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Mike Herzberg

Mike is Reliable Guide and Charter’s Top Guide; he was born and raised in Kitimat and has fished the Kitimat River for over thirty one years.
Mike approaches fishing with a methodical, thoughtful method and is considered one of the finest anglers on the Kitimat River.
Mike has evolved several techniques for fishing the Kitimat River that have proven to be so effective that many other anglers have adopted them as well.
Mike is meticulous to detail and is always eager to try new products or techniques to increase catch rates. If you were ever to speak to Mike about fishing, his passion for fishing would be noticeably prevalent in the conversation. Mike has a 16′ Crakercraft Drfitboat which is joy to fish out of.
Mike takes pride in his guiding and fishing ability and his catch results speak for themselves.

We are proud to have Mike Herzberg on the Reliable Guide and Charters Team.

Mike Herzberg

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