LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending June 26 2021

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK: June 20 Roman Maskulka holding a beautiful Kitimat River Hatchery Chinook over the 80 cm Retention size for the Kitimat River.  Roman caught and released this beauty at the Lower Dike on a Flame/Chartreuse Spin n Glo.  Congratulations Roman.
We are attempting to demonstrate Stock abundance of large Hatchery Chinook returning to the KItimat River in an effort to possibly get an opening for retention of Hatchery Chinook of any size in the future.  Anglers are requested to help by emailing Chinook pictures to or texting them to 250 632 1275.  Please include your name and location of where you caught your Chinook.

Anglers are reminded to keep Chinook being released in the water as much as possible when releasing the over sized Chinook..

June 20 Ryan Yamada photo’d with his daughter, Amaya and a  77cm, male Chinook he caught at the Lower dyke with an orange yellow spin n glow with a pink hoochie.
What an awesome Dad/daughter moment on Fathers Day!  Well done!

June 22 Richard Moretti, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters on a personal drift with his good friend, Lisa provided this photo and comments, “Caught last night (wild ) but 78 cms! That is my good friend Lisa on her birthday won’t say her age, smarter than that…She was a true champion… Off to work this morning ☹️Caught on blue magoo coho flats”
Congratulations Lisa.  Well done!

June 23 Colin Hamilton proudly holding holding a couple very impressive Kitimat River Chinook.I believe Colin and fishing partner, Greg Buck hooked 7 Chinook in the upper Kitimat River.  “Greg got an early Birthday Fish!  Happy Birthday Greg.  Congratulations Colin.  Well done!  Nice looking Fish!  Thank You for sharing with our Fishing Report.

June 25 Addison Bradley fishing with his father, Jodie Bradley and Grandfather, Kurt Anderson landed and retained this beautiful 76cm Chinook on a fly.  Well done Addison.  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing this awesome family moment with our Fishing Report. 3 Generations of Chinook Fly Anglers.  Very Impressive!

June 25 I had the pleasure of fishing with Dwanne Folk during an evening drift on Half Day Driftboat Special.  $300.00 for 2 Clients.
Our Special Rate will end on June 30th.  Will honor all Bookings made prior to June 30th.
Dwanne caught and retained this 76cm Chinook.  Congratulations Dwanne and Thank You for using our Guide Services.


The exceptional hot weather combined with the larger than normal snow pack is causing less than optimal fishing conditions on the Kitimat River.

Nevertheless, the Chinook anglers who persisted and who have the knowledge of fishing in these conditions continued to catch Chinook albeit the catch numbers were definitely not as good as they would be if the conditions were better.
When the river height rises due to snow melt, the river rises most of the night and drops during the day.  Smart money says, when the conditions are like this, fish during the late afternoon early evening when the river is at it’s lowest and cleanest.
Our website has a link to the Kitimat River water level website.

NEW ROAD INTO LOWER DIKE.  Avoids Construction area.  NO RESTRICTION IN TIME OR ACCESS.  You can drive in any time.  


June 20 Medrick Robinson proudly photo’d with his lovely Mom, Rose and his Dad, Sammy Robinson on Fathers Day.  An Awesome Family moment!  Well done everyone and Thank You for sharing your photo and Family moment with our Fishing Report!


June 21 Stan caught this beauties in.Sue Channel.  Well done Stan!  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

June 22 Jim Monk, Jimmy Swejda, Gage Swejda and Tenny Swejda proudly standing with their catch. Well done everyone.  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

June 22 Brad Boyce provided this photo and comment. “We ran into the 1st tanker last night! Buddy’s 1st and oh boy was he excited!   Was 129 cm” Caught in Eagle Bay. Congratulations everyone!  Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

The Halibut, bottomfishing, prawning and crabbing in the Douglas Channel has been very good.  Chinook seems to be hot in certain areas and cold in other areas where they are normally caught this time of year.  Especially the Kitimat Harbour Chinook Fishery.  This area has been spotty at best which can be explained by the high Kitimat River water levels.  Typically when the Kitimat River is high, the Chinook do not mill around in the Harbour for any length of time.
Most boaters are catching their Halibut first and then going after the Chinook.
Either way, the exception weather is providing awesome conditions for boaters to be out on the Douglas Channel.