Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Tackle and Bait Shop’s Fishing Report Sept 11 to 18

PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Laurie and Lore Dallyn are proudly holding the Coho they caught on a drift with Ron Wakita.  For more details please see report below.

Sept 11 6:50 AM Picture taken from the Pump House of Big Spruce

Sept 11 The Kitimat River rose 4M (13′) in 12 hours and caught many campers and fishermen off guard.

Sept 12 8:52 As shown in the graph above, the kitimat River as dropped almost 3 mitres (10′) . The Kitimat River should be fishable by this after noon or probably already is up river.


Sept 13 9:00am: So far Lore and Laurie Dallyn have landed two of four coho caught on this mornings driftboat trip with Captain Ron. Stop in at Ron’s Bait Shop at 380 City Centre to find out what jig colors have been approved by the fish today!

Sept 13 (cont) Lore and Laurie ended the day with 3 Coho after hooking 5.  The river clarity wasn’t the best but we had a lot of fun drifting the Kitimat River and landed a few Coho in the process.  Lore and Laurie possessed incredible sense of humors which are key ingredients to having a fun day of fishing.  It was a lot of fun fishing with Laurie and Lore and I would like to Thank them for using our Guide services.

Sept 14: Michelle Peters caught her first Coho at the Kitimat River Pump House this evening on a Pink and White Jig.  This was Michelle’s frst Coho and she celebrated with a bag of Bits and Bites.  Congratulations Michelle and Bon Apetite!

Sept 14 Another Fisher Gal named Michelle proudly holding a Coho that was caught by her boyfriend in the Pumphouse pool this evening.  Congratulations!  Nice Coho.  The Kitimat River is dropping and fishable as demonstrated by this and the other Coho caught this evening.

Sept 15 10:30 AM Joyce Brushett holding a proudly Coho she caught at the Pumphouse pool.  Joyce usually catches bigger fish than her husband, Ron.  The streak continues.  Congratulations Joyce!  The Lucky High Five worked!

Sept 15: At 10:30 this morning both Coho were landed using Kitimat Copper 55’s at the Pumphouse. The morning bite this morning was off but high tide was at 10:15 today and produced 3 Coho at the time of this report entry.

Sept 16  The log jam above Wedeene is now open!  The flood blew out the log that was blocking this section of the Kitimat River for the last 5 years  I drifted it today for the first time in my Driftboat!

Sept 17: I had the pleasure of drifting with Jean Francois his favorite fishing partner, Solaine and her father Jean-Guy Bauchard on our 1/2 Day Special Driftboat promotion.  We hooked a bunch of Coho and landed 3.  Jean-Guy is visiting from out of province and the purpose of the trip was for him to catch some Coho to take home.  Jean-Guy not only caught his Coho but his rod was the “Hot Stick” of our drift.  Well one everyone and Thank You for using our guide services.

Sept 17 Joyce Brushett provided this photo and comment of her husband.  “Hey Ron check it out. Ron caught his Coho yesterday afternoon. Nice fish! Just looks like the seal went after his tail. Lol” Congratulations Ron!  You don’t eat the tail anyway…: )

Sept 17 (cont)  Joyce sent another picture and comment, ” Ron caught another Coho today. He is on a roll! Lol”.  Well done Ron.  You look pretty happy!


On September 11th the Kitimat River experienced a flash flood not seen in 30 years.  The Kitimat River usually floods but rarely does it come up as fast as it did.  4 metres in 12 hours! 12 people had to be rescued…2 by helicopter.   Thank God that no one was hurt or worse.

Not to undermine the significance that no one was hurt, there were a few positives during the flood.  The log jam above Wedeene River is now open.  There other positive is that all the remaining dead and decaying Pink carcasses have been washed out.

I pray that those whose motor homes, campers and trailers that were victims of this flash flood will be adequately compensated.  Moreover I think should all be Thankful that no one was hurt.

The Kitimat River has returned to normal conditions and there appears to be a lot of Coho that migrated into the Kitimat during the high water.  Coho fishing will continue to be good through September into October providing river conditions continue to be good.

The other hazard that all anglers are reminded of the increased presence of Bears on the river this time of year. Please be careful!

Blessings to all!


Douglas Channel 

Sept 15: This morning Deke caught  coho, “loaded with sea lice” on the rising tide.  Congratulations Deke!

Sept 15  John from Blue Heron Charters provided this photo and comment,  “Fishing with Craig and Paul from Prince George and catching Coho salmon and Dungeness crab”.  Congratulations Craig and Paul.  Well done everyone!
Anyone wishing to Saltwater Trip with John please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email

Sept 16 10:42 AM Jalisa fishing in the Kitimat Harbour with fellow Team member of Ron’s Mobile Tackle Van and Bait Shop, Deke Witt caught this nice Coho a few minutes ago.  This was one of a double header.  Werll done!  Well 1/2 of the job…Well Done!  : )
They landed this Coho while cooking crab.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Great Job Team!