LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending July 25 2021

KITIMAT RIVER: PHOTO OT THE WEEK: Kirsten Kuny proudly holding a Chinook that we estimated would weigh just over 30lbs.  Woo Hoo!  Great Job Princess Kirsten!  Also affectionately known as “Iron Chef Kirsten”.  I  had the pleasure of also fishing with Kirsten’s brother, Ian Kuny and Kirsten’s new boyfriend, Andrew.
Kristen and Ian’s parents, Michelle and Brad Kuny are very, very good family friends.  Accordingly, I consider Kirsten and Ian are part of my family.
In addition to the fishing, the story line of our Drift also included the “Uncle Ron’s Kirsten’s new boyfriend test”.  I clearly detailed in the Pretrip session that Andrew could earn either “Prince Andrew” status or at the other end of the spectrum “SHx?T Head” status.  Depending on his fishing ability and my observation of his behavior and treatment of Kristen, I would rate his performance.  Please see Full Fishing Report below to see how our Story ends.

Ian Kuny kindly holding a 86cm Chinook for his sister!  What a nice Big Brother!  Congratulations Kirsten and Ian was very proud of his little sister. : )

“Prince Andrew” proudly holding a Chinook just over 20lbs that he landed on our morning drift.  Landing this Chinook and some affectionate gestures and kindness towards Kirsten earned Andrew the “Prince Andrew” status.
The Uncle Ron fishing chapter in Princess Kirsten and Prince Andrew’s lives is written with a Happy Ending.  The rest of their story is yet to be told.
Congratulations to everyone!  It was a lot of fun fishing with you and Thank You for creating a fishing page in my family history book of life that I will always cherish…
Uncle Ron.

This Awesome picture that captured our “5 Star” Lunch on the Kitimat.was taken by Clint Travis who we shared our lunch with…  A Big Thank You and Lots of Love to my daughters, Julie and Michelle and Michelle Kuny for preparing this gourmet Lunch.
Thank You to Clint for helping to preserve an amazing memory by taking this photo. This group is very Special to me as I have known them since they were infants..
We landed 3 for 3 Chinook we hooked on our morning drift!  Great Job Team!
July 19:  Wendy Courtice, more affectionately known as “The Pink Lady” text me this photo with this comment,
“This picture is:of Christa Pooley from Quesnel BC.  Avid fly fisher girl.  2nd year fishing the river!  Follows your report religiously!  Lovingly called GG “Gear girl!.  Chinook caught by tied flys by Neil Courtice.
Thanks for the visit and for always sharing your knowledge of the river!  Great friend.  The KItimat is a great river.  You are always welcoming and making us feel at home.  Thank You for always sharing your knowledge . We appreciate you Ron!”
July 19 Neil and Wendy Courtice proudly photoed with a Chinook Neil landed with his Spey Rod.- Congratulations Neil.
July 20  Neil Courtice proudly holding another Chinook he landed with his hand tied fly.  Well done .
July 19 Rachelle Welda and Stephane Sauvee proudly holding a couple of Pinks of many more hooked on our evening drift on the KItimat.  Well done!  Congratulations and Thank You for using our Guiding Services. It was a lot of fun fishing with you both!
July 20 In this photo is Danielle Weightman and Jake Entz holding a very large Chum Danielle landed on our 1/2 Day morning Drfitboat trip.  We also hooked a bunch of Pinks during our Drift   Congratulations to Danielle and Jake for your catch and Thank You using our Guiding Services.
July 20 Teresa Waddington proudly holding her husband, Andrew’s Birthday Purdy Chinook.   Andrew had another big, bright Chinook on that gave Andrew had an awesome fight until it decided to release itself.
Our mission during our evening drift was to land  a Birthday Chinook on Andrew’s Birthday and to celebrate with Purdy’s chocolate.  Mission Accomplished!
Happy Birthday Andrew!

July 21 I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike Wagmann and Aaron Austin on a morning drift.  Mike this landed this beauty during our drift and we we had a lot of fun.  Congratulations Mike.
We also hooked a bunch of Pinks and had one for lunch.
Thank You for using our Guide Services.
July 22  Amaya  Yamada proudly holding a Pink she caught using a pink jig with a pink Shrimp tail made by Vision hooks.
Congratulations Amaya!  Atta Girl!  Thank You for sharing your picture with our Fishing Report.

