LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending July 18/2020

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK: July 15 Nathan Heit’s Group Photo at the Lower Lower dyke today July 15th 8am starting front the left Michelle behind David to the right Oliver behind is Mike and then far right me Nathan.  Wow!  Congratulations Everyone!  Well done!  Thank You so much for sharing your Group Photo with our Fishing Report!


July 13 Marie the Pretty French Fly Fisher Girl proudly holding the first and second Salmon she caught fly fishing the Kitimat River on the very first time fly fishing for Salmon.  Wow!  A Chinook and a Pink Salmon on your first time fly fishing for Salmon.  Congratulations Mary!  Well done!
Mary came into our Tackle Store with a floating line  on her fly reel which is not best suited for fishing our river.  We changed her line to a WF Sinking tip fly line and installed a butt section and looped in a level 15lb leader with a Pink Egg Sucking Leech with bunny tail fly. After a few pointers Mary hit the Kitimat River and the amazing results are in the picture.  It was a pleasure to help Marie evolve as a Fly Fisher.  Her passion and enthusiasm for fishing is infectious.  Very well done!

July13  Dean Girard (top photo) holding a 78 cm Kitimat Hatchery Chinook he caught fishing with Pro Guide, Marc Girard of Reliable Guide and Charters and his lovely wife Rhonda.  Rhonda also hooked and fought an 88 cm Chinook but had to pass off the rod for her husband to land due to a shoulder injury.  Dean was happy to take one for the team and land Rhonda’s Chinook.  🙂  Well done everyone!  Congratulations!  Great Job Marc!
Anyone wishing to Book a Driftboat Trip of a Lifetime with Marc please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.

July 13 Andrew Boyd caught this beautiful Kitimat River Chinook at the Upper Lower Dike on a Thunder Jig.  Congratulations Andrew on a very bright sea liced Chinook.
Thunder Jigs are exclusive to Ron’s Fishing Tackle Shop and are constantly being improved and tested by guides to more effectively fish the Kitimat River.

July 13 Steve Hagman’s group

2020_july-13-chris-racz-Caught at hatchery bar. 76cm.2

2020_july13-Jacob Newman-70-cms

2020_july-15-dave-woloshen-thunder 80cms-jig

2020_july-18-marc-kelly-Dotti Hardy


The Kitimat River had a very large wave of Pinks this week and many anglers of all ages enjoyed catching fresh sea liced Pinks.  This year’s Chinook continues to be one of the best runs of smaller Chinook (under 80cms) I have personally witnessed.  I was born and raised in Kitimat and this year’s return of this Chinook age class has been impressive…
There were a few Chinook starting to change colours this week and the coloured Chinook to bright Chinook ratio will increase in the coming weeks.
There have been quite a few Chum caught this week and I predict we will see more and more Chum on next week’s high tide cycle. (19′ on Tuesday) .There have also been a surprisingly high number of Coho caught to date in the Kitimat River
As always the best time of day to fish Chinook, Chum, Pinks and Coho are on the rising tides in the lower Kitimat.  Our website has a link to the Kitimat River tide tables and our Tackle Store has a Tide Table above the door.
Our website also has a link to the Kitimat River height website.  Also contained in our website is our Full Live Fishing Reports.  These are helpful, almost essential aids to fish the Kitimat River.  Anglers wishing to learn more about their importance, please pop into our Tackle Shop and I would be happy to explain how the entire program works.
The Salmon stocks on the Kitimat River are outstanding and is best described by the pictures in my Full report.  Please ciick the numerous links to see for yourself.  Full Report.
Most of the credit for the exception Salmon returns belongs to the hard work and dedication of the Kitimat Hatchery Staff and Management..
The best way to show our appreciation to them for their efforts is by dropping off All Hatchery Heads to the Kitimat Hatchery or Ron’s Tackle Shop or Mobile Tackle Van. (Hatchery Salmon are missing the adipose fin)
We are also requesting pictures of all larger Hatchery Chinook be emailed to  I will then forward them to Vince at the Kitimat Hatchery and i will utilize the pictures to pursue an opening of larger Chinook.
Please view Lower Dike Access Road Update provided by Jessica Stephens
Public Affairs Advisor
Coastal GasLink
in our Full Report.  I will post later this week..




July 18 Todd Haynes from Nautical West Sportfishing provided this photo of his clients and comments, “.Ron, our recent group fulfilled their dreams of hooking up with lots of fish! These guys limited out with Halibut, Chinooks and Coho, Lingcod, Rockfish and Crab! Was a tough first day with the 100% rain but guys kept at it hooking up all their coho!  Wow!  Well done!  Congratulations everyone!  Great Job Skipper!

Anyone wishing to Book a Saltwater Trip of a Lifetime with Todd please contact Ron of call 250 632 1275.

2020_july-18-john-blue heron Mike Z. With Spring Salmon

2020_july-19-john-blue-heron Charters Ken from Cranbrook with our first salmon caught today.

2020_july -19-john-blue heron-Coho Salmon

July John Blue Heron Andrew and Kristy with Dungeness Crab