LIVE FISHING REPORT : Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending SEPT 3/2023

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK Aug 27 Eric Whyte fishing with his wife, Kristin and daughters, Abigail (pink and blue hoodie) and  Allison Whyte (grey t shirt) caught these beautiful Kitimat River Coho fishing down at the Lower Dike.

Aug 27 Congratulations Ladies and Dad.on your catch.  It is always refreshing to watch the whole family enjoy fishing the Kitimat River.  Well done everyone and Thank You for sharing your pictures with our Fishing Report



Aug 28 Eric Whyte fishing with his wife, Kristin and daughters Abigail & Allison landed 4 Coho and lost 6  today. “Hoochies for the win!”  Wow!  Well done everyone!  Your family is on a roll!
Congratulations!  Thank You for sharing your pictures with our Fishing Report!

Aug 29 Christina McDaniel her son, AJ fished with Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters, Jacob.
They fished with us earlier in the season but wanted to come back and catch some Coho.
Mission accomplished!  Well done everyone and Thank You for using our Guide Services.


Aug 30 I had the pleasure of fishing with Sharon and Cardon Raquet.  We caught a whole bunch of pinks and had an amazing time in the process.  We were hoping for Coho but only had one on and lost it.  Sometimes it is making the best out what the Fish Gods provides and enjoy the experience.
Thank You for using our Guide Services and for a great day full of fun and laughter!.

Aug 31 Carrie and Pete from Yellowknife provided these photos and comments,
“We were evacuated from Yellowknife because of wildfires and have been road warrior nomads for the past two weeks and wandered down to Kitimat (where my uncles and grandfather worked in the ‘70s). With Ron’s advice on tides, tackle, and techniques, we were able to catch this delicious salmon in the Kitimat River. She fought like crazy and did not disappoint for our first coho. We made sashimi with it that night. The best fish we’ve ever had. Gibbs Koho copper 65 cm. Aug 31, 2023 in the afternoon, just after peak high tide.
Pete and Carrie, Yellowknife, NWT”
It appears that Pete and Carrie have made the best out of a difficult time in their lives.
Well done and Congratulations on your Coho.  We are pleased to have been apart of making your stay in Kitimat more enjoyable.
Bon Apetite!
Ron and Staff


We received four 19.7′ High tides this week on Aug 31 and Sept 1st which sparked a bunch of Coho into the Kitimat River. With record low river heights. the usual increased numbers of Coho that would normally run during these exceptionally high tides were slightly delayed intil the high tides peaked during the full moon..
Better late than never especially considering the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Coho Derby is happening this Labour Day weekend.
Derby tickets must be purchased on Friday to enter Coho on Saturday and Sunday. Derby Tickets purchased on Saturday are only eligible to weigh in Coho on Sunday.
Anglers are also reminded that Bait is open September 1st for salmon but not to target Trout or Steelhead.
Good Luck everyone!



PHOTO OF THE WEEK Aug 28 Curtis Nevraumont from Fishwestcoast Sportfishing Adventures provided this photo and comment, “Outstanding fishing on the Douglas Channel right now, lots of action for Halibut, Coho and other bottomfish.  Please see a few pics from this weekend and just check out those smiles! Fishwestcoast”  Wow!  Congratulations everyone.  Impressive catch!  Great Job Skipper!

. August 30-Blue Heron Charters Fishing with Zane from Vanderhoof and catching SeaBass.

Sept 3 Vienna Michelle, Chase, Brandon Pa Pa.

2023_September 3- John @ Blue Heron Charters; Gary, Andrew, Graham, and Rae; 85 lb halibut caught on salmon belly rig; flat water and blue skies.

Coho fishing in the Kitimat Harbour at Cleo Point has been very good especially early, early in the morning. Sue Channel and Money Point has been Hot and Cold.
Halibut continues to be good especially in the outer waters.
Good Luck to everyone who entered the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby!