LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending July 1

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  June 26: Marc Girard, Pro guide for Reliable Guide and Charters holding 35 lb Kitimat River Chinook. 



Fishery NoticeCategory(s):



FN0538-RECREATIONAL – Salmon – Chinook – Area 6 – Kitimat River – Daily Limits/Gear Change – Effective July 1, 2018

All of the rivers and streams of the north coast have been closed to retention

for Chinook salmon. The Kitimat River is a predominantly Hatchery Chinook stockand can support a fishery.

Kitimat River (and tributaries) downstream of the Hwy #37 bridge:

Effective July 1 to July 31, 2018 – One (1) Chinook per day under 80 cm

That portion of Subarea 6-1 that is north of a line from the old Eurocan dockat 53 degrees 59.600 minutes North 128 degrees 40.733 minutes West to the kiosk

at MK Bay marina at 53 degrees 58.841 minutes North 128 degrees 39.144 minutesWest:

Effective July 1 to July 31, 2018 – One (1) chinook per day under 80 cm.

Effective July 1, 2018 until further notice – Closed to fishing with a hookhaving more than one point.

Effective July 1, 2018 until further notice – Closed to fishing with naturalbait.

Variation Oder #: 2018-RFQ-0365, 2018-RFQ-0366, 2018-RCT-0367, 2018-RCT-0359

Notes:Possession limits are two times the daily limits.

Barbless hooks are required when fishing for salmon in tidal waters of BritishColumbia. 

The term “marked” means a hatchery fish that has a healed scar in place of theadipose fin.

Sport anglers are encouraged to participate in the Salmon Sport Head Recovery

program by labelling and submitting heads from adipose fin-clipped chinook andcoho salmon.  Recovery of coded-wire tags provides critical information for

coast-wide stock assessment.  Contact the Salmon Sport Head Recovery Program

toll free at (866) 483-9994 for further information.

Anglers are advised to check for fishing closuresand other recreational fishing information.

Tidal Water Sport Fishing Licences can be purchased via any computer connected to the internet at

or by using Google search key words “Recfish Licence”.

Did you witness suspicious fishing activity or a violation?  If so, please call the Fisheries and Ocean Canada 24-hour toll free Observe, Record, Report lineat (800) 465-4336.

For the 24 hour recorded opening and closure line, call toll free at

1-(866)431-FISH (3474).


Darren Chow

A/ North Coast Recreational Fisheries Manager

Fisheries & Oceans Canada

417 – 2nd Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1G8

250 627-3441

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center – FN0538
Sent June 29, 2018 at 1508

Darren Chow
A/ North Coast Recreational Fisheries Coordinator

Office: (250)-627-3441

June 26: Photo of the Week: Marc Girard, Pro guide for Reliable Guide and Charters holding 35 lb Kitimat River Chinook.   Marc was doing a pre-client drift in preparation for some clients we have coming soon.  Marc fishing with Erin Ziebart hooked 4 Chinook but only landed this one.
This is a pretty good one to land.  Well done  Marc and Erin.  Congratualtions!


June 25 Sarah Fitchett shares her Tales of the fishing experience in our area,

Wow Ron we have to thank you and Mark for such a great experience ! I am excited to submit my photo for photo of the week 😉 Although we didn’t land a catch we did catch a very good time ! Fished the West Coast for days. This fisherwomen is yet to prevail. I managed to attract two beautiful silvers, bang! My rod went south and hard and the excitement set in! I could barely manage to hang onto my rod as this massive spring ran away with my line and there was nothing I could do about it . After dancing with the fish for a while he finally broke free but before leaving, he swam up along side me as if to say “nice try” , he gave splish splash and away he went into the deep blue sea !! 😉 we ended our travels with a 15km drift down the Kitimat River with one heck of a local guide, Mark from Ron’s Tackle in Kitimat BC. Here is my fishing photo . 😉 can’t win them all. Tales of the Cariboo girl . Sarah and Branden Quesnel BC . Honest fisherman tales” .

Thank You to Sarah and Branden for sharing your “Tales of the Caraboo girl”.

June 26 Tim and Karry Zelasek landed this beautiful 25 lb Chinook Bar Fishing at the lower, lower dike.  They also landed 3 Jacks.
They were using a # 2 Cerise Chartreuse Head Spin n Glo.
This has been their hot colour this season.  Congratulations Tim and Karry!  Our Lucky High Five works!  I told you it would.  The proof is in the picture!


June 27 Marc Girard, Pro guide for Reliable Guide and Charters landed this Kitimat River Chinook.  Marc estimates this Chinook weighed approx. 38lbs.  .
This Chinook was released unharmed back into the Kitimat River.  Congratulations Marc

June 28 Adam Legge caught this beauty at the Giant spruce on a clown bar rig.  Congratulations Adam and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

June 28 Tom Stange fishing with Tim and Karry Zelasek caught these 3 Jack Springs.  Well done everyone!  Congratulations on some very nice fish.

June 29 Karry Zelasek hooked the only fish caught by their group today.  According to her husband, Tim, “Karry’s in a pretty good mood”.
According to her picture, “She is definetly in a GOOD MOOD”.

Kitimat River Tide Line Fishery

June 25 Andi Handl of Kingfish Adventures provided these photo of his clients with their catch.  More details as I receive them.



June 25,26  Todd Haynes of Nauticaul West Sportfishing provided these photos of the Halibut caught by his clients.
Congratulations on some nice Halibut!


Bottom fishing was Ok this past week but Salmon fishing especially Chinook was very disappointing.  Many boaters reported poor Chinook fishing.  I think the best option for Chinook fishing would be in the Kitimat Harbour or in closer and focus on the Bottomfishing out further.


June 27 Dave Payjack from Sea West Fishing Charters provided these photos and comments,”Dusty Boyko and crew from Gran Prairie fishing with our PRO Guide, Mike Larsen.”
Wow!  Congratulations to everyone on a great catch.
Anyone wishing to Book a Halibut Trip of Lifetime please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email