July 22 Zack Sanchioni caught these nice Chinook fishing the upper Kitimat (washouts) using B n R soft-beads-14mm.  Well Done Zack and Thank You for sharing your photos with our Fishing Report.

July 24 Luke Hodgson proudly holding a 100.5 Hatchery Chinook (adipose fin clipped).  Congratulation Luke!
Luke text me a picture of this Hatchery Chinook for the purpose of possibly getting an opening to retain a Hatchery Chinook in the future.  I forward this picture to Vince Sealy for his records in the Salmon Enhancement Program.
All anglers are asked to help by texting pictures of large Hatchery Chinook to Ron 250 632 1275 or email to  Please include your name, size of the Chinook and contact info.
Please also return any heads of Hatchery Chinook under the legal retention size to the Kitimat River Hatchery or Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop..
This is an excellent time to be fishing the Kitimat River.  There lots of Pinks migrating through the lower Kitimat on every rising tide.  It appears that the afternoon tideS out fished the morning tides this week. 
The Chum stocks have been depressed in recent years but Chum are starting to show better numbers in the runs where they traditional hold.  The Lower Dike, Railway run, Coho Flats, Cable Car,  Powerlines, Wedeene are producing Chum albeit not in the numbers we witnessed in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  I believe, in time the Kitimat Hatchery management and staff will rebuilt the Chum stock back up to the numbers in the glory years.
Chinook are being caught throughout the entire Kitimat River right up to the 18 mile bridge.  The Chinook are starting to change to spawning colours with fewer and fewer bright Chinook being observed.  Black spin n glos with glow hoochie, Black Jigs or 2 toned Black is the ticket for Chinook late in the season.
Anglers are reminded that Chinook closes for retention on midnight of July 31st.  Catch em while you can!
July-22 Todd Haynes owner of Nautical Sport Fishing provided these photos and comment, “Guests from Hinton and Pemberton get hooked up with there limit of Halibut and Salmon”  Congratulations Everyone and Thank You for your awesome photos with our Fishing Report.”
The Douglas Channel is starting to produce more and more Coho as well some large Chinook.  The same quirky thing happened last year when some boaters caught more large Chinook in Coho season than they did in Chinook season.  Mother Nature works in mysterious ways!
Halibut and Bottomfish has been fairly consistent  throughout this season and typically at this time of year, this end of the channel gets better because as the Spawned out Pinks, Chum and Chinook start washing out the river and creek mouths, Halibut and other bottomfish migrate up this end of the channel.
Smart money says, “Why burn the fuel to travel out to fish for Halibut when eventually they migrate closer”.
$1000.00 Firm
Please view at 31 Raley St.
Call Ron 250 632-1275 or email
This Poster is part of a campaign that Kitimat Search and Rescue, Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop organized and ran last last year. Most of the River Guides and many others participated as well.
We are all hoping to continue to raise the level of Public Awareness of  Water Safety on the Kitimat River and Douglas Channel in the minds and behavior of the Sport Fishing Community in our area this year.The most significant priority last year was to involve the kids in our lives to help change the culture of water safety in our area.  Our culture, attitude and behavior with Seat belts changed because involvement of our kids.  We told our kids to put their seat belts on  and every time we forgot, they reminded us to do the same.  Our kids became and still are the “Seat Belt Police in our lives”.
Accordingly we are hoping the kids become the “Wading belt and Life Jacket Police in the lives of the Sport Fishing Community.  Hence the Nick Contract.
The involvement of the kids is still the priority this year and in the future.  Ron’s Mobile Fishing TACKLE and Bait Shop are still handing out the Nick Contracts.(below)  Please pick one up or print from one from this Fishing Report.  We are requesting that anglers and loved ones to sign the contract and then to pin the contract onto the fridge door as a reminder to wear their wading belts and their Life Jackets.  The Contact between Angler and Loved Ones clearly states the reasons why..