LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending July 18 2021

July 11
Brian and Evelyn Huffman holding a 99 cms Chinook they caught and released on their 1/2 Day Drift with Ron (me).  This is one of those special moments when the Fish Gods bless you with a priceless moment.  Even the lighting was outstanding in that moment. Congratulations and Thank You to Brian and Evelyn for using our Guiding Services.

July11 Jason Olson proudly holding a Kitimat Hatchery Chinook 90cms he caught on the Hatchery Island.  Congratulations  Jason and Thank You for providing your Photo of this large Hatchery Chinook.
We are attempting to demonstrate Stock abundance of large Hatchery Chinook returning to the KItimat River in an effort to possibly get an opening for retention of Hatchery Chinook of any size in the future.  Anglers are requested to help by emailing Chinook pictures to or texting them to 250 632 1275.  Please include your name, phone number and location of where you caught your Chinook.  Please be advised I will also text these photos to Vince Sealy, Kitimat Hatchery Manager.

July-12-Mathias Luis, staff member of Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop proudly holding a  91cms Chinook he caught with a Gibbs 1oz gold Ironhead on the Railway run.
Congratulations Mathias.  Well Done!


July13 Mathias Tait holding a 80.2cm Chinook he caught and released fishing with Corey Wakita at the gun barrels on personal drift.  Mathias Luis was also in the driftboat.  They landed one Chinook for one Chinook hooked.  Corey commented that he would prefer going one for one than zero for four hooked.
Congratulations Mathias!  Good Job to the M and M team!

July-15 Tim Newman text me this comment and photo of his son.  “Charles crushed a 32 lber before we left for home.”
Well Done Charles!  Congratulations

July 15  I had the pleasure of fishing with Tracy Hendsbee and Ben Waggener on a two day River booking.  We hooked 3 Chinook and landed this beautiful 86 cm Chinook.  We also landed 4 pinks and a lot of fun in the process.

July 16 Tracy Hendsee and Ben Waggener holding the two Chinook they landed during their second day Drifting the Kitimat River.  We hooked 2 other Chinook and a whole bunch of Pinks.
and had way too much fun in the process.  The storyline of our trips included Paper Pushing Princess and Prince Peanut Head/ Iron Chef Ben and Ron the Fisher Guy!
The Story has a Happy Ending with some awesome memories of fun. laughter and some very nice, big fish.
A Big Shout Out Hello and Lots of Love to Tracy’s Mom and Dad from Tracy.
Thank You to Tracy and Ben for a couple of very fun days of fishing with you and Thank You for using our Guide Service.

July 17 Steve Pisistratus came into our Tackle Store at 8:30 and purchased the material to tie some jigs but he forgot his vise..  His plan was to tie some jigs while bar fishing down at the Lower Dike on the tide.  I lent him my vise so Steve bought me a Large Decaf 1/4 French Vanilla to say, “Thank You”
For those who believe in Karma.  After I gave him our Lucky High Five.  Steve went down to the Lower Dike and caught 2 pinks and this chum.  He was back at the store before 10:00 am to take this photo.

July 16 Courtney Leclair fishing with Pro Guide, Corey Wakita for Reliable Guide and Charters on a personal trip landed this Coho at Hirsch Creek on an evening drift with Mathias Tait and Kayla Brandenbarg.  This was Courtney’s first salmon.  Congratulations!  Well done everyone.  This group also lost a Chinook on their drift.


2021_July-15-Lorne Wood Ryan Wood Ryland Fyndlay Pro Guide Thanks again for the booking on short notice. Ryland was a great guide .jpg


The Kitimat River this week produced all 5 species of Salmon  this week.  Chinook, Chum, Pinks, Coho and Sockeye.
The Kitimat Hatchery estimates there are aproximatley 1000 to 1500 Sockeye return to the Kitimat River and tributaries.
Chinook are starting to show some colour while Silver Chinook are still coming in on the rising tides.
Pinks are the star attraction this week.  Fishing for Pinks is very popular with the kids and now many Moms and Grandmas are starting to get in on the action.  You Go Girls!
Chum are also starting to show.  The Kitimat Hatchery are working very hard to rebuild the Chum stocks.  Hopefully this year we will see the results of the efforts of our Kitimat Hatchery management and staff. Please show Your appreciation to the Hatchery management and staff by returning the heads of all Salmon with the Adipose fin clipped to the Kitimat River Hatchery or to Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle amd Bait Shop.


This Poster is part of a campaign that Kitimat Search and Rescue, Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop organized and ran last last year. Most of the River Guides and many others participated as well.
We are all hoping to continue to raise the level of Public Awareness of  Water Safety on the Kitimat River and Douglas Channel in the minds and behavior of the Sport Fishing Community in our area this year.The most significant priority last year was to involve the kids in our lives to help change the culture of water safety in our area.  Our culture, attitude and behavior with Seat belts changed because involvement of our kids.  We told our kids to put their seat belts on  and every time we forgot, they reminded us to do the same.  Our kids became and still are the “Seat Belt Police in our lives”.
Accordingly we are hoping the kids become the “Wading belt and Life Jacket Police in the lives of the Sport Fishing Community.  Hence the Nick Contract.
The involvement of the kids is still the priority this year and in the future.  Ron’s Mobile Fishing TACKLE and Bait Shop are still handing out the Nick Contracts.(below)  Please pick one up or print from one from this Fishing Report.  We are requesting that anglers and loved ones to sign the contract and then to pin the contract onto the fridge door as a reminder to wear their wading belts and their Life Jackets.  The Contact between Angler and Loved Ones clearly states the reasons why..




PHOTO OF THE WEEK: July 18 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sportfishing provided this photo and comment, “Our quests from Prince George hook up with a couple of coolers full of their great catch.  This halibut measured 129 cms.”.  Well done Skipper!  Congratulations Everyone!
Anyone wishing to book a Saltwater Charter of a Lifetime, please email Ron at or call Ron 250 632 1275.

July-18-Andreas Handl of KingFish Adventures text me these photos of his clients trips this week.  No details but the pictures speak for themselves.
Anyone wishing to book a Saltwater Trip of a Lifetime please email Ron at or call 250 632 1275