These gentlemen were 3 fishing partners who have been very good friends for many years.   It was very obvious that enjoyed hanging out together, fishing and doing a little trash talking.  Doug, Bob and Rob kept 5 Coho at the time of this photo and then landed and kept another one on a fly to complete their daily limit of Coho.  Well done! Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for using our guiding services.


Sept 22 I drifted today with Diandra Daniels and Michael Frank.  We soon evolved to “Captain Michael and D the terminator.”  A fishing trip without some laughs is sometimes a fishing trip without fun.  There was no shortage of laughs, fun or fish.  We landed 6 Coho and had a lot of fun in the process.  Well done Team!  The “Lucky High Five worked!  Thank You for using our Guide services.

Sept 23 Diandra and Michael enjoyed their driftboat trip yesterday so much, they  booked our 1/2 Day Driftboat trip Special today.
We started our day with the “Lucky High Fives”, followed by the “Lucky M and M’s”.  According to my Grandson, Zander (almost 3 years old), the blue ones have super powers.  We hooked 5 Coho, landing 3.  Diandra and Michael were one Coho shy of their dailly quota.  Maybe I should have given them 2 blue M and M’s. 🙂   Diandra and Michael were a pleasure to fish with.  They were keen, enthusiastic and funny.  Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for using our Guide services.

Sept 23 Dustin Porter provided this photo of a large Coho he caught from his Driftboat using one of our Thunder Jigs.  These jigs were designed to catch fish and the proof is in the picture.  Congratulations Dustin!  Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.


This was an excellent week of Coho fishing on the Kitimat River as many anglers reported catching Coho all week.  It seemed that flash flood we experienced on the Kitimat River on Sept 11th prevented Coho from coming into the Kitimat River.  As the river level dropped and cleared up there were a lot of Coho in most of the popular spots on the Kitimat River especially in the lower and middle sections.  At the time of writing this summary, the Kitimat River water level spiked up 2 1/2′ and will shuffle Coho up river.  It is mirky right now and it looks like the Kitimat River will be high and dirty if this rain continues.  I suspect Coho fishing will be good when the water clarity is good.  This is typical this time of year.  I hope to report more Coho catches in the coming weeks but this will depend on the river conditions.

Douglas Channel

Not much to report from the Douglas Channel since Halibut season is closed to the recreation sector. There are still some late Coho and some feeder Chinook Salmon opportunities but salmon is over for most boaters.
It is been a very good season for Salmon and Halibut but sometimes all good things must come to an end.



Prince Rupert


Sept 18 Dave Eng of Sunrise Charters provided these photos and comments. “Still awesome Coho fishing here in Prince Rupert.”  I’ll say!  Wow!
Anyone wishing to Book a Coho fishing Trip of a Lifetime with Dave, please email Ron or call 250 632 1275

Sept 24