LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending Aug 7 2021

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Aug 2.  I had the pleasure of fishing with 2 of my most favorite fishing partners, Zander and Piper …my Grandchildren.  Affectionately know to me as “Pa Pa’s Rock Stars!” We were joined by my son in law, Uncle Chris who took this picture.  We had an amazing time fishing for Pinks on our drift.  Please see more details of our Driftboat trip below.

Aug 1 Kaylin Urquart proudly holding a Pink Salmon she landed while fishing with her Dad.  Kaylin and her Dad were in our Tackle Shop and I gave her the a “Lucky Jig” made with our own 1/2 Thunder Jig head and a Shrimp tail made by Vision hooks.
Congratulations Kaylin!  Well done!  I am sure your Dad is very proud of you.  So am I.  Our Lucky High Five worked!  The streak continues!

Aug 2 Uncle Chris holding a Pink that Piper landed during our drift.  The theme of our driftboat trip was that our BACI Team would be rewarded with a BACI Chocolate after every fish landed..  Accordingly our chant while we were fighting the fish was BACI! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
We all had so much fun, we ran out of chocolate.
The weather was great.  The fishing was good.  The chocolate were excellent. The kids had fun! This is a page in my personal fishing history  book of life that I will always cherish!

Aug 5 Sabrina Smith proudly holding a female Chum she caught using our 3/4 oz, Pink Bubble Gum head and Pink Marabou Thunder Jig on the gravel bar below the Kitimat River Hatchery. Congratulations Sabrina and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

Aug 7 Cody Fischer’s Kitimat River Chinook photos and comment were sent to me by Dan Lachapelle, “Hi Ron , This is Cody Fischer a buddy of mine from FSj , he has a couple Hatchery Chinook in this group of pictures , You can post if you like, but thought you would like to see the Chinook are doing well in the Kitimat by the looks of these ones caught and release. Dan Lachapelle”.

Aug 7 Andrew Versolatto proudly holding a very nice Kitimat River Chinook he landed fishing with his future father in law, Scott Yeldon and our Pro Guide, Corey Wakita.
I am not an expert in family relations but I think you are supposed to let the future father in law catch the big one!….: )
Congratulations!  Thank You for using our Guiding Services.
Anyone wishing to Book a Driftboat Trip of a Lifetime with Corey please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email


The Kitimat River is full of Salmon right now!  All five species of Salmon!
There are still a bunch of Chinook being caught right now especially on the Hatchery Island and the gravel bar down stream of the Kitimat River Hatchery.
There are also a bunch of Chum,Pinks and odd Coho being caught in the same runs..
Fresh Sealiced Pinks are are being caught on the rising tides.
A few Sockeye have been reported and a few early Coho have been caught this week.
The window of opportunity is closing fast on the Chinook fishing and many of the Chum are showing their spawning colours.
Pinks will also start to turn to spawning colours and the males will start to grow their predominant humps.
Smart money says to get fishing now before it is too late.
When there lots of Salmon, there are always lots of Happy Anglers!  Many, many reports of anglers catching their First Salmon!
Well done Everyone!



Bell Baraquiel proudly holding her Halibut she landed fishing with her favorite retired Saltwater Charter Skipper, Dan Lachapelle.
Congratulations Bell!  Great Job Skipper!  Please see full report for more details and photos of their trip.

Aug 1st Dean Melo provided these photos of his girlfriend, Laura Mousefield and daughter, Cassidy Melo and their catch.  Well done everyone.  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

Aug 1 Lloyd Hunter proudly holding a very nice halibut he boated fishing with John, owner of Blue Heron Charters.  Congratulations Lloyd;  Well done!  The picture needs some fine tuning!
Great Jon Skipper.
Anyone wishing to Book a Saltwater Trip with John, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email


Aug 1 Jamie Paul sent this picture and comment, “I did get my Boy, Brandon and his girlfriend out”.
Also in the photos is my buddy, Derek Ito, my daughter, Ava and my wife, Tracy.
Well done everyone!  Congratulations of your catch.  Great Job Skipper.



Aug 3 Dan Lachapelle retired owner of Halibut Hound Charters provided these photos and comment, “Hi Ron , Bell and I were here on a quick trip and were successful once again , limited out on salmon , halibut and crab. , it was another quick trip due to other priorities but the fishing was great and we had a great time , other than the rogue seal that insisted on boarding my boat in the middle of the night to try and fill his halibut tag lol, but little did he know he met his match Dan 1 -seal 0 ( but unharmed maybe scared shxxtless lol)”. Congratulations Dan and Bell on your catch and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report

Halibut and Bottomfishing on the outside waters of the Douglas Channel remains good.  Coho fishing has been good for the boaters who found them in the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.
A group of boaters reported catching Coho at Fish Trap until the Killer Whales showed up.  This happened repeatedly 4 days this week.  The Killer Whales are quite the spectacle to watch but the Salmon fishing turns off when they are around.
The forecast is for some nice weather.  I suspect more boaters will be in search of Coho in the inner waters of the Douglas this week..  Stay tuned!


This Poster is part of a campaign that Kitimat Search and Rescue, Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop organized and ran last last year. Most of the River Guides and many others participated as well.
We are all hoping to continue to raise the level of Public Awareness of  Water Safety on the Kitimat River and Douglas Channel in the minds and behavior of the Sport Fishing Community in our area this year and future years.The most significant priority last year was to involve the kids in our lives to help change the culture of water safety..  Our culture, attitude and behavior with Seat belts changed because involvement of our kids.  We told our kids to put their seat belts on  and every time we forgot, they reminded us to do the same.  Our kids became and still are the “Seat Belt Police in our lives”.  Accordingly we are hoping the kids become the “Wading belt and Life Jacket Police in the lives of the Sport Fishing Community.  Hence the Nick Contract.
The involvement of the kids is still the priority this year and I believe the key to bringing a vital change to the habits and behavior of Water Safety in our area..
Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Staff are still handing out the Nick Contracts.(below)  Please pick one up at our store or print one from this report.
We are requesting that anglers and loved ones sign the contract and then pin the contract onto the fridge door as a reminder to wear their wading belts and their Life Jackets.  The Contact between Angler and Loved Ones clearly states the reasons why…