Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Tackle Van and Bait Shop Live Fish Report July 31- August 6

PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Rob Jones holding a red Chinook that he caught on a 1/2 Day Driftboat trip.  Rob was joined by our beautiful Lucky Charm, Jalisa Schaber.  More details below.

July 31: I had the pleasure of guiding Rob Jones on an afternoon drift on the last day of retention of Chinook on the Kitimat River.  Jalisa Schaber joined us on our drift as our “Lucky Charm”. Rob caught this pink at Haisla Bridge and had a few more on.  We were focusing on Chinook but we barbecued this Pink because it bit our hook and we were hungry for fresh fish…
After finishing our snack, we hooked this red Chinook on a Blue Scale Kwikfish K13.  Rob was pretty excited about his catch.  We hooked another Chinook which we lost at the boat that showed a flash of silver which was nice to see this time of year.   Thank You Rob for using our Guide Services and Thank You to Jalisa for providing some Good Luck!

July 31 Larry provided this photo and comment, “Brenden and Quinn with their first chinooks caught on July 31st across from on hatchery.”.  Congratulations Brenden and Quinn.  I am sure these Chinook are the first of many chinook in your futures.  Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

Aug 3 Lisa and Tim Brown took advantage of our 1/2 day Special Driftboat offer

Aug 4  Chase nailed his two pinks at the pumphouse on a pink jig.  Congratulations Chase!  Thank You for sharing your photos with our Fishing Report.

Aug 5 Marc Girard and I had the pleasure of guiding Cathy and Paul Row in one Driftboat and Scott and Linda Adamo in the other Driftboat down the lower Kitimat River.  Our Drift was full of fish, fun and a tonne of laughter. There were times when my stomach hurt, I was laughing so hard. Scott was in search of Walter, Paul went for a swim in his underwear, Cathy’s photo tells it’s own story and I was hoping to show the picture of Linda’s face while overcoming her dislike of holding a fish. This was amongst a whole lot of other wild and crazy antics.  If having fun while fishing was the goal.  Mission accomplished!
Fun people are what makes the world go round.  Having fun is contagious!
Anyone wishing to Book a Fun Fishing Driftboat Trip of a Lifetime please email Ron or call 250 632 1275 and ask for Marc, Dan, or Adam.

Aug 6 Pro Guide Marc Girard hosted our Fly fishing client, Doug Green on a Drift down the lower Kitimat River.  Doug was casting his own hand tied fly pattern and hooked, landed and released 2 Chum and 20 Pinks and this nice Coho.  Congratulations Doug on a great day of fly fishing.  Hooking and landing fish on one’s own hand tied fly pattern adds to your accomplishment of your day’s results.  Well done!

Anglers are reminded that Chinook closed on the Kitimat River on July 31st.  There are lots of Pinks being caught but as the river level dropped, the most productive time is fish was early mornings.  Those who did not like to get up early still caught fish but no where near the catch numbers of the morning crowd.
The odd fresh Chum is still being caught but the numbers of Chum that are coloured up far out number the the fresh ones.
Coho are being caught in higher numbers typical for this time of year.  There were 7 Coho caught at the lower, lower dike on Thursday and at least 4 or 5 Coho reported caught in the lower Kitimat every day this week.  Coho fishing in the Kitimat River is when the river level is low is an early morning fishery.  Early bird not only gets the worm but also catches Coho.  : )


July 31 John from Blue Heron Charters provided this photo and this comment,Fishing with Elmer and Joyce from Prince George today and catching Coho salmon along with the occasional pink”.  Elmer and Joyce will enjoy dining on their limit of 12 Crab that they caught today as well”.  Bon Apetite” and Congratulations on your catch!


Aug 3 John from Blue Heron said “fishing with Jennie, Clave, Larry, Diane, and Kelvin from Idaho; catching a lot of Coho salmon, and Dungeness crab today.”

Aug 5 John from Blue Heron Charters provided these photos and comment,Fishing with Tom and Larry today and catching Pacific Red Octopus and big salmon.”




Aug 3 Skeena springs caught by Dustin Porter and Seth Rupert today and above this photo is a picture of a Steelhead caught a week ago.  Wow!  Big and Bright!  Well done!  Thank You for sharing your photos with our Fishing Report.

Bulkey River 

Aug 1 Logan Moon and his father, Clint Moon and their good friend and fishing partner, Connor Muir are photoed here with some very nice Chinook they caught on the Bulkey River.  I have requested more details from them and I will update when I receive more info.