LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending June 19 2021


PHOTO OT THE WEEK: KITIMAT RIVER: June 17. Ryan Yamada proudly holding a very nice Kitimat River Chinook he landed at the Big Spruce using a Flame Chartreuse Spin n Glo while Bar Fishing.  Congratulations Ryan!  Well done.  Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report Amaya will be proud of her Dad! 🙂


June 16 Chad Gerspacher proudly holding a very nice Chinook which measured just under the 80 cms retention size of Chinook for the Kitimat River.  Ryan was fishing at the  Lower Dyke using a Black and Orange Spin n Glo with an orange flat spot!
Anglers are reminded of the One Chinook per day under 80cms limit on the Kitimat River.  Must be recorded on your license immediately after the “High Fives” Congratulations Chad!
Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.
Worthy on note that both the morning tide and the evening tides have been producing Chinook all week..

June18 Yaishia-Wishlow photo’d with daughter, Linlee with a 79.5 cm Chinook caught at the Big Spruce on a Pearl Clown Spin n Glo.  Photo provided by Arnie Nagy, father and grandfather to the Lucky anglers. Arnie also landed a Chinook.  Congratulations Everyone!  Thank You for sharing your family moment with our Fishing Report.

June 18 Kaylen Turner caught this beauty at Big Spruce just under 80cms.  Congratulations Kaylen!  Well done!  Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

June 20 Roman Maskulka  Lower kitimat 🙂 bar fishing with a Lettuce and tomato spin and glow.  Well done Roman. Thank You sharing you photo with our Fishing Report.

July 18 Oar found on the Kitimat River. Owner please call Dino 250 639 3871


Early this week the Kitimat River produced lots of Chinook on both morning and evening high tides.  When the weather turned to Blue Sky and hot temperatures, the resulting snow melt caused the river to rise and turn murky and at times brown.  This caused the catch numbers to decrease to only a few.  This disappointed many Chinook anglers but considering the size of the snow pack still up in the mountains we can more of the same if the temperatures stay hot.  On a positive note, we have some exceptionally high tides which will peak at 20.3′.  I predict a bump of Chinook will migrate into the Kitimat River during these high tides regardless of the height or clarity of the river.
Stay tuned!

NEW ROAD INTO LOWER DIKE.  Avoids Construction area.  NO RESTRICTION IN TIME OR ACCESS.  You can drive in any time.  




June 17 evening Barkley Manderson holding a beautiful Douglas Channel Chinook he caught trolling a blue hooche at 45 feet in front of the Kitimat River mouth.  Congratulations Barkley and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.
The Kitimat Harbour fishery has been late to get started but it is starting to happen now.  There is a growing high tide which peaks on June 25th at 20.3′.  I predict that there will be a bump of Chinook caught during this time.  If tradition holds true, I suspect we will see a bunch of killer whales in the Kitimat Harbour as well.
Stay tuned!

Chinook fishing in the Douglas Channel continues to be good with Chinook being caught on both channels.  Fish Trapp has been the best on Devastation side and south Sue Channel has the best on Douglas side.
The Kitimat Harbour has also been decent but not outstanding numbers.  This is common when the Kitimat River is high.  Chinook don’t mill around the Harbour as much when the Kitimat River is high.
Timing is everything!