Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Sept 24 to Oct 1

PHOTO OF THE WEEK;  Sept 24 DAVE ENG FROM SUNRISE CHARTERS out of Prince Rupert, ” Decent numbers of coho still around with some nice big northers being caught. Crabbing is picking back up and there are countless humpback whales in the area.”
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Sept 25 7:45 AM The Kitimat River water level is rising and starting to turn from a green to brown colour.  There was one Coho lost.

Sept 26 7:50AM Pump House The Kitimat River is still high today but the water clarity was good enough for this Pink to bite and Kitimat Spoon.

Sept 27 Glen Kilcup, Pro Guide from Kalum River Lodge, provided these photos of the Coho his clients caught on the Kitimat River.
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Sept 28 Makino Makoto and Jim Tsuchihiro from Japan, hosted by Kalum River Lodge and guided by Ron Wakita are proudly holding the Coho they caught on the Kitimat River.  Congratulations!
Makino and Jim were a pleasure to fish with and also made excellent “Iron Chefs” for a special lunch we prepared in the Driftboat.  We barbecued Makino’s Coho and made some “Ikura”. (salmon eggs in Japanese).  I passed on the Ikura but the Coho was excellent.  It doesn’t get any fresher!

Sept 29 I had the pleasure of fishing with Jim and Makino again today.  We hooked 3 Coho but only managed to land one.  The fishing conditions on the Kitimat River were far from optimal today as the river rose 20 inches and the water clarity was terrible.  One of the highlights on this rainy, wet day was Dungeness Crab, Kokoho Rose rice and Kikomman soy sauce with hot Campbell’s Seafood chowder soup for lunch.  We are now the “Kikomann Fishing Team!”  🙂

Sept 30 The “Kikomann Fishing Team!”, Jim and Makino from Japan hooked 8 Coho today landing 5.  While Kikomann Soy Sauce was our lucky charm, the star of today was a Japanese lure made by Daiwa called a Chinook spoon 17gr.  This spoon hooked 6 of the 8 Coho we hooked toady.  It fished like Gibbs Croc 3/8 to 1/2 oz rainbow spoon and the Coho sure liked it today.  Well done Jim and Makino.  Congratulations on a fun day of fishing on the Kitimat River.
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Oct 1: Milo Kaselak Jr. and Sr.hooked into 4 Coho and landed one this afternoon drifting the Kitimat River with Ron. The Kitimat River is cleaning up nicely and the fish are moving.  The final count was 8 Coho hooked, 3 landed and kept 3.  Congratulations!  The Kitimat River was clearing up all day.


The Kitimat River was high and dirty during the beginning of this week and steadily dropped all week. 
Most of the Coho were caught above Hirsch Creek and in the clean water created by the Wedeenes and Humphrys Creek.  The main river and the tributaries on the east side (highway side) of the Kitimat River were either dirty or murky most of the Week.  The weather forecast for this coming week is favorable so anglers wishing to catch Coho, this week will provide some good opportunities because the Kitimat River has a good numbers in some specific holes through out the Kitimat system.  The Coho run appears to be late judging by the number of bright fish to coloured ratio.  Many other anglers made the same observation and our plan is to fish for Coho as long the fish are bright and the river stays clean.
Best of Luck everyone!

Douglas Channel

Sept 26 John for Blue Heron Charters provided this photo and comment, “Fishing and sightseeing with Ramona and Charmaine and catching Yellow Eye rock fish and Dungeness crab.”
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The Salmon fishing in Douglas Channel is pretty much over except for some feeder Chinook opportunities.  All in all it was an awesome season of fishing in the Douglas Channel.  Thank You to everyone who contributed to our Fishing Report.