LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending July 11 2021

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK: July 5 Corey Wakita, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters holding a beautiful 98cm Chinook he caught and released fishing with Mathias Tait and his favorite Dad during a personal evening drift,
This was one of two Chinook Corey landed.  Unfortunately it was one of two landed but there were 6 Chinook hooked and fought.  The two we landed were very nice Chinook, however the four we lost we are going to need therapy for.  🙂
Thank You to Corey and Mathias for a great fishing trip.  Congratulations Corey and “Who’s your Daddy!”
(Please see Corey’s other Chinook in report below)

July 5 Corey Wakita holding the 2nd Chinook of the two he caught and released on our evening drift.  We hooked 6 and landed 2.  Other drift boats had similar numbers.  We were using a Kwik Fish nicknamed “Scar Face”.  Scar Face was originately discovered and coined by my very good friend, Mike Herzberg at least 20 years ago.  Scar Face was responsible for 3 of the 6 Chinook we hooked.  Thanks Mike
It is always very special to fish with my son, Corey and/or any of my kids and friends and now Grandchildren and their friends..
Life is precious!.  Fish Lots!  Especially with the ones near and dear to you.

July 5 Kris Green on his first night in Kitimat.right in front of Radley Park.  Well done Kris.  Congratulations!

July 5 Corey Wakita, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fishing with Victoria Meierhofer and Oliver Brau8n 1/2 Day Reliable clients with Pro Guide, Corey. Wakita.  Corey put the hot shots over the fish, Oliver set the hook and Victoria landed it.   A beautiful fish caught by a beautiful fisher gal on a beautiful day!
Good Job Team!

July 6 Dave Hawke, owner of Vision hooks Inc. proudly holding a keepable bright Chinook he landed at the Giant Spruce on a Spin n Glo  we call “Batman” while he was bar fishing.  Dave is a talented angler with immense knowledge of fishing, the fishing industry and especially fish hooks.  Dave produces a exceptional line of hooks at a reasonable price.that catches fish.  The proof is in the picture and now in the freezer!  Congratulations Dave

July 7 Jonathan Green fishing with his father Matt at the Haisla-bridge.  This Pink was caught using a Pink Jig.  Atta Boy Jonathan! You’re a Rock Star!  Well done!  Thank You for sharing your pictures with our Fishing Report!

July 7 Darrel Schultz proudly holding a beautiful Kitimat River Chinook he landed in my Driftboat on our 1/2 Day Driftboat Special.  Darrel was fishing with his fishing partner, Paul Hamblin We landed 2 Chinook out of the 5 we hooked.  Congratulations Darrel.  Thank You for using for Guiding Services!

July 9 Andrew 70cm chinook lost a pink to a seal. 1/2 Day Reliable clients Guide Corey

July 7,Tim and boys from Smithers send these pictures and comment, “Hi Ron. Fishing has been great. We’ve landed a few nice ones and some keepers too. Fly fishing has been good for me and the boys are getting them on all kinds of gear. Here’s one of Jacob and myself. Regards, Tim


July 9 Tim and his sons from Smithers send this update of their trip,

Hi Ron. Here’s a few more. Another fly rod chinook and one caught by Charles (Newman) and James Baxter (in red).  Landed twelve chinook, two pink and a dollie. Lost lots more.

July 8 Corey-Mike-Lana-1 for 1 Under the bridge 89cm-Mike on the hook set Lana landed it.  1/2 Day Reliable clients Guide Corey.  Great Job Team!  Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for using our Guiding Services!

July 9 Brian and Evelyn Huffman holding a  92-cms he landed on our  1/2 Day evening drift.  We hooked four Chinook and landed one.  The last one.  I hate when that happens but happy that we landed one.


July 10 Riley Dewart fishing with his lovely Wife, Jackie and beautiful daughter, Jenna and handsome son, Gavin  An awesome family fishing page in your family history book of life that will always be special, especially for the kids…that includes Dad.
Also photoed is friend and fishing partner, Rodd Demsey with his catch.
This group caught these beauties fishing at the Powerlines.  Well done everyone!
Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for sharing your family fishing moments with our Fishing Report.



July-10-Ben Marcer Mary Jane Storey drift with Pro Guide, Corey  Wakita and our1/2 Day driftboat special.

July 10 Ron Morris fishing with his Christina and Brittney.on our 1/2 Day Reliable clients Guide Ron (me).  I had the pleasure of fishing Ron and 2 very lovely young ladies.  We hooked 2 Chinook and boated 2 Pinks.  One we had to fight with a seal to land but We Got Him. The highlights in this story involved a couple competitive Lady Hockey players, a fish bonker, lousy rythum.
Ladies One. Seal Zero
Bottomline.  We had fun!
Thank You to Christina, Britney and Ron for including me your Family fishing adventure!


July 11 Brian and Evelyn Huffman holding a 99 cms Chinook they caught and released on their 1/2 Day Drift with Ron (me).
I emphasize they because it is “Team” effort to land big Chinook in a Driftboat.  Although most of the Glory goes to the angler on the rod, everyone in the boat has to do their job to land big, strong Chinook.  Congratulations Brian!  Well done Evelyn!
It was a pleasure fishing with you both.

Awesome Weather!
River conditions!
Awesome Chinook fishing with Great Friends and/or Family.  Life is Awesome in the Chinook Fishing World in Kitimat!
Chinook are still big, bright and beautiful with Pinks on their way.  This is an amazing opportunity for family friends and to be out fishing the Kitimat River.  There are family groups of 3 & 4 generations who fish together on the Kitimat in July.  My experience is that sometimes Family Fishing Trips don’t happen unless you make it happen.  Please do because it is worth the effort to create Family fish stories that will live on years from now.
Chinook fishing has been good under difficult conditions early and mid season but this week has been outstanding mostly due to the better river conditions.
Good Chinook fishing has been reported through out the Kitimat River.  From the Lower Dike to the 18 mile bridge.
As predicted in last week’s report, Pinks are starting to show in bigger numbers on this high tide cycle.
Anglers are reminded that the Daily Quota of Chinook for Chinook is one under 80cms.
Good Luck and Good Fishing everyone?


NEW ROAD INTO LOWER DIKE.  Avoids Construction area.  NO RESTRICTION IN TIME OR ACCESS.  You can drive in any time



PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Jenna and Gavin Dewalt proudly holding their catch they caught while fishing with their parents Ryley and Jackie and friend Rod.  Sometimes the smallest of catch creates the fondest memories.  Well done Kids.

July 11 Ryley Dewalt sent me this pictures of Jenna Dewalt and Rod Demsey of their Coho.  Congratulations Everyone.

July 11 Dean Melo fishing Laura Mousefield, Regine and Ernie Schmidtke landed 10 halibut in 1 hour half kept limit and caught lots of crab.  Well done everyone and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report..


The Halibut fishing in the Douglas Channel remains good.  Chinook stocks were low which is why DFO took measures to close all Rivers in Regoin 6 other than the Kitimat and the Nass systems.  On a positive note, a few Coho have been caught which is starting creating some excitement for many salmon anglers fishing in the Douglas Channel.
Coho fishing overall last year was better than Chinook fishing.
Accordingly most boaters are targeting Bottomfish until more Coho arrive in the outer waters towards the end of July.  Prince Rupert is already starting to see good returns